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1 - 09-10-2011, 17:12
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version 4.0 - last updated sept 10th, 2011.


I wrote this because I feel 95% of the player base left in T1 still hasn't grasped the flow and actual "game" of LT. It's not just nade spam and cg whoring. It's not just fast routes and llama grabs. It's not about getting a lot of kills and stats. It's not a simple thinking mans game. The teamwork required to play may not be on the base level, but it still serves a vital part of playing some intense LT matches. Although this is intended for 5v5 gameplay, any knowledge you may gain with this doesn't hurt your pub play.
Obviously, there will be moments when you break the rules based on a logical fitting decision to your current situation. This is more of an awareness attribute and can be hard to explain, so I will try to leave certain situations out of the guide so I don't confuse people.

Let's get to it

Position's Breakdown:

From the game start, you should start out with your best route of the map and try to time it with your capping partner.
It's hard for a defense to stop both cappers at the same time. So the more you communicate with your partner, the better.

One of the following events will take place with each run you make at the enemy base.
A. you grab the flag - you are now faced with 2 possible situations.
1. your flag is secure - head directly towards home and try to cap it.
2. your flag is taken - make it home and be prepared for a "standoff"(see below)

You won't make it home every time. You will often die in-field and the chaser will try to hold the flag at that position.
It's now up to you to perform a "force". This is when you respawn and immediately start heading back towards the spot you dropped the flag at.
The idea is to try and kill the chaser and then re-grab the flag OR at least FORCE him to return the flag.
You CAN'T allow the chaser to hold the flag wherever he wants. If nobody "forces" the flag, he can sit on it and wait for perfect time to return the flag.(such as when his flag holder calls for a return to cap)

B. your teammate grabs the flag - now you have a few options depending upon health.
1. good health - you should find a place to hide and try to "camp"(see below) the enemy base OR if your flag is taken, get in position to either kill the home d or kill the enemy capper.
2. low health - if your flag is taken you should try to lay low for a second and then attack him once he flies in.
if your flag is secure, just regroup and start a new route.

C. nobody grabs the flag - this usually means the defense prevented both cappers from grabbing.(now is a good time to tell your LO that he sucks)
1. good health - if your flag is taken and the enemy capper is closing in on their base, this is what calls for an "e-grab"(see below). if your flag is secure, it's your call.
you can either try to grab again or regroup.
2. low health - see above about "if your flag is taken". if your flag is secure, either help the LO clear for your other capper or just regroup.

Notes On Camping:
Whenever your teammate grabs the flag and begins his return route, now is the time to get in position to camp.
Its extremely important to be in position to camp the enemy stand. During a standoff, don't venture off too far in pursuit of the enemy capper.
If their flag is returned and you are out of position...they will most likely cap.

LO(light offense):
From the game start, your job is to clear the enemy defenders off their stand so your cappers can grab the flag.
You also serve a vital roll in a "standoff"(see below) situation. Now lets break it down.
One of the following events will take place with each run you make at the enemy base.
A. your team grabs the flag -
1. if your flag is secure and your capper is out fast, you should D up and help keep your flag secure. OR if your capper teammate without the flag decided to regroup, you can start camping the enemy base.
2. if your flag is taken, you should get in position to kill the home D and ONLY the home D. The biggest problem with LO's is that they lean towards killing the capper over the home D.(STATS YEAAAH!)
This only leads to the enemy team getting off good passes. Sure, you might kill the capper faster....But on average your team will return faster if you just focus on the home D.

B. your team fails to grab - depending upon health.
1. good health - continue to clear if your cappers are still alive OR try to grab the flag for yourself.
if your cappers are dead and your flag is secure, you can either try to llama grab or lay low until your cappers are ready for you to begin clearing again.
if your flag is taken, assume "e-grab"(see below) tactics.

2. low health - continue to clear if your cappers are still alive. regroup if they are dead.
if your flag is taken, assume "e-grab"(see below) tactics.

It's a good idea to start clearing the defense about 5-8 seconds before your cappers arrive. So its all about timing.
If you clear too early..the defense might kill you. If you clear too won't clear anyone at all.
Sometimes its a good idea to fake a grab to get the D's attention. You might distract them enough to let one of your cappers sneak by.
After a standoff return(see below) you should always regroup and help keep your base clear.

Rules To LO:
Don't be a douchebag statwhore. Get on the Home D/Escort(whoever doesn't have the flag) during standoffs and stay on him.
It's very frustrating for the Chaser if the opposing flag holder keeps passing to the escort with full health.

This position is pretty basic. KILL KILL KILL, rinse and repeat. But there are a few things to touch on I guess.

Prevent the enemy from grabbing -
its accomplished by playing stand D which requires awareness. You should stand either in or on your base. This will allow you to see incoming cappers from all directions.
As they fly in for the grab, disc them, nade them, or BB them. Anything you can do to prevent them from grabbing.

After the enemy grabs the flag -
chase them kill them return the flag
if you kill the capper infield -
1. your team has the flag and there is no sign of the enemy
say "our flag is secure" and get ready to return once your team gives you the signal
2. your team doesn't have the flag and there is no sign of the enemy
give your home d a few seconds to clear the base then return it.
3. no matter what the current status of the enemy flag is...if you see an incoming enemy just return it.

if you kill the capper at his base -
1. return it return it return it.

Home D:
Quite possibly the hardest position for new players to learn. From the game start, your JOBS are to -
A. prevent the enemy from grabbing
Stand D. Once again, awareness awareness awareness, without're screwed.

B. clear your base of "campers"
You should start clearing your base right after the enemy grabs your flag. This step is very important to eliminating the enemy's offensive pressure.

C. pick up your cappers
your cappers will need to pass the flag once they make it home, and you better be ready. Once you hear "get the enemy flag"(depending on your health)
you should either regroup right away and then pick him up OR head towards him immediately. The idea is to pick the flag up with as much health as possible.

How it all goes down:
Game start.
First wave of offense.
You either stop the wave or fail.
if stop, regroup and do it all over again.
if fail, start clearing your base of "campers".
Always be listening for "get the enemy flag" once you hear it, refer to "B".
Once you get the flag from your capper refer to "Standoff".
If you cap, regroup and start the process all over again.

Rules to Home D:
NEVER EVER NEVER EVER EVER NEVER chase the enemy capper. It's FAAAR more important to stay near your base and prevent "camps" than it is to chase.
After all, whats going to happen even if you do kill the capper?? your flag will get returned and you will be out of position..AND THEN THE ENEMY WILL GRAB YOUR FLAG UNTOUCHED AND UNSEEN.
So remember - clearing campers > chasing the flag.

A Few Things You Should Know:

This is what happens when both teams have the flags. This will happen very often during the map.
What to do during such an event?

Capper with the flag stays at his base and holds it with the home D. He also helps keep his base clear so they can cap when their flag is returned.

Capper without the flag(lets call him the camper) stays at the enemy base and either helps kill the enemy flag holder or camps the enemy stand.
Its pretty important that "the camper" stays close to the enemy base incase the enemy returns their flag.
Also..if you happen to be KIA while at the enemy base, NEVER run long routes back to the enemy base.
It's important to keep the offensive pressure up. So just make it back to the base as quickly and as sneaky as possible.

Should spend his time trying to kill the escort(the player without the flag AKA either the capper that brought the flag home or the home D)
He should also be ready to grab the enemy flag if its returned.

Kill the enemy flag holder..yeah...yeah.
Return the flag??? You can also be super clutch and make an e-grab if the flag is returned.

Home D:
Hold the flag with the capper that brought the flag home.
Keep the base clear so you can cap once their flag is returned.(its pretty hard to balance holding the flag and keeping the base clear at the same time)

Standoff Return:
This is when the team of the returned flag should regroup and the other team should be in a mad scramble to re-grab the enemy flag.

Your flag is returned -
its up to your team to prevent the enemy from grabbing before your team caps it.
this is accomplished by awareness believe it or not.

Enemy flag is returned -
its up to the camping capper or LO to grab the flag before they cap it.
this is accomplished by positioning believe it or not.
the chaser or LO should kill the enemy capper by all means possible. anything to delay their movement towards their flag stand is a big help.

It's pretty basic..but requires everyone to do their job correctly. The team that wins the most standoffs during the map, usually wins.


You will need a tent, some matches, pots and pans, mosquito repellent and a good hiding spot or just crafty maneuvering to avoid the home d finding you.
The idea is to grab the flag as soon as it's returned. The chaser will have no idea where you are and if you do it correctly..the home d won't know either.
It's a good tool to prevent the enemy from capping or to get a quick cap right after a previous cap.

The emergency grab is used to prevent/stall the other team from capping. The idea is to grab the flag and hope you can survive long enough to give your team enough time to kill the enemy capper and return the flag.
Sometimes you will actually make it home off one of these grabs. So don't look at it like a suicide mission.

Calling For a Pass:

Generally once you lose your Health-Kit you should call for a pass(VFF). At this time your Home D/Escort will either regroup or start flying towards you.
I don't recommend flying towards him right away. If you call and then fly towards him..he might regroup and leave you stranded in mid-air.
So call and then wait to see his reaction.

Same thing applies for bringing the flag home. Let's say you have reached the halfway part of the map and you're pretty low on health. Let's say you see your Home D and start flying towards him while calling for a pass.
Now let's say the Home D regroups because he's low on health. Well, now you have wasted some of your energy and you're left stranded in mid-air. How do you prevent this from happening?
Call for a pass and then wait for him to react before you start flying towards him.

Final Message:
This is just the basics of LT. This guideline only tells you how to play. It's up to you to apply this guideline to your game.
You become a good player once these guidelines become second nature. That's when skill and awareness come into play and take you even higher.
The higher your skill & awareness, the better player you become. If you are a pretty skilled player already(good aim, good skier, good tribal agility) then you should pick the game up pretty fast.
It's totally possible to have higher knowledge than skill(and knowledge can beat skill). But eventually knowledge drops off and higher skill takes over.
The combination of high knowledge and great skill is what leads to a great player.(refer to awesome chart below)

The best known way of rating tribal greatness:

anyone who wants to feel special.
anyone who lives in denial.
anyone who believes players better than himself are cheating.
anyone who lacks common-sense.

Low skill / Low knowledge.
AKA newbs

1 - Medium skill / Low knowledge.
2 - Low skill / Medium knowledge.
AKA most pub players

Good Player:
1 - Medium skill / Medium knowledge
AKA most pickup players
2 - Good skill / Medium knowledge.
AKA players who get picked
3 - Medium skill / Good knowledge
AKA players who get picked

Great Player:
Great Skill / Good knowledge.
AKA most of high level chasers/home D
Good Skill/ High knowledge.
AKA Fettuccine and....
Medium skill / High knowledge
AKA Thorin and Darkforce(they don't possess a high killing ability)

Elite Player:
Great skill / High knowledge
AKA about ~7 players(non, dutch, elixir, anemix, opsayo, chump, whoever)
cheats make it hard to actually gauge certain players that might have reached this level. basically, if you have a dark cloud above your name or have been caught cheating in the can't get in. Those of you who believe any of the above listed players are cheaters, are most likely the type of people who will cheat themselves.

There are a few players types that I left out. Mainly because they are pretty rare...such as:
Great skill / medium knowledge.
AKA onslaught

The only way to obtain high knowledge is by experience. With experience you will find yourself playing above these simple guidelines.
There is a lot more to LT than what I've said in this guideline. But typing out all of that out would just lead to confusion.
So I will leave it up to you to learn the rest.

With all of that said...good luck
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2 - 09-10-2011, 17:31
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Great post. Thanks for dropping knowledges.
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3 - 09-10-2011, 17:33
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4 - 09-10-2011, 17:45
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how to tribe

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5 - 09-10-2011, 17:53
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i am king
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6 - 09-10-2011, 19:39
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what happen to darkforce?
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7 - 09-10-2011, 19:52
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he out living life on raft at beer floatopia events

he warp there instead of drive

i think main point in stork guide are this:

capper - u have 2 camp
LO - u have 2 camp; u have 2 kill escort
home D - do not chase
chase - c00k a$$e$ max temperature
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8 - 09-10-2011, 19:56
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also dont cheat
and call for pass like a bossdogg.
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9 - 09-10-2011, 20:17
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\hey guys
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10 - 09-10-2011, 20:19
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Originally Posted by opsayo View Post
he out living life on raft at beer floatopia events

he warp there instead of drive

chase - c00k a$$e$ max temperature
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11 - 09-11-2011, 11:25
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12 - 09-11-2011, 12:46
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Stork, can you write a 'How To Play T2 Classic' now please?

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13 - 09-11-2011, 14:25
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Guide: How To Play T2 Classic

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14 - 09-11-2011, 14:44
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set satchel pack on flag stand

wait for enemy capper to grab


win games
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15 - 09-11-2011, 15:29
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16 - 09-11-2011, 17:23
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wow good guide

and no mention of netset or happymod


i approv of this guide

this how tribe should b

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17 - 09-12-2011, 05:06
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lol my post make me laugh when i re-read
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18 - 09-12-2011, 06:16
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great poop/medium nachos
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19 - 09-12-2011, 09:08
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i am dissapoint i did not make list stork

great skill + great knowledge + great disc ##

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20 - 09-12-2011, 12:38
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over and out.
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