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The Magical Zoo 01-17-2018 16:53

When was Tribes most exciting for you
IMO when you lose base on RD, have to cluster, and end up winning

~dickschnitzel~ 01-17-2018 17:05

When teams are properly balanced and everyone is trying their best, and match lasts a very long time. At that point you're having so much fun you don't even care about score / winning.

Or when you're playing arena on big maps and everyone uses disc/plasma/nade and you're o sniping everyone from half a map away. people rage so hard it's wonderful. bonus points if you're listening to them on voip. hello shadoh & mich

The Magical Zoo 01-17-2018 17:41

yeah from a macro perspective a really great pickup game with mid-high and high level players on both sides was fun as ****. i miss those a lot.

i also miss o-sniping but i can't say it was the most thrilling. most funny, maybe. another funny 1999 when i was 11 i'd load up HPCs on scara and fly them way oob :(

Groove 01-17-2018 17:45

HO'ing into enemy base and finding un-deployed turrents

u had to drop ur pack quick and dep it and that left u vulnerable but if u got it u were king for o-turreting their base

jjwtay 01-17-2018 18:49

3-5 seconds before map starts.

The Magical Zoo 01-17-2018 18:59


bia bia vet
TeamWarfare Vet
10-26-2006 08:01 AM / profile
I recieved this last night from a credible source who told me to keep his identity a secret. Just read for yourself

> hey are u there?
> ive been doing a lot of thinking lately and have realized that the people i play tribes with are real tools
> i wish it was like the old days where i used to mess around with guys like jj and you and just have fun
> so i wrote up this thing that will really get the guys i have played with for awhile in trouble
> if you can post this on TWL but please, please, please keep my identity hidden
> this should be enough proof to stir up some trouble
> After thinking about it for a long time I felt the need to let the truth be known. For a long time Pennywise, you have been accusing many of the top players in LT of cheating and for the most part you have been laughed at and mocked for it. Let it be known now that your suspicions were all correct and all you lacked is the proof. I intend to give you the proof that you have need to reinstate stability into the community.
> About 6-7 months ago while on the team Texas Rangers ' * ', the now inactive player RaZorStone developed a script that improved chaingun accuracy incredibly. The script functioned in such a manner that it would be deadly accurate regardless of the players ping. The script is toggle based so a player can turn it on or off while playing. This toggle has made it difficult to determine whether or not someone is cheating because their chain
> Not surprisingly that pact that was made by the members of the Texas Rangers was soon broken. Different teams were formed by former members of Texas Rangers and many of them strived to be #1 on the TWL ladder. To gain an extra competitive edge the script was given to a select few members of the community. I can not exactly pin point all that use it but I guarantee you that carn0va, CruelVenom, IceHawk, and Chump use this script to improve chain

He also wanted me to post that he was sorry. Hopefully this sheds some light on the subject.

lemontw 01-17-2018 19:32

28.8 modem

p166 with 24mb ram

I got like 3 fps on low settings

good times

jgrange 01-17-2018 19:38


Originally Posted by lemontw (Post 18885341)
28.8 modem

p166 with 24mb ram

I got like 3 fps on low settings

good times

Haha, I had a 33k modem but, yeah, similar. Game somehow ran though. :shrug:

bugs_ 01-17-2018 20:26

In 2008 oldman asked me if we could implement some anti cheat on sh-thole. at first we were logging only and not kicking. in the bugs_ tribes lab several new tests were developed and evaluated. many were discarded because of false positives. a few very nice tests survived and we were logging away.


and nobody knew

then someone screwed nofix and publicly released his bypass. he asked if we could start kicking for it - sure thing.

Laughing-Stork 01-17-2018 20:33

i would love to see THE LIST

Groove 01-18-2018 01:20

bugs_ helped me find a rootkit on my system cuz of his lasthope scans

thx brolie

gim 01-18-2018 05:06

eat icecream bbz

Deceptikon 01-18-2018 11:10

guys razs super secret chain script just set interp to 0 when chaining and I made it using my mighty hacking skills by converting a fov chain toggle script

plz dont send tribal police after me

lemontw 01-18-2018 23:23


Originally Posted by Groove (Post 18885557)
bugs_ helped me find a rootkit on my system cuz of his lasthope scans

thx brolie

lol that ranks right up there with


Groove 01-18-2018 23:44


Originally Posted by lemontw (Post 18886288)
lol that ranks right up there with


im sure ive told the full story before, but bugs_ told me i was failing a certain lasthope scan. i wasn't cheating so it seemed odd. i downloaded plasmatics basic install and re-joined and asked bugs_ if i was still failing the scan - answer was yes.

i tried like 10 different configs and failed scans with all of them. knowing for sure that i wasn't cheating, i had to look at different reasons for failing a scan - like something in my system hooking .dlls

didn't find anything until i ran an anti-rootkit tool from a bootable disc - and it found a rootkit

removed rootkit, re-joined the server and passed the lasthope scans with the same configs

there was no other evidence on my system of the rootkit, no unusual activity no anti-virus popups - so im quite grateful to bugs_ for helping me troubleshoot it and bringing my attention to it. who knows how long i would have gone on infected without knowing.

if i wanted to pass lasthope scans i could have, someone even gave me a chunk of code to make it easier :wink: :wink: :nudge: :nudge: :you:

hyung 01-18-2018 23:47

i didn't get a chance to play much competitively, so the draft tournaments and stacked pickup nights were tons of fun.

clu 01-19-2018 00:54

before PU reindeer games. PUs are fun i guess if you like someone telling you what position to play and don't mind voyeurism lub yoo guys but thanks and no thanks

edit-groove click the winamp icon

Fettuccine 01-19-2018 00:57

anni mod timez

and hehe magical zoo i wonder who leaked that info to pennywise

PacinKo 01-19-2018 01:58

Every time I log on broski

Dutch 01-21-2018 07:28

the top renegades matches when every team hated each other couldnt be replicated, i think the only one still on tw who can talk to it is dibs..

but i also had amazing times with my teams in base and lt after that heheh

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