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1 - 01-02-2012, 01:14
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As Ive mentioned before I do alot of cooking at my mothers as she cant really cook much anymore. She watches QVC a lot and once in awhile she buys something for the kitchen she thinks is a good idea. Here are my favorites:

"Ninja Master Prep" food processor by Jasper - TribalWar Forums
Ninja® Master Prep® - QB900 | Official Site

****ing LOVE this thing. I use it almost every day at home and always bring it with me when I go to my mothers.

Prepology Set of 3 Silicone Splatter Guards w/Side Handles -

One of the most useful things I use when I cook. Teflon coated, microwave and oven safe and extremely durable. Besides being a splatter guard they have holes in them so they can act like a steamer (great for tortillas). They are flat and can be used as extra space when you need to put a utensil down or a plate or something (I have very limited counter space). The large handles make them easy to hang up, I have all three hanging directly above my stove.

FoodSaver Vertical 2 Speed Vacuum Sealer w/ Accessory Hose -

This we got for xmas and Im almost out of the 2 (different width) rolls of bags. The SaverBag rolls are one continuous sheet, it has a space on top to put them and you pull off what you need and use the built in sliding cutter to make the bag the size you need. Besides the 2 rolls it comes with 2 tupperware-like vacuum containers. The one we got (the official site lists like 10 different models) works pretty damn good. Does solid and liquids (found that anything with liquid in it needs to have the top of the bag clean and dry after you put the food in for it to seal right) and can do fragile **** like bread (has a cutoff feature so you can stop it from crushing stuff). This thing comes in handy for buying stuff for the freezer when its on sale and is great for leftovers for me to take home. Ive done meat, chicken, muffins, french bread, fresh shrimp and tonights shrimp and pasta dinner leftovers. The sealed bags really look like they were factory sealed. Except for meat, poultry and seafood the bags can be washed and reused. For stuff like bread and veggies you can cut the tip of the bag off and then reseal it. It also does potato chip like bags. Also cuts down on freezer space. It sits nicely on the back of the kitchen table ready to use.

Bamboo steamer

Very useful for steaming different veggies, seafood, whatever, at the same time. I have a pot that I use for pasta that is the right size so while my pasta is cooking I can also be steaming at the same time.

Also just got the pressure cooker that Ive only used once so far. Made BBQ chicken in like 12 minutes. Going to make beef stew tomorrow.

So, TeeDub, what are are your favorite gadgets?
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2 - 01-02-2012, 13:34
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- medium chinois strainer and jelly strainer (jelly strainer is a fine mesh bag and is a great deal cheaper than a fine chinois). i use the chinois, then the bag to strain stocks.
- fat separator
- cuisinart food processor
- blowtorch. for christmas i used it on a rib roast before roasting at 250. came out of the oven looking like i roasted it at 500, yet lost nearly no juices and had a smaller ring of grey overcooked meat on the edge.
- remote thermometer. bought it for the grill, but use it constantly for roasting. 10x easier to cook when you're not constantly pulling **** to check temp. honorable mention goes to my IR thermometer. i've thought about getting a thermapen, but i don't think it's necessary. most of the things i would use it for i can check fine by pressing on them with my finger.
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3 - 01-04-2012, 23:42
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My KitchenAid stand mixer:
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4 - 01-05-2012, 23:33
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And the problem with America is that you can't get the model with the Thermal Overload circuit to prevent the motor burning out like mine (5KPM50) - KitchenAid 5KPM50/G Planetary Food Mixer although at a considerable premium over the retail bowl lift models.

To my mixer I would add the Benriner Mandolin, and my Vollrath Induction hob.

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