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21 - 03-21-2012, 15:46
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Originally Posted by Cael View Post
I was driving Simon to his game, a couple of days before I was to leave on a trip, when he said, "Dad, how do you deal with bullies?"

"There are still bullies at your age?" I asked.

"Yeah, the last week, Jimmy has gone from annoying to downright rude."

"How so?" I asked, concerned about Jimmy's intentions.

"Well he had me massage his feet after games, he mocks my manhood all the time and has started calling me names and implying things."

"Like what?" I asked, even though I already knew deep down.

Simon put his head down, clearly embarrassed. Finally, he said, "He calls me Mini-cock and started calling me ****** yesterday. He asks why I always stare at his penis."

I was suddenly angry, although I had no idea how to deal with it. I texted Jimmy that we needed to talk, but he didn't reply. I didn't see Jimmy until he texted me the next day at lunch and said, "I will be there in an hour, assume the position and leave the door open."

Our last two times, I was instructed to be in stockings, panties and a different dress of my wife's. Each time he had took pictures, had me swallow the first load and then he pounded my ass, finishing each time by coating my face. I needed to confront him about my son, but didn't know how.

I got dressed as expected, this time in a pink flower pattern and waited in the living room. My wife was at work and Simon at practice, so it was safe. When I heard the door open, I quickly got in position, which was on my knees, hands behind my back.

He walked in, dropped his shorts and shoved his cock in my mouth without a word. Unlike the last few times, this time he grabbed my head and ****ed my mouth. It was all I could do to not gag on his big, stiff cock. He was close to coming, I think, when the door suddenly opened.

I quickly took Jimmy's cock out of my mouth to see my son at the door, his mouth dropped open.

Simon said, "Dad?"

I quickly stammered, "S-S-Simon I can explain."

Jimmy laughed. "That I would like to hear."

I realized I had nothing and shifted to an apology. "Ok, I can't explain. Sorry, son, I-um...."

Jimmy interrupted, "Your daddy is a ******; a horny cocksucker; a fairy that loves nothing better than my big cock up his butt. Isn't that right, queer?"

Mortified and humiliated, I admitted, "Yes."

"Yes, what?" Jimmy questioned.

"Yes, I am your ******."

"My *****?"

"Your *****."

"My cocksucking cum deposit?"

Unable to look my son in the eye, I repeated, "Yes, your cocksucking cum deposit."

"As is your son?" Jimmy said, throwing me for a loop.

"What?" I asked, looking up at Simon.

Simon stood frozen and confused, his red cheeks implying his own guilt. Jimmy explained, "Oh, don't worry Daddy, he isn't a cocksucker yet, that will happen in a couple of minutes. But like I knew you were a closet queer, I know your son is one too."

Attempting to protect my son, I said, "Leave my son out of this."

"Are you questioning me?"

I froze.

"I didn't think so. Get back to sucking my cock while I talk with your son."

I didn't move at first, but unable to disobey Jimmy, I gave in to my weakness and took his cock into my mouth in front of my nineteen-year-old son.

Jimmy explained, "Simon, you are like your dad, you just don't know it yet. Right now you are watching your dad sucking my cock and you are not repulsed, but rather intrigued. Am I right?"

I couldn't see Simon with my mouth full of cock, but Simon's lack of denial worried me.

Jimmy said, "Simon, you're a ******. Accept it. Is your cock hard right now? It shouldn't be unless you are a ******."


"Take off your pants, Simon," Jimmy ordered. A few seconds later, Jimmy said, "Good boy, now your underwear." I was mortified at what he was making my son do, yet all I did was keep sucking his cock like a good fairy. A couple of seconds later, "You are solid stiff, Simon. Why?"

He finally spoke, "I-I-I have no idea."

"Come join your dad," Jimmy ordered.

I heard footsteps and my son was on his knees beside me.

Jimmy said, "Watch your Daddy suck cock. He is a natural cocksucker. Soon you will get your chance to smoke from my pipe."

Having my son watch me should have been the most horrifying thing ever, yet somehow it seemed to turn me on even more. I sucked his cock slowly, letting my son see me make love to Jimmy's cock with my mouth.

A few minutes later, Jimmy pulled out of my mouth and offered it to Simon. Simon looked at me so confused, maybe looking for help or a way out of this situation, but instead I said, "Suck Jimmy's cock, son. Become a ******, like daddy."

Simon looked at me one last second, his respect of me as a protector gone, and opened his mouth. Jimmy slid his cock inside my son's mouth and said, "Good boy, Simon. Now go nice and slow. Get used to my cock in your mouth; it will be there a lot. When your dad is gone, you become my cum deposit."

I felt ashamed allowing my son to be dragged in to the sexual depravity that I had succumbed to, yet I had no choice. I was helpless against Jimmy's cock; I would do anything to have it, including apparently giving my son to him. As he said earlier, he owned me and it was true.

I watched my son struggle with sucking his first cock and offered assistance. "Take your time son. His cock takes time to get used to."

Jimmy agreed, "Listen to your sissy daddy, ******, you will be doing this a lot."

Simon slowed down.

I instructed, "Use your tongue and swirl around his delicious lollipop. Treat it like you would a lollipop." I pulled the cock out of my son's mouth and said, "Let daddy teach you." I extended my tongue and swirled it around Jimmy's mushroom top. I then closed my mouth and did the same thing.

Handing the erect missile back to my son. "Now you try."

It was bizarre. The last time I handed him a stick after showing him how to use it was when we first went fishing, yet now I was teaching him to suck cock. It was so wrong, so very wrong, yet it turned me on just the same. My son copied what I had showed him. Jimmy approved, "That's better, sissy. You may become a good cocksucker like your daddy, yet."

For a few minutes, Simon slowly worked on Jimmy's cock. I watched intently, taking the odd glimpse of my son's reasonably sized, fully erect, six-inch cock.

Jimmy noticed and asked, "Is daddy hungry for his son's cock?"

I quickly denied, "No, no, that is wrong."

"But teaching your son how to be a cocksucker is ok?" Jimmy pointed out.

I blushed, having no answer.

"Crawl between his legs and let him feel what a great blowjob feels like," Jimmy instructed.

I briefly considered saying no, but I knew he would make me in the end and I was hungry for cock, even if it was my son's. I obeyed, my son moving his legs apart to allow me access to his rod, clearly eager to be blown even if it was by his father. Once in position, I did my usual blow job special. As soon as his cock was in my mouth he was no longer my son, but a delicious cock that could quench my thirst for cum. A couple of minutes in, my son shot his cum down my throat. I kept sucking, knowing at his young age he wasn't shrinking anytime soon.

Jimmy followed a minute later. "Here it comes, ******. Here comes your first load of cum, the first of so many."

I quickly moved up and watched like a proud father of a son who hits his first home run as my son got his first taste of cum. I was jealous of my son...he was lucky. If only I had found out how good it was to taste cock when I was eighteen. I wasted so many years of a vanilla life.

Some cum dripped down my son's face and I instinctively scooped it with my finger and put it in my mouth. My son stared at me with a look of confusion at what had occurred and I imagined how good it felt.

I comforted, "There is nothing to be ashamed of, son."

Jimmy added, "Yes, we need cocksucking ******s, just like we need slutty chicks, isn`t that right, daddy-******."

I sighed, "Well, that is one way to put it. But Simon, if you are like me you loved the thrill of power you had when his cock was in his mouth. You decided when he came."

Simon finally spoke. "But I will be the laughingstock of the team."

Jimmy said, "It can stay a secret as long as you obey like a good sissy."

I added, attempting to relax my clearly insecure son about his newfound sexuality, "Simon. You are not a freak. You are special."

Jimmy added, "Yes, my special personal ****-toy."

I sighed, hoping to relax Simon, but I continued, "Don't be ashamed. It took me forty-four years to find out who I am. You are finding out about your sexuality way younger. You are lucky. And, it is 2012, not 1955. People come out all the time."

"You haven't," Simon pointed out.

I paused. "True, son. It is complicated. I am still married and in love with your mom, even if it is a platonic love. I would hate to break her heart, or crush your sister."

"Talking about breaks, this break is over, and it is time to break someone's cherry," Jimmy said.

Simon's eyes went bigger than a cute kitten.

Jimmy ordered, "Daddy-******, get the lube."

I quickly went upstairs to my hidden supply and returned, finding Simon on all fours like a puppy, his still erect cock dangling in the breeze.

Jimmy instructed, "Rim your son first."

My fully erect and ignored cock begging for action and doing all my thinking, I eagerly obeyed, crawling behind my son, spreading his tight ass cheeks and I began rimming his virgin puckered hole. After I coated it with saliva, I struggled to push my tongue inside. I barely broke through, but his restrictive hole slowly opened up.

"Finger your son, you incestuous fag," Jimmy ordered, continuing the verbal humiliation that only got me hornier.

I said, "Son, this will go way easier if you relax."

"Kkkkkkkk," he whimpered clearly nervous.

I lubed my finger generously and slowly pushed forward. My son let out the slightest of moans as his ass allowed its first violator. Once in, I wiggled around a bit, attempting to begin the gaping process. Each movement had my son making girl-like sounds.

Jimmy chuckled, "He even moans like a girl."

Simon's face went redder, so I slid a second finger in to distract him from the humiliating words being shot at him. Simon let out a loud squeal and said, "Oh god, Dad, that hurts."

"It's ok, son, the burn is only temporary. Once your ass gets used to opening up, the burn will fade and a pleasure unlike any other will consume you," I advised and promised.

I continued the slow push forward, the slow wiggle, and the slow gaping. I asked, "How you doing, son?"

"Better," he answered.

Staring at his tight ass, I suddenly was obsessed with being his first. My next words I think shocked all three of us. "Jimmy. May I please be the first to **** my son?"

Jimmy laughed. "You want to take your own son's virginity?"

"Yes," I answered.

"What do I get in return?"

"Anything you want," I answered, willing to do any sexual perversion he would later make me do.

"Deal. But remember you said anything," Jimmy warned, a smile so devilish I couldn't even begin to imagine what he had in mind.

"Understood," I replied, adding, "You own me, Jimmy."

"Excellent. Go **** your son. I will film it for posterity," he announced, pulling out a camcorder from his bag. I looked at him shocked and he explained, "I planned to film you today, but this is even better."

Way past having any moral concerns, or worrying about what he might do with the tape, I reached for the lube and generously coated both my cock and my son's ass.

Jimmy ordered, the camera on, "Simon, tell Daddy what you want."

Simon clearly past caring, like his father, feeling my finger back in his ass, "I want to be ****ed."

"Where?" Jimmy asked.

"In my ass," Simon moaned.

"By who?"

"My dad," my son admitted.

"You mean your Daddy?"

I pulled my finger out and moved my lubed cock in position as Simon begged, like I had my first time, "Oh god yes, Daddy, **** me. Make me a ****** like you, Daddy."

His naughty mouth was hot and I pushed forward, breaking my son's anal cherry. His girl-like whimpers only made it hotter as I slowly pushed forward.

"Oh god Daaaaaddy, you are filling me up."

"You like Daddy's cock in your ass?" I asked.

"Yeeeees," he moaned, taking my whole cock.

Once fully in him, I paused, letting him get accustomed to a cock inside him. After a few seconds, he begged, "**** me Daddy. **** me like you like getting ****ed."

Almost busting a nut right then, I obliged, slowly moving in and out of his tight ass. Every push forward allowed a girly whimper out of him and I knew I would not last long in my son.

Getting used to a cock ****ing him, he begged, "Harder daddy. **** your son. Drill your sissy. Oh yes, harder daddy. Treat me like a slut."

His begging was too much and I knew I was going to come soon. A minute later, I pulled out and he whined, "Noooooooo," as I quickly moved to his face and pumped my cock.

He opened his mouth like a good trained sub and caught the first spray of his daddy's seed. The second spray hit his nose and forehead. The third landed on the floor. He leaned forward and took my cock back in his mouth. I moaned, "That's it my sissy son, clean Daddy's cock that just took her cherry."

He moaned and swirled his tongue around my cockhead like I had taught him earlier. Jimmy put the camera down and sauntered confidently over to my kneeling son.

Jimmy positioned himself behind and said, "Well, your Daddy got you prepared for a real cock. Are you ready sissy?"

"Yes, Jimmy, shove your big black cock in me," my son begged, taking my cock out of his mouth.

I went to the camcorder and filmed my son getting ****ed. Jimmy pushed forward, going balls deep in one single thrust, and Simon let out a scream so loud I was worried the neighbours might have heard.

Jimmy grunted, ****ing my son mercilessly, "Whose ***** are you?"

"I'm your *****, Jimmy," my son huffed.

"Who will you always obey?" Jimmy questioned.

"You Master, I will obey you always," my son squealed.

My cock flinched at the thought of Master, instantly beginning to rise again.

"Master, I like that," Jimmy smiled, sweat dripping off him as he really hammered away at my son.

"Yes, you own me and Daddy," Simon admitted. "I don't care who knows, Master."

I was in awe at my son's ultimate submission.

Jimmy's smile got big. "I have such plans for you sissy, such big plans. What about your girlfriend, sissy?"

"She's yours, Jimmy. I know she has been checking you out. It is obvious," my son offered.

"You will set it up so I can **** her?" Jimmy asked.

"Yeeeees, anything you want, Maaaaaster," Simon screamed, completely in sexual delirium from the pleasure in his ass.

Both focused on what was happening, Simon continued whimpering like a school girl and Jimmy never relenting as his sword split apart my son's ass. Five minutes, became ten, which became fifteen before Jimmy grunted and clearly filled my son's ass with his dominant seed. My son quaked, his legs wobbled and I watched as he shot his own load on the floor without his cock ever being touched.

As Jimmy pulled out, he said amused, "Wow, you are the greatest ****** of all. I have never ****ed a queer who has shot his load without being touched. Daddy you better clean that up."

I handed Jimmy the camera and fell to the ground and slurped up my son's cum from the floor.

Eventually, Jimmy got dressed and asked, "Simon, why were you even home, didn't we have practice?"

"It was cancelled. Didn't you get the text?"

Jimmy grabbed his phone, smiled, "Well, so it was."

Based on his tone, I suddenly realized Jimmy had set this up. "Well, I am off," Jimmy, looking at his two still erect naked ******s. Looking at our stiff cocks he said, "You two are insatiable."

Once he was gone, Simon asked shyly, "Dad, can I um, well...."

I said asked, "You want to **** your Dad, do you son?"

"Yes," he sheepishly whispered.

"Son, my ass is yours whenever you want it," I said, standing up and bending over the couch. "But my knees are killing me."

My son stood up, went behind me and paused.

I begged, "Son, shove that big snake in me. **** your Daddy. Make me your *****."

It was as if a switch turned on my son. He shifted from submissive bottom to dominant top. He pushed forward and filled my ass. "How does my cock feel, Dad?"

"Amazing son."

"I can't believe you are a ****ing fairy Dad," he grunted.

"I'm your fairy, son. Use me whenever you want," I offered.

He ****ed me hard and said, "I jerk off two or three times, Daddy. Now I have two tight holes to use, don't I?"

"Yeees, son," I moaned.

Simon having come twice, I was in for a long ride. It was over twenty minutes of pounding and verbal humiliation as he called me a ton of names: ******, whore, sissy, *****, slut, cocksucker, homo, daddy-****** and more and I agreed with every one of them. Finally, he grunted and felt his warm seed fill me.

"Take my cum, slut," he grunted.

I replied, "Fill your slut with your juice."

Once spent, he pulled out and saw my stiff cock ready to burst. Shifting again to girly, he asked, "Does Daddy need to come?"

"Yes," I whimpered.

He grabbed my cock, and began pumping it. "Do you want me to suck you, Daddy?"


"Beg, Daddy."

"Oh God son. Please suck Daddy's cock."

Simon took my cock in his mouth and practiced his newly acquired skill. In less than two minutes of him bobbing up and down on my rod, I warned, "I'm about to cum, son."

In the ultimate reversal of any other gay sex act I had ever been a part of or read about, he pulled out, bent over and begged, "Come in my ass, Daddy."

I didn`t think twice, I quickly shoved my already quivering cock in his already cum-filled ass and in four fast strokes deposited a second load of cum in my no longer straight son's ass.

Eventually, we collapsed on the couch. Simon's phone rang a couple of minutes later and it was Carrie, his girlfriend. Simon grabbed his clothes and left to talk to her while I sat on my couch wondering just how I was going to keep this house of cards from tumbling down. I also wondered about the word 'anything'. Jimmy's devious grin told me that he already had something in mind and it could be any number of humiliating things.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how one would perceive it, the house of cards was about to fall completely down and every part of my life would be forever changed...but that is another story....
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22 - 03-21-2012, 15:48
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Please keep us posted as to how many pm's you get telling you how hilarious this thread is.
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23 - 03-21-2012, 15:48
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Originally Posted by tehvul2 View Post
Proud to be. What of it?
that why you pretended not to be on an internet forum

for like 3 years?
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24 - 03-21-2012, 16:09
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