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1 - 01-07-2010, 03:48
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Greetings everyone,

In this guide, I will explain through easy steps, how to enable/activate a number of useful performance and graphical settings, using a simple text file. All that is needed on your part is, to know how to copy/paste text into a text editor like Notepad.

-First, run Notepad (Windows default text editor).

-Second, Copy & Paste the following into Notepad, explanation follows:


#Basic settings#

con_disable_console = "0"

g_open_aion_web= "0"

g_save_preset = "1"

d3d9_TripleBuffering= "1"

r_Texture_Anisotropic_Lev el= "16"

d3d9_TextureFilter= "TRILINEAR"


As you can see, Code contains 6 command-lines most of which are self-explanatory. Nevertheless here is a breakdown:

con_disable_console = "0" -Allows you to use the in-game console by pressing PauseBreak key

g_open_aion_web= "0" -Disables opening Aion webpage when quiting

d3d9_TripleBuffering= "1" -Enables Triple buffering, this must be set to enabled, it offers a significant performance boost-

r_Texture_Anisotropic_Lev el= "16" -Enables 16x Anisotropic filtering, sharpens textures with minimal performance loss-

d3d9_TextureFilter= "TRILINEAR" -Sets filtering type to 'Trilinear'

g_save_preset = "1"-Saves your settings

- 1 means enabled, 0 means disabled, this is only true for enable/disable options

As the title above them suggests, these are 'Basic' settings, they enhance the game without much of a performance hit. If you think 16x Anisotropic is too much you can change the value to 8 or 4. Even if you dont like playing with configurations and not sure what any of this means, you should atleast have the 'Triple buffering' command line [ d3d9_TripleBuffering= "1" ], it can and will improve your performance.

-Finally, click Save as in notepad. Name the file " system.ovr " without the Quotes and save it to a location you remember. You must save the text file with this name or it wont work.

Alright, now you have a text file named ' system.ovr ' which contains the above settings, to actually use these settings in Aion, we do the following:

-Browse to your Aion folder [ex. C:\Aion ]

-Look for a text file named 'system.cfg' and delete it, this file saves your last settings, and is auto-created every time you exit the game, so no need to worry.

-Copy 'system.ovr' that we created into your Aion folder.

That is all, the next time you run the game. The settings in the 'system.ovr' will be processed. Its important to remember that the values you set in system.ovr may not be correctly displayed in the game's default graphics settings menu. So don't let that confuse you.

Now, that you have system.ovr in your Aion folder, you can enable/disable/change numerous game settings by simply adding command lines in the text file and saving it. For example:

In Aion, we can change the brightness from the default in-game UI, but not the contrast. If you want to change the game contrast, simply add the following line to system.ovr :


r_contrast= "0.55"


Here we set the Contrast value of Aion to 0.55, If we use TVs as our standard, then Contrast value 1 in Aion is equal to Contrast 100 (full) in TV, Contrast 0.01 in Aion is 1 in TVs (minimum), and Contrast 0.50 is contrast 50 in a TV.

So, in the above example. Contrast 0.55 means Contrast 55, which is a little more than the default in Aion (0.50). You can also directly change the contrast in-game through the in-game console, more on that later.

Also to change Brightness, we use:

r_brightness= " X "


-where X is the brightness value

To prevent the game from running a certain line in system.ovr, like there is a certain setting that you don't want the game to use, simply add ' \\ ' infront of it:


\\r_brightness= "0.00"


Above line wont work, and brightness wont be Zero.

If you want to stop using system.ovr as a whole, simply rename it to something else (like system.txt), and delete system.cfg


By now, you should already know what is system.ovr,and how it works. There are many setings that can be adjusted, but not all of them matter to us. I will mention here some settings that i recommend, and use personally when playing.

Before that, some settings but not all, can be directly changed in the game through the in-game console. Which can be accessed by pressing ' PauseBreak ' key from your keyboard while in-game. For example, we can directly change Contrast in-game and see the effects instantly with the following steps:

-First, run Aion and login

-Once in-game, press the ' PauseBreak ' key on your keyboard. A green screen should appear, this is the in-game console.

-Type: " \r_contrast= "0.65 " without the quotes, then press Enter, remove the console window by pressing ' PauseBreak ' again, you should immediately notice a change in contrast.

**The prefix \ is needed for commands to work in the console **

Keep changing the contrast value until you find the level you like, then you may prefer to use this value in ' system.ovr ' so you won't have to type it everytime you login.

Remember that not all effects work using the in-game console, most only work by adding there command lines in system.ovr, also there are some that only work in the in-game console. Example:

Here is a graphical setting that i always use and highly recommend, and you can use it only through the in-game console. Its called FieldOfView (FOV) and this is how it works:

-Log in-game and press 'PauseBreak' for console

-Type the following line:


\g_minfov 100


-Exit console (PB)

You will notice that something is different, weird at first. The mountains seem further away, your character seem to run faster. Eventually you will realize that you can now see 75% more in the same screen, basically your field of view have increased.

You can use any value between 1 and 180, i personally use 100 after lots of testing. You are free to test and choose what you prefer. Also remember that when if you change any setting in Aion using the default in-game menu, it will reset the FOV to 60. So you will need to set it to 100 again.
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