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1 - 08-16-2009, 19:42
Im thinking about trying this out, going to try out a chanter i think as i enjoyed playing buffer classes, this one seems to have some offensive spells at least so that might be ok. What about everyone else.
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2 - 08-16-2009, 21:02
ill probably try out the one with pets, because im tired of being melee
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3 - 08-16-2009, 23:03
Pick the ****** looking character dressed like a fag.

Oh wait, that's all of them.
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4 - 08-17-2009, 11:17
i play what is played least
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5 - 08-23-2009, 23:16
I played a chanter in the last two CB's up to 23-ish. They are decent, but im tired of melee characters. From what I hear they get a good bit better in the 1.5 patch, but have problems being kited until they get their ranged stun at 45 (or something around there).

Their buffs are ok at best (at least from my experience) but I think the end game buffs are MUCH better, from what I have heard.

Their dmg is mediocre but they lack any real burst dmg. They are a support class mostly though.

They can heal good enough for a casual group doing random quests, even elites, but I doubt they could handle any instances being the only healer. They have res, but no dispells at all (only class that can dispel is cleric).

Overall a decently fun class but you are strictly a melee character with ok dmg, ok heals, and decent buffs.
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6 - 08-24-2009, 18:27
Buff classes are the stupidest idea ever.
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