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101 - 09-04-2013, 00:51
Originally Posted by NoGodForMe View Post
House is paid off, did that years ago. Thought it would make me rich, but what happened? She quit working and wants to spend all my money. Do you know what I called her lately that got her really pissed? A liberal acting like a minority (blacks). Ohh that pissed her off.

Think about it. Hos quit working, want to stay home, do house projects, and claim they're "working" making dinner and doing laundry. They want to spend the man's money, so they can do house projects. I said enough. Laurie doesn't understand I pay car insurance, keep the cars running, the appliances, AC, all the stuff adds up. Yet they don't see it, so they want to spend money on crap.

Do you know what she does now? She calls me names, that's the equivalent of the race car. She does this to get power, and she wants my money. It's real simple, hos want money and power, and they get it by yelling at the man, calling him names, demanding money for projects. This is what leads to domestic arguments, happens with any ho. So kicking her out isn't going to solve anything. When guys can't take it any more, they strike back, beating up the ho or killing them. That won't happen with me, but you hear about it every day. Like this derp derp guy who couldn't take it any more and killed the *****.
Miami man Derek Medina posts sick Facebook photo of dead wife Jennifer Alfonso with apparent murder confession: 'I'm going to prison or death sentence for killing my wife' - NY Daily News
I don't understand why you two still live together. You don't want to split the assets? How could that be worse than continuing your current living situation?
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102 - 09-04-2013, 01:16
half of a house is a ****ty apartment
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103 - 09-04-2013, 01:36
Have you seen his "house"? It's already a ****ty apartment.
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104 - 09-04-2013, 04:16
ngfm a true king

if only he had a queen
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105 - 09-04-2013, 08:48
Originally Posted by cerebral View Post
I'm curious as to what names she calls him, and how it is that he isn't able to win every argument with, "Shut the **** up, you adulterous whore."?
Done that, it's all come out. The thing that's really got her mad is when I called her a "liberal minority" and told her to get a real job. She counters with all the, "You should be worshiping me" bull crap. The arguments escalate into bickering and she runs away yelling names at me. I tell her the name yelling is an attempt to get power and money. That pisses her off even more, because it's the truth and she has nothing to stand on after that except more yelling.

My house is 3/2 1400 Sq ft in a nice neighborhood. I'm VP of the HOA, been on the board 7 years, dues are $125 a month and we haven't raised them in 7 years now going on 8.
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Reload this Page isn't it weird that ngfm is atheist?

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