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41 - 06-20-2008, 03:22
Let me preface this little rant with this: I love the game, but I am starting to get pissed. I have been disconnected from the sever at least 2-3 times per hour the last 2 days. When I reconnect I can't use stairs or bridges or talk to people, and sometimes end up falling through the world and have to relogin. Usually I end up half a zone a way on top of a boss, which is just my luck. I also can't have a map for more than, what seems like, 30 minutes at a time. It turns into a gray blob and zoning sometimes helps. I've also ran into a total of three quest chains that were completely borked. And lastly I am tired of getting "out of memory" error crashes randomly for no reason when I have plenty of RAM.

This is all on top of being banned for a week and then getting this as a response:


I apologize for this, I have unbanned your account. We have a system
that automatically bans goldfarmer/spammer accounts and it seems that
your account was one of the few that we accidentally tagged and banned.
I am very sorry for this but you should be able to login and play now!

If you wish to reply to this again please do so but leave the subject
line the same.
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42 - 06-20-2008, 03:45
Im enjoying the game more now then I did before,
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43 - 06-20-2008, 04:26
Me too, even if our tank is a little lacking the dungeons can be a lot of fun.
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44 - 06-20-2008, 13:44
This game is too much fun. I put in another gig of ram last night and cant believe the difference.
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45 - 06-22-2008, 12:23
I got to level 80 as a ToS. I canceled my account the evening before they were going to charge me for my second month of play and am waiting for them to add at least a PvP system. I got to 80 via powerleveling from my guildies in 3 days 16 hours playtime. I also got a Bear Shaman PLed to 60 and a Ranger to 51. It was ridiculously easy to level in that game which was a good thing. However at 80 all I could do was run around and kill lowbies, or fight 80's on top of resurrection points.

Game isn't exactly awful, it just isn't that good yet. PvP for the most part was enjoyable, however getting one shot by classes is completely retarded. Having no ability to react is what ruined the game for me and killed the only part I liked. Being a ToS I was targeted first in PvP and Assassins and Barbarians both could one shot me very easily.

There really are a vast array of bugs at the moment as well. I understand it is a new MMO and an extraordinary amount of bugs is accepted, however I have come to hate the status quote of this this industry and basically won't be taking part in it. I will reactivate when it feels more like a game that required me to spend $1300 on a new comp and less like a flash game.

P.S. I dont regret buying my new computer like the topic starter. It ****ing rocks. Ran Conan like cake. Was the first computer I put together on my own so I learned some **** and I should be able to play all games at max for hopefully the next year and half to two years. Only thing that sucks is the next game I am looking forward to that will test the rig doesn't come til August if not later.
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