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1 - 05-12-2008, 20:46
Destiny Quests:
* XP fixed for the destiny quests lvl 1-19.

Destiny Healer:
* The Awakening II: Potion of Restoration reward now has a correct description.
* The Awakening II: The waypoint to the cellar for Bloodshed has been corrected.

Destiny Mage:
* The Awakening II: Quest goal does not update twice when neutralizing Strom's guards.
* The Awakening II: You can no longer kill Renton before he's done talking.

Destiny Rogue:
* The Awakening I: Red Hand Sentry guards will despawn as soon as the cutscene with Arias starts.
* The Awakening I: A few typos in quest text have been resolved.
* The Awakening I: The Traitor: This cutscene should no longer trigger repeatedly.
* The Awakening I: Ulric and Quesado will each go their own way after their little tryst in the city of Tortage at night.
* The Awakening III: Ulric will no longer sleep with his eyes open.
* The Awakening III: you can now climb down the ladder when leaving the keep.

Destiny Soldier
* The Awakening I: Quesado and the Captain are now in their proper positions for this cutscene.
* The Awakening III: Female Avatars now have a proper animation when healing Tina.
* The Awakening III: Tina should now be in her room, and the door should open properly.
* The Awakening III: Tears of The Ancient can be resolved even if you fail to pick up the sacred water the first time.

Letter to the King
* The player can interract with the vial of blood once again
* The Volcano Eruption cutscene should once again function properly.

The End Battle
* Trainers should no longer list the incorrect level requirement of 0 for the End Battle.
* Valeria now has something to say to the players after they have slain Strom and freed Tortage.

The Phoenix of the South
* The journal for this quest has been updated to indicate to players that they must swim out of the Blessed Caves.
* The dialog with Rhiderch has been cleaned up somewhat.
* Players should now be able to speak with Sharak to complete this quest.

General Quests:
* A number of quests in multiple zones have had updates and corrections to quest text.
* Abandoned in the Halls of Fear: Conversation option is now removed when the escort starts.
* A Missing Filly: The waypoint is found! Only the filly is missing now.
* A Curious Encounter: This quest should update properly now.
* Acheronian Blood Hunters: There should no longer be an empty pop up window when clicking on the 'Panel of the Battlefield.'
* An Impending Attack: Torgvall's Head should look consistent across all circumstances now.
* Breaking the Black Ring: Fixed a typo in Adretta's dialog.
* Breaking the Spell: Remuses should no longer be beneath the world.
* Cure for Lycanthropy: the Werewolf Chief should now respawn more rapidly.
* The Cursed Scroll: Changed journal text direction to Zelata.
* Enemies No More - Brizio: Goal markers for the completion of this quest have been corrected.
* Finding your Feet: The West Gate should be easier to find now.
* The Flow of Information: Directions have been reworded.
* Foundations of Trust: Trathanus now lays hurt.
* Freed from the Scorpion Cages: Resolved a few problems with this quest.
* The Gambler's Gambit: Telung's Bag in the Spider Caverns is now interactable.
* Greater Prey: A few more werewolves have been added to the area, making this quest easier to complete.
* Herbs in Villa Amiel: Added a waypoint to return the herbs.
* The Hunting Lodge: The Goal Marker for Rithriall has been corrected.
*Into the fire: the goal marker for Thinning the Hyperboreans' Ranks has been changed to a radius instead.
* Resolved an issue preventing players from getting into Tortage City.
* Kidnapping and Torture: Mobs will no longer display strange pathing when setting the palisade on fire.
* The Legendary Turach: Tugging the winch should always work.
* The Legendary Turach: The steel crate on Redrik's boat should no longer look like it's falling through the boat.
* The Mercenary Leader: The commander now drops his standard when killed.
* The Missing Filly: The extra animation when looting the dead horse's saddle has been removed.
* The Nemedian Incursion: Explosive Urns are now both targetable and destructible.
* Old Secrets: There are now multiple chests, to properly match the quest text.
* The Orphans in the Hovel: Quest markers have been updated.
* The Perils of Competition: Waypoint leading to the Cock Handler is now corrected.
* The Pict Threat: now has proper region classification.
* Purveyors of Putrescence: The Green Cloaked man can now be found within a radius.
* Red Hand Death: Items for this quest are now unique, and will not update other quests.
* Setback - Nera: Quest marker has been updated.
* Sins of the Father's Whore: Removed a loop in Geta's dialog.
* Sins of the Father's Whore: Geta should have an appropriate exclamation point above his head.
* Setback - Brizio: The Goal Marker for the boots has been corrected, as has the ending goal marker.
* The Soldier's reprieve: Reduced the number of Dark Beasts needed to be killed to solve the quest.
* Supplies from Cian: Updated travel info in journal and the dialog for Cian.
* Swallowing the Pride: The goal marker for Rithriall has been corrected.
* Tailored Tasks: It should now be possible to turn this quest in.
* Tarantia Sewers: Many quests in this zone have had goal markers and dialogs updated.
* Through the Wolves' Pass: the second step of this quest had a few log errors, which have since been corrected.
* The Torches of Eiglophian: fixed a text error in the quest log.
* Trapped by Lions: Lisimba should now walk a bit quicker.
* Unnatural: Quest Marker has been updated.
* Xantia's Wrath: This quest has been tweaked to run more smoothly and correctly.
* Xantia's Wrath: Tiger spawn is delayed so they are no longer attacking the player before the zone has finished loading.
* Xantia's Wrath: Slightly increased the delay on the Teleport so Padraig finishes talking.
* Wild Lands of Zelata: Fixed some broken quests.
* Wisdom Through Venom: fixed a grammatical issue in the completed quest log.
* The Woman who Never Died: Waymarker now points you to a scholar who actually is able to help you translate the diary.
* The Wolf Hunt: an Inconsistency in the Quest Log has been corrected.
* The Worshiper's Demise: Some minor grammatical errors in the quest text have been resolved.
* Ymir's Call: Quest is now set as 'Group'.
* Zeno's Last Hour: This quest now properly offers the player a ring as a reward.
* Skins of the Corrupted: Updated with new way marker locations for quest objectives.
* The Honoured Dead of Cimmeria: Waypoint for Clan Maugh Totem has been fixed.
* The Acheronian Spirit: Quest will now be obtained from all accept answers.
* Garden of Cursed Mysteries: Tortage: The flesh eaters are now sleeping at night.

Character Creation
* If you are unable to be sent from character creation into the game, you will be given a choice to retry until success or cancel back to login, losing your new character.
* It should no longer be possible to stick a beard onto a female character in Character Creation.

* NPC's should no longer display golden cog icons on mouseover.
* Mounting should no longer causes horses to slide slowly to the right.
* The amount of time a character has to wait before he can attack again after executing the Slam-combo using a 2H weapon has been decreased. A female version of the Slam animation has been added.
* It should no longer be possible to begin casting a spell, then hide, finish casting the spell, and remain hidden.
* Moving in the middle of a swing will no longer interrupt and cancel the attack. Instead, the attack will continue even as the player moves.
* Arms will now fall off when they should. Specifically, during fatalities.
* There should now be fewer on-screen messages during quests with many updates.
* The Camera should no longer stutter when attacking during a dodge or evade animation.
* Picking up items should now use a more appropriate animation.
* Due to graphical issues, sword scabbards have been removed from the game.
* Changed the "up" attack for males with the oar from a stab to an overhead swing.
* Once a player has died, they should stop blinking.
* Progress Bars in game should now have the appropriate text for their descriptions.
* There's now rock sound on the rock surface that had wood sound in Tortage.
* Instant Combos executed when out of combat should no longer animate without a weapon in hand.
* The tutorial tab for combat should now only appear once.
* Female characters should no longer levitate on horseback when entering and exiting combat mode.
* Moving immediately after resurrecting will no longer cause the character to slide.
* Players should now animate correctly when collecting quest items.
* Mounting Rhino and Mammoth will now only take as long as the animation itself.
* Players should no longer start the game with multiple sets of Manacles.
* It is now possible to target a player's corpse simply by clicking on it.
* Environmental damage messages should now be corrected.
* Changing visual settings should no longer result in bright colors onscreen.
* Fixed autosheathe when doing a fatality.
* Items for sale at vendors are now sorted correctly by price.
* The way cameras in conversation with NPCs has been tweaked.

* Many items have had stats updated.
* Many items, both quest items and normal items, have had inventory graphics updated.
* Potion rewards should stack when awarded.
* The quest reward Nighthowl Cloak should have stats and visuals now.
* The quest reward rings for Lurking Horror should have proper stats now.
* Tortage destiny quest rewards should all have proper stats now.
* The quest reward Nacreous Band should have proper stats now.
* Tortage End battle items should all have proper stats now.
* The Phoenix of the South quest reward rings should all have proper stats now.
* Replenishing Copper Necklace now has the appropriate visuals.
* Hand Crossbow is no longer turned sideways on the player's back.
* Leather and Wool tradeskill resources have been assigned to animals in Lacheish Plains, Poitain and Purple Lotus Swamp.
* The Light Crag Belt should now appear on female characters.
* Tooltip for item "Bondsman's Ring" will now display modifications.
* Tooltip for item "Thoughtband" will now display modifications.
* Tooltip for item "Avenger's Band" will now display modifications.
* Tooltip for item "Captive's Ring" will now display modifications.
* Tool tip for "Sagacious Copper Ring" now displayed modifications.
* The Drinking Cape now has the proper tooltip and modifications.
* The prefix "Stupefying" has had a typo corrected and should now show up as such on all items of the appropriate type.
* Changed modifications on the Runed Kosalan Ring.
* Tooltip for item "Wildwatcher Armbands" will now display modifications.
* Tooltip for item "Pirate Ring" will now display modifications.
* Bronze Battleaxe now appears with appropriate graphics.
* Tangy Yoghurt has been reassigned a different icon graphic.
* Totem of Origins has a description and works.
* All potions have an appropriate cooldown.
* The Locked Chest that Turach references has been moved out of the mausoleum, into a nearby tent.
* The Arcane Robe now properly looks like a robe once more.
* Well-Aged Wine should now properly be removed from your inventory.
* The visual of the Candied Figs item has been updated to more closely match the buff it gives.
* It should now be possible to sell the Leather Strap items to vendors for a small amount.
* The Hate modification on Sakumbe's Gloves has been brought more in line with other items in the game.
* All potions should now work as intended.
* Normal potions can now be stacked to up 50.
* All potions have received a new unique visual look.
* Adjusted sell price on mega potions.
* Mega potions can no longer be stacked.
* All Potions have received a 60 second cool down timer.
* Startup armor is no longer tradable to other players.
* Renamed the item from "Demonologist Shawn" to "Demonologist Shawl".
* Ring of Acheron has been updated with stats and description
* Coloring the Sky item created
* Prismatic Starfall item created
* Ring of Acheron is now impossible to trade.
* Bags that are smaller than the bag you have are marked as unequippable and can not be used. Bags that are larger than the bag you have are marked as equippable and can be used.
* Fixed a few items that could cause unintended fast runspeed.
* The stats on the Enruned Kosalan Ring have been clarified.
* Players equipping both Ehtuu-agh's Dirk and the Poacher's Gaff will now find it easier to exit combat.
* Lurker in the Dark can drop one of two rings.

World Design:
* Atzel's Approach: It should no longer be possible to destroy a tent in this zone at random.
* Atzel's Approach: It should no longer be possible to damage or destroy the Alarm Horns in this zone.
* Atzel's Approach: A number of floating torches have been fixed.
* Atzel's Approach: The Fortress Walls should now blend together better.
* Atzel's Approach: Door to the Dragon's Lair has collision and has been moved some.
* Atzel's Fortress: Doors inside the fortress should have collision once again.
* Black Castle: some world design fixes have been applied to this zone.
* Border Range: Players will now face toward the playfield when they zone out.
* Coastal Cave: There are no longer missing columns in the Coastal Cave.
* Conall's Valley: New barbaric and epic music has been added to locations in Conall's Valley!
* Field of the Dead: a number of world design fixes have been applied to this zone.
* Frost Swamp: Some collision has been fixed in this zone.
* The Green Man Tavern: Removed some blue spots from the door frame of the Green Man Tavern.
* Khemi: a number of ships have collision now.
* Khopshef Province: Some collision has been updated for this zone.
* Khopshef Province: The Columns in the Bubshur House should once again look correct.
* King Conan's Castle: There should no longer be invisible collision in this zone.
* King Conan's Castle: Message added when the player doesn't have the right quest and they use the door into Conan's throne room.
* King Conan's Castle: Braziers now have flames in King Conan's Castle.
* Lacheish Plains: Resource nodes are within the collision boundary now.
* Lacheish Plains: Gate to the Field of the Dead has been properly named now.
* The Maze: The resurrection point should now be properly named.
* The Maze: Logs in "The Maze" now sound like wood when walked on.
* The Maze: The Spider Cocoons should now be properly named and use the proper GUI icons.
* The Maze: Quest world items should now behave properly.
* Mithrelle's Mansion: You can no longer jump out of the alcoves in Mithrelle's Mansion.
* Old Tarantia: Some stairs have been rebuilt to allow players to climb them more easily. Some collision on some buildings has been adjusted.
* Purple Lotus Swamp: Door to Kheshatta has been repositioned.
* The Pyramid of the Ancients: A number of collision issues have been resolved here.
* The Sailor's Den: Lights should no longer flicker in the Sailor's Den.
* The Sailor's Den: It should no longer be possible to get stuck between the bar and the barkeeps in this zone.
* Sanctum of the Burning Souls: a number of world design fixes have been added to this zone.
* Serpent's Head Inn: Golden Chalices no longer have checkerboard texture.
* Serpent's Head Inn: Shadows should now appear correctly in the Serpent's Head Inn Room 7.
* The Smuggler Route: There should no longer be a strange white wall blocking view in the Smuggler Route beneath Tesso.
* The Smuggler Route: Exiting this zone will now deposit you at an appropriate location.
* The Smuggler Route: Torches in this instance should now have particles.
* The Smuggler Route: Doors to the secret chamber should appear now.
* Tarantia Noble District: A number of chests have been brought more down to earth.
* Tarantia Noble District: Some collision has been cleaned up.
* Tarantia Noble District: There should no longer be a group of Black Dragon Guards standing close to the Nemedians.
* Tarantia Noble District: A number of world design fixes have been added to this zone.
* Tortage: It should no longer be possible to switch to night after completing the End Battle.
* Tortage: The invisible wall in Genzio's House is now gone.
* Tortage: a number of small world design fixes have been added to this zone.
* Tortage: The Acheronian Chest should now animate properly.
* Tortage: It should no longer be possible to jump out through the world in this zone.
* Tortage: The transparent river around Tortage should be a little more opaque now.
* Tortage Underhalls Day: Tweaked some NPC placement so the player won't get killed when travelling between dungeon parts.
* Tortage Underhalls: Fixed some doors to make them more consistent with the doors linked to them.
* Tortage Underhalls: Players should no longer be able to pan camera to see through wall in the Underhalls.
* Tortage Keep: Collision on the stairs has been improved somewhat.
* Ulric's Mansion: Some collision on stairs has been adjusted.
* Ulric's Mansion: Player should no longer get stuck in the hole between the stairs in Ulrich Mansion.
* Villa Amiel: ceiling in the hallway no longer lacks collision.
* Volcano: you will no longer get stuck if you jump off when climbing the broken bridge.
* White Sands: Tweaked some climbing areas.
* Wild Lands: Fixed miscellaneous collision issues in Wild Lands of Zelata.
* Wild Lands: Fixed the collision mesh on a big hollow tree in Wild Lands of Zelata.
* Wild Lands: The burning torches now have collision.
* Wild Lands: Dorina should now be a bit safer from the nearby roaming Wolfs.
* Wild Lands: The Collection Plate should now rest firmly on top of the bench in Tesso.
* Wild Lands: The poles in Tesso should now be placed firmly in the ground.
* Wild Lands: The barn should now look better when being burned.
* Wild Lands: Rearranged some mobs.
* Wild Lands: Banners should no longer be named.
* Wild Lands: The hand with the red gem in Wild Lands of Zelata now has collision again.
* Wild Lands of Zelata: It should now be easier to travel from Wild Lands of Zelata to The Maze.

* Added options to enable/disable both autodraw and autosheathe.

* NPCs casting Lightning Strike will use a more proper particle effect.
* You can no longer attack NPCs through some types of collision.
* NPC combo Exposing Barrage now has icon.
* Armsman's Tavern and Arena: It should no longer be possible to talk to Gaurus about finding a skull in the Wild Lands of Zelata before you have discovered this item.
* Armsman's Tavern and Arena: Sarissa's breasts should now be better constrained within her dress.
* Conarch Village: The caged dogs does no longer move in perfect synchronization.
* Field of the Dead: Leannon is now properly a male ghost.
* Old Tarantia: Dock Worker will now correctly place the item down at the end of his patrol.
* Old Tarantia: commoners should no stay in the common district.
* Old Tarantia: Guards will no longer have weapons through their heads.
* Old Tarantia: Kalanthes should no longer be standing on furniture.
* Old Tarantia: Xanarus Darkhand should put up more of a fight now.
* Old Tarantia: Irritantus will now turn to face you when spoken to.
* Old Tarantia: citizen should only hold a jug of wine now.
* Tarantia Noble District: there should no longer be strange symbols in dialog with Lady Verde's Bodyguard.
* Tarantia Noble District: Argentum is no longer incorrectly tagged as Vendor.
* Tarantia Noble District: NPC's should no longer have gears on mouseover.
* Thunder River: Epelios will now allow you to leave Thunder River.
* Tortage: Casilda should always properly follow the player when freed.
* Tortage: Kalanthes should no longer stand in a T pose when first speaking to him.
* Tortage: Laranga will now stop talking to the player after goodbyes have been said.
* Tortage: Players should no longer be stuck in conversation with the Red Hand Sentry even after teleporting.
* Atzel's Approach: Jotun Hoar-Mane should now animate correctly through the entire length of an encounter with him.
* Purple Lotus Swamp: Mekhtet should now speak correctly to players.

* Atzel's Approach: The Shemite Marksmen should attack immediately after appearing.
* Conall's Valley: The Half Giant mob should no longer appear to die over and over.
* Conall's Valley: Wounded Vanir now have a death animation.
* Conall's Valley: added some new abilities to some of the animals around the valley.
* Conall's Valley: Frostpaw should be eating the right way up now.
* Khopshef Lion: The Lions used in the "Trapped by Lions" quest should now be aggressive towards the player.
* Khopshef Province: Sektep is now a boss.
* Outflow Tunnels: Darkhand Mystic will no longer respawn instantly.
* The Smuggler Route: the Golden Golem should look significantly more golemic now.
* Tortage: Scavenger Tuut should now animate correctly when attacked.
* Tortage: Strom's Guards will no longer come to each others' aid.
* Wild Lands of Zelata: Dark Beast ambushers now correctly hate and track players.
* Wild Lands of Zelata: Rare versions of Lynx and Wolf should now spawn.
* The Flesheater plant mobs will no longer stay stiffly stuck in a single position.
* Enemies around a campfire should now stand up much more quickly.
* Strom's Drunk Guards no longer say "ZZZZZZ" in vicinity chat when they get drunk and fall asleep.
* The Acheronian Ancestor should now properly assume his "Statue Pose" when spawned.
* Performing a fatality on a non-humanoid mob should no longer cause animation issues.

* Killer Rhino: the camera should no longer bounce up and down while riding.
* Fixed mountcrash when trying to mount in shallow water
* Fixed shadows on all mounts.
* Mounts are no longer free of charge.
* Being staggered while mounted will not instantly dismount you, but rather throw you off the mount like intended.

* Annihilation totem should have collision in destroyed state.

Player Character:
* All non-rare food and drink effects will now be correctly removed when you die. The buffs received from the rare food and drink items will continue to persist through death.
* When you are sprinting, you will no longer get the effects of stamina potions.
* The graphics for ground targeting AOE spells has been changed. Players should find that it describes the area more precisely.
* Animations have been added for both Male and Female characters to support the four new Ranged Stances available to Rangers.
* Turning to the left while accelerating/decelerating on a mount should no longer cause animation issues
* Fixed a bug that made it impossible to draw or sheathe a crossbow while mounted.
* Fixed a bug that caused animation issues when attempting to fire a crossbow while mounted.
* The Celebration animation which is played whenever your character advances to the next level should now function properly while in combat.
* The Celebration animation which is played whenever your character advances to the next level should now function properly if played while moving.
* Female characters no longer suffer from animation issues while under the effect of a root effect.
* The default animation for spells without a cast time has been changed.
* Male characters will no longer change to a different idle pose than what they normally use during cut-scenes, NPC conversations or character creation.
* Censuring Strike II and III combos updated with correct levels.
* Both Male and Female characters should have updated animations for performing so-called Shield Taunts.
* Both Male and Female characters should have updated animations for carrying small objects.
* Performing a "Up" attack as a Female character wielding a Dagger + Talisman combination should no longer cause the Talisman to float in mid-air.
* Rank 1 of the general mage feat Spiritual Aegis now gives Holy Invulnerability, instead of giving Fire Invulnerability twice.
* The invulnerability penalty from Frenzy Stance has been reduced from -200% to -100%.
* The Misdirection spell will no longer persist after untraining the appropriate feat.
* New skills are now available to various classes. Please see the feat fixer to get these new skills. Endurance - lowers the sprinting cost. Runspeed - increases out of combat movement speed. Subtlety - a chance of generating less threat when attacking. Recovery - when using Rest you regain stamina. Fast Recovery - affects Recovery so that you have a chance of getting double the stamina back from a tick during Rest. Skulk - increases movement speed when stealthed.
* Idle animation is now correctly reset when swapping weapons.
* Shield of the Risen buff is now removed when you go into combat.
* Many emotes' audio effects are now properly aligned with the animation.
* All combat spells have had their mana costs rebalanced.
* Priest team heals Emanation of Life, Healing Lotus, and Renewal can now affect a target from up to 2 Priests at a time.
* Soldiers - fixed up some problems with the layout of the middle of the general tree.

* Male and Female Assassins of equal gear, feats, and levels should now do the same amount of damage with Sneak Attacks.
* Assassin core combo lines should now have adjusted damage scaling. The lingering damage component of the Venom Strike combos should now place a unique debuff on the target for each Assassin currently attacking the target.
* Cleansing Lotus has been replaced with Lotus Overload, granting magical immunity after being hit by spell criticals.
* The Grim Corruption combos have had their attack requirements adjusted.
* The debuff applied by Improved Poison Stance should now have a more accurate tooltip.
* The debuff applied by Improved Unholy Stance should now have a more accurate tooltip.
* Poison Stance and Unholy Stance now play a particle effect when using the abilities.
* Soul Fragments will now be cleared upon death
* Soul Strike has an icon now.
* The Soul Strike ability will now properly be granted by training the feat.

* Using Finishing blow should not trigger cooldown if an invalid target was targeted.
* Blood Range should properly increase damage when active.
* Clobber combo line rebalanced.
* Hammer and Anvil should properly upgrade Stunning Punch.
* Overpower feat should now function.
* Savage rage should trigger damage buff when the combo is done executing.
* Savage rage should be more balanced.
* Savage rage damage buffs can no longer be stacked.
* Stunning Punch combo line rebalanced.

Bear Shaman
* The debuff from Crush Armor will now correctly display as a hostile spell.
* Crushed Organs Feat should now apply to Internal Bleed I.
* Rabies and Improved Manifestation: Rabies have different icons on the feat tree.

* The lingering damage component of Bloodbath and Bloody Hack has been significantly increased.
* Bloodbath I-III have been increased to a 180 degree area of effect.
* Bloodbath IV-VI have been increased to a 360 degree area of effect.
* Frenzy Stance now grants a 60% damage increase instead of 50% damage increase.
* Hail of Furious Strikes I-III have been increased to a 180 degree area of effect.
* Hail of Furious Strikes IV-VI have been increased to a 360 degree area of effect.
* Improved Inspiration now works.
* Improved Wrath will now also work for rank 1 of Fire Weave.
* Many feats and combos have had text errors in their descriptions resolved.
* The self-buff from conqueror combo line Guard of Dancing Steel is now a fixed amount, and the buff (and the proc effect) lasts a bit longer.
* The proc effect from the conqueror combo line Guard of Dancing Steel has had a considerable damage increase.
* The conqueror feat Fierce Opening should now affect all combos.
* Fixed the description of the Rend and Tear feat.

Dark Templar
* Covenant of Putrescence should now improve correctly when spending additional featpoints.
* Dread Lord feat description has been updated.
* Hexer's Might now affects Blood for Aid.
* Soul Barrier now makes the shield drain less mana when you invest more points in the feat.

* Updated numerous names and descriptions on spells and feats for the demonoloist.
* Demon Heart of Chatha should now increase both mana and health regeneration.
* Cursed by Hell should now have a more consistent effect.
* Cursed by Heaven should now have a more consistent debuff and effect.
* Chaotic Blast should now deal area damage if Cursed by the Heavens or Hell are active.
* Consume Flames now has the proper cooldown.
* Demonic Frenzy now correctly adds splash damage to pet spells.
* Demonic Heart now correctly lowers the caster's Holy Invulnerability.
* Some issues with Detonation should now be resolved.
* Diabolic Insight has been converted to a single rank spell. Ranks 2-4 have been removed from the game.
* Earth Recharge should now trigger off all ranks of the spell lines affected.
* Fires of Gehenna (Rank 6) should now have the correct fatality chance.
* Gates of Hell should now deal damage upon expiring if the target is a Demon.
* Gates of Hell should now have the appropriate visual effects.
* Greater Flames should now properly increase the damage and casting time of Fires of Gehenna. Spells granted by feats should no longer persist in the spellbook after untraining the feat. Spells granted by feats should now have manacosts based on a percentage of base mana at the character level instead of a static amount.
* Hell's Pavise Rank 3 should now grant the correct increase to the damage shield granted by the Demon Avenger.
* Infernal Knowledge has been converted to a single rank spell. Ranks 2-4 have been removed from the game.
* Let Them Burn should now have the correct cooldown. It will also now properly increase in damage the longer it is channeled.
* Living Thunderstorm should now correctly disappear after exploding.
* Overload should now trigger from and affect the Fires of Gehenna, Shockstrike, Inferno of Amher, Shockblast, Hellfire Stream, Shock and Wicked Bolt spells.
* Planar Shift will now correctly reduce the aggro of targets in the vicinity. Planar Shift no longer mistakenly decreases the caster's miss chance.
* Set's Chosen should now correctly decrease the periodic damage dealt by Pact with Set and Bloody Pact with Set.
* The secondary splash damage from Shockblast is now limited to 3 targets per splash.
* Thunderclap now has the correct 40 second cooldown.
* Unholy Hate should now have the correct description.
* The Whispers of War spell no longer exists. (Note: If you already had this spell trained, you may have issues in your spellbook if you attempt to use the spell.) The Demonic War feat now grants the Demonic War spell.
* Base damage of Hellfire Stream has been increased
* Base damage of Shock has been increased
* The base damage of Inferno of Amher has been decreased and its benefit from bonus fire damage increased
* Inferno of Amher now has a 3 second reuse time
* The base damage of Shockblast has been decreased and its benefit from bonus electrical damage increased
* Shockblast now has a 3 second reuse time
* The base damage and benefit from bonus damage on Chaotic Blast has been significantly increased
* Pyromancer and Natural Conductor feats now grant significantly more bonus damage, to be in line with normalized bonus damage contributions.
* Fixed a problem where Fiery Torment was not doing correct damage when you have Infernal Knowledge running.

* Guard combo should increase defense rating properly.

Herald of Xotli
* Burn to Death will always tick 5 times now.
* Clarified Reaching Flames and Insanity of Xotli descriptions.
* The animation for the I Eat Your Heart combo now appropriately reflects its name.

* New spell Death's Terror is available at level 12. This instant cast spell sacrifices one of your pets to perform a PBAOE fear effect radiating from you. See the feat fixer to get this spell if you are past this level.
* Corpse Detonation spell should now work correctly.
* When you spawn a Frozen Hatred, you get a small buff telling you what just happened.
* The Frenzy spell now runs a visual effect on the affected pet.
* The Mutilator Pet's Mutilation debuff now has an appropriate icon.
* The Parasitic Soul pet should now have an appropriate idle animation.
* The spells Vile Insight and Dark Knowledge have been changed. They no longer have ranks, so you will only get 1 version of those spells now. If you have previous versions, they will appear as noname spells in your spell books. Delete them and just use the named spell.
* Corpse Detonation now works.

Priest of Mitra:
* Avatar of Mitra will now grant the proper ability.
* Manifestation of Mitra now grants the proper ability.
* The Priest of Mitra feat 'Avatar of Mitra' should now have the correct description
* Holy Surge, Overwhelming Light, and Purification should now affect Condemnation.
* The damage of Smite has been increased

* Female Rangers should now behave properly when fighting in sword-and-dagger style.
* Damage on ranger melee combos have been boosted slightly.
* All ranger combos have been rebalanced
* Ranged combo sequences have been *vastly* reduced
* All ranger combos have new stamina cost values.
* Multiple ranged combo issues have been fixed.
* All ranged combos shared between bow and crossbow have been separated and balanced for each weapon type. This should especially affect crossbow performance.
* Fire Trap, Root Trap and Knockback Trap should work again.
* Focused Fire should not trigger cooldown time and fail to execute when other actions are currently running.
* Heartseeker is now available at level 40.
* Immolation duration should increase when more feats points invested.
* Piercing Shot Combos should affect targets in a column in front of you, and Scatter Shots should increase the column width.
* Shield Bash should have a proper animation
* Shield Bash should trigger the correct effect when the combo is upgraded
* Shield Bash now properly only works when the Ranger has a shield equipped.

Tempest of Set
* Females should now have animations when casting all Tempest of Set spells.
* Brutal Lightning Strike should now properly increase the critical chance of Lightning Strike.
* Triumphant Life of Set now correctly deals damage around targets affected by Life of Set.
* Visions of Hatred now grants the proper ability.

* Your character should no longer get stuck in teleport loops after ending a pvp minigame.

* It should no longer be possible to turn around instantly.
* Fall damage should now display correctly in the combat log.
* When aborting the Rest ability with hiding, other players will see you abort the rest properly and start to hide.
* Character turns with left mousebutton down in over-the-shoulder mode

* Characters should hold books and trinkets correctly now.

* Knockback now aborts all attacks & actions when you are knocked back.
* NPC's should no longer slide when first aggro'd.
* Players should no longer dodge constantly, preventing them from attacking.
* Balanced damage from bows and crossbows from 50% to 35%.
* Balanced range on bows from 30 to 20 meters.
* Crossbows remain at 18 meters.
* Binding active blocking to Ctrl Alt or Shift will no longer cause the character to get stuck in block mode.
* Targeted channeled spells with abort when the target dies.

* The mysterious purple and pink lighting on Tortage has been resolved.
* The game should no longer be quite so dark.
* If you write a mail that is too long you should now receive an error message.
* The correct message should now appear when trying to mail an item to yourself.
* It should now only be possible to trigger one popup at a time.
* Items attached to mails should now show the stack size.
* Players should now be able to add and detract skill points more rapidly by pressing and holding the + and - buttons in the GUI.
* Potions on the hotbar should no longer appear unusable after being used once.
* The "Locations" listing in the Tradepost gui has been cleaned up some.
* Items for sale in the Tradepost should now show the full price on mouseover.
* The ingame score in Capture the Flag matches should now display correctly.
* Added a new option on Interface: "Auto Select New Quests" When this option is on, new quests will be automatically selected. It is on by default and is a character preference.
* Goal targets should now appear in the correct language.
* Fixed a bug causing tooltips from windows below the sidepanel GUI to sometimes pop up.
* Regions are now organized by name in the Search dialog.
* Your quest journal headers will now update as you delete quests.
* Cotton and Trees now have different icons on the minimap to indicate the resources at those locations.
* The building construction window on the player cities will now show the correct name of the resource needed to build the building.
* Environmental spells should not stack up in the GUI.
* The Path of Asura and Hide abilities should now have the correct icons.
* Fixed problems with opening help window when clicking tutorial flags.
* Toggle Combat and Swap Weaponset now have unique icons.

* The tradepost system will now work when searching by keyword!
* Now, when trying to set a vulnerability window, if it is at 23:00, it will show bellow, even if it would show at the next day. This is made so that when setted, the window has enough place to put a name.
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