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41 - 06-29-2017, 18:41
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i got that **** stored in the CLOUD now
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The Magical Zoo
42 - 06-29-2017, 18:49
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yay maverick stick around buddy
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43 - 06-30-2017, 05:30
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44 - 06-30-2017, 17:54
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I think everyone should be allowed to play the way they want to play to provide the most amount of fun for themselves.

Thumper when he's trolling is still more useful on teams than some of the players that are actually trying.

Let the fukkin guy do what he wants. Except in PU. Pls try in PU.

Side note: Thumper's daughter kicked my ass
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45 - 04-16-2018, 06:31
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hey just to point out about the server

i had it on subscription monthly direct deposit from my bank account which is on perma refill from the government so it never runs out. it can be paid annually too.

u ppl need to organize and make a backup plan and do it because tw is a good place to keep this game forever but honestly i dont see the server going down anytime soon on my side

i wasn't in jail i read tw yall amerikkkan scums and i don't have many expenses other than a small tuition fee @ a university my family works at so i give no ****s about spending money on tribes or tourneys. its either that or buying a motorbike 4 me.

if someone else would rather do this please take over (i know terraforce tried paying ppl 2 play before and it blew up on him but he should come back and enjoy tribes once in awhile)

basically if this small psychosis hell forum on the internet gets political we'll have another t:v thrax moderator episode and all the megathreads die etc forum ww3

id rather skip that so if you want a change in server ownership set one up and use it, get an active mod, have a forum election and take care of tribes! but honestly, markov robot hacker quest chat harassment guy is the least of this community's issue

its a 20 year old game that i saw on feminist canadian/uk/commonwealth television ginxtv just the other day (tribes 1 was on my tv just the other day from this girl, it was a replay i think but idgaf there are people out there paying attention to t1 beyond midair staff thats all im saying, Elle Osili-Wood does a 10 minute promotional advertisement on it basically but its not online, heres a different clip of her anyway shes on the left)

imoits time to promote it the way other historical games get promoted with small cash tourneys
quakecon doesnt give a lot of money out for quakeworld but its a bit more than i can afford. if someone can afford it they should set up a cash tourney system and do this right.
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