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1 - 06-26-2009, 03:27
some skins, voice packs, bug fixes and weapons tweaks. Such groundbreaking changes it hurts.

These are certainly good things, but the **** all you fanboys have been promising is right around the corner isn't coming out for months, and probably closer to a year. Least you all can do is be straight-up with us so at least we know what to expect from this game.
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2 - 06-28-2009, 15:08
What we are releasing this week is not what we have been working on for the past 6 months. Setbacks came and raped us, sorry.

We even might be a bit more angry about this than you.
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3 - 06-30-2009, 12:09
Today is a very special day for everyone here at InstantAction, especially the guys on the Legions team. The update at 8:30 am PST has been a long time coming, and when you see everything we've included, you'll see why. We've put a lot of long hours into this update and are extremely proud to present to you all of the following changes. I hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed creating them.

June 30th Update:

General Gameplay
-player collision damage added
-raised first-person camera position for all classes slightly
-tweaked classes a bit (mass/thrust/overdrive)
-added several new loadouts for each class
-general weapon balance
-added observer mode
-added a fix for the hot-swap exploit

-added forgotten mission
-fixed some remaining mission issues
Core: Removed excess particle effects which reduced performance
Blade Run: Fixed terrain underneath buildings which appeared to be floating.
Quarry: Removed smoke effects to improve performance, changed both bases to neutral blue color
Mirage: Fixed texture snapping on two buildings and made both bases red
Frostbyte: Smoothed the terrain in places where it would force you into buildings and added snow piles to improve overall flow.-tweaked flag physics

-added glow to the flag to improve visibility
-fix some issues with item class, hopefully addresses some of the flag warping problems
-if you toss the flag out of bounds (OOB) or die from OOB grid while carrying the flag, the flag will get bounced toward the mission area

Laser Rifle
-laser rifle no longer does damage over time
-laser rifle now has limited ammo
-laser rifle now has damage falloff after the ideal range of 500 meters up to a max range of 1200 meters
-laser rifle no longer needs to be charged, but instead drains all energy when firing
-damage is now based on energy used to fire
-players can now jet while using the laser rifle
-fixed a timing bug in the beam Projectile that was causing a delay before the initial shot appears

Rocket Launcher
-specialist no longer has remote detonation
-specialist rockets can now be triggered to accelerate by holding the trigger
-added self impulse to area damage (buff for rocket jumps)

-fixed a ton of bugs with chatting
-enabled flood protection
-added new quick chat voices
-added yes/no to team chat
-added thank you/your welcome to global chat

IFF's and Trails
-changed critical status color to orange
-switched trail colors to act like IFF's (orange = enemy, blue = friend)

-added player customization options for skin and helmet
-updated to a new version of FMOD
-fixed some lingering sound issues
-fixed several crash bugs that account for 90% of all 510 errors
-changed in-game game lifecycle (observer/team switching/match start/etc.)

Dedicated Servers
- Added a second "small-map" dedicated server to all regions
- Placed Forgotten in the 32-player servers
- Added a "middle-sized" map server to all regions which includes Mirage, Core, Zenith, and Forgotten
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4 - 07-01-2009, 01:57
Played for a bit today and I can honestly say the game feels considerably improved. Good work gents.
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5 - 07-01-2009, 03:45
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6 - 07-01-2009, 06:49
Good job with the updates guys. I like the new Tribesque laser rifle a lot.

Quit lurking here tdub and go give it another shot.
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7 - 07-02-2009, 08:37
I might just come back now. I like the new set up so far. We'll see if it attracts more people.
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