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1 - 01-07-2010, 21:26
Fortresses are the most sought after pvp objectives in the abyss. Aside from serving as another safe zone for the controlling faction, they serve as important locations for recipes and instances.

Taking a Fortress
Taking control of a fortress is definitely a task that a group is needed for, often times many alliances will show up to help with the taking of a fort.

The most important thing to know when taking a fort is when its vulnerable. When hovering your mouse over a fort on the map you will be given some information about it, most importantly the state of it. The state of a fortress will change from Invulnerable to Vulnerable at seemingly random times during the day. Below the state is the remaining time the Fortress will stay in that state, the state "changes" every two hours (real time).

Once a fortress becomes vulnerable, all characters of the oposing faction will be teleported away if they're too close, so its important to be a good distance away. Players will then work on destroying the outer gate of the fort, siege weapons can be used to help destroy the door or opposing players. Once the gate is destroyed, the Fortress Guardian must be killed to capture the fort. The Guardian is a gigantic hero class mob. Once the Guardian is killed the legion with the most contribution will be honored with having control of the fort.

Players who contributed alot while taking a fort have the chance of recieving a Medal and kinah for their efforts.

Benefits of a Fort
The faction that owns a fort has various PvE and PvP advantages. The fort serves as a safe place in the abyss to place kisks (there is a soul healer), and allow players to teleport to them from their landing zone.

Forts also are the only location for Morphing Recipes. Each fort has specific item morphing recipes (ex. Logs, ores, fishies) while all forts on a certain floor of the abyss offer the same flux morphing recipes. Player and Legion warehouses are also available.

Lastly, each fort has a specific instance and repeatable quest. These instances offer good abyss points and potentially Silver and Gold Medals. The instances contain elite monsters, and sometimes Treasure chests that contain items that can be traded in for additional abyss points. Many of the treasure chests in the instances are timed, and will disapear if not reached in time
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