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Crazy HookerX
1 - 05-12-2010, 11:54
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Going to put my collection of links. Will keep this up to date. If you have anything you think needs to be added let me know.

HD Starcraft - YouTube - HDstarcraft's Channel
Husky - YouTube - HuskyStarcraft's Channel
day[9] - Day[9].tv Daily
Rise - YouTube - SC2GGRise's Channel
dj Wheat - djWHEAT's Videos on USTREAM. Page 1 of 21 : Recorded videos, shows captured LIVE
Legacy -
Scientist - (not that great, but has some interesting tips sometimes)
SC2Casts - - a collection of all the daily casts from around the web. A good way to track down a specific caster/game or player.

Starcraft 2 Replay Center - Upload and share your sc2 replays
Starcraft 2 Replays, Strategy, and Maps | - Alles rund um Starcraft 2, Terran, Protoss, Zerg und die Szene!
StarCraft 2 Replays - SC2Win.CoM
LiveStreams from TeamLiquid -

Liquipedia Starcraft 2 Wiki
Starcraft 2 Strategy
Protoss Unit Breakdown - - This is about Starcraft, but a good read.

super awesome replay analyzer:

Getting Started with the map editor:
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2 - 05-12-2010, 15:01
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SC2Pod StarCraft 2 Wiki
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3 - 05-13-2010, 15:11
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4 - 08-13-2010, 19:51
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i was tempted to make a thread for people to bump with links to streams actively casting tournies and stuff, but i figure i'll just give this one a try since it's already stickied. granted people can just use TL's website to find stuff but i tend to miss things myself. is casting craftcup atm.

tarson vs. socke in the finals on USTREAM: is an independently-run livestreaming production forged by a love of video games and the gaming community's desire to have qual...
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5 - 08-15-2010, 22:49
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IEM coverage from iCCup:
iCCup TV 2 on USTREAM: iCCup TV 2 will bring you all the E-sports action you can handle!.
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6 - 10-15-2010, 07:23
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Posting in a sticky.
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