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JuggerNaught 11-07-2017 21:54

Learning Guitar
I've been wanting to learn to play guitar for a while, but don't really know where to start. Some say to start with an acoustic to get the proper technique down, some say if you want to play electric, then learn on electric.

I believe there are a few players in here. Was it hard? What do you suggest for a starter guitar. I don't want to buy something that is way overkill for a beginner, but i also don't want to buy something thats junk. Should i maybe hit the local pawn shops and see what they have to offer before laying out any real money on something?

jjwtay 11-07-2017 21:59

Midlife crisis?

JuggerNaught 11-07-2017 22:02

No..just always wanted to learn. My uncle is a really good player, self taught, i have a lot of friends that play. I'd just like to give it a shot

T-Dawg 11-07-2017 22:02

Play Salieri

coombz 11-07-2017 22:03

stick to what you're good at

i.e. nothing

Ixiterra 11-07-2017 22:06

electric guitars are a hell of a lot more forgiving on your fingers and of mistakes (at least with distortion lol)

you really should learn on an acoustic so that you don't pick up bad habits, plus it's a lot more portable. also be sure to get a tuner.

Groove 11-07-2017 22:11

did juggs read that article about how learning instruments when ur old can help prevent dementia

Brasstax 11-07-2017 22:13

Go get an electric guitar - cheap whatever.
Get a Pocket Rockit (Mini headphone amp + effects).
Learn to string + tune
Rock the ****er.
If you feel like you are getting it - add more/better ****.
Have fun

Ztir 11-07-2017 22:14

justinguitar on youtube has a great youtube series that teaches you pretty much everything you need to know about starting out

good luck, dont give up and u can learn to play

EyeZ 11-07-2017 22:15

Don't buy a tuner, there are tons of apps for a smartphone that work just fine. I started on acoustic first, and then messed around on an electric; the difference was like taking off leg weights you've had on for a year. The songs I started learning first were "Aerials" by System of a Down, and "wish you were here" from Pink Floyd. Easy enough to pick up and satisfying when you can make it thru the whole song.

Biggest suggestions i can offer:
*slow and accurate = fast and accurate. practice things slowed way down until you can actually make it thru the song.
*make sure to start off with PROPER finger and wrist placement when depressing the strings. learning guitar the wrong way is a shortcut to arthritis and tendon damage, especially if you're older. Getting used to playing sloppy is something you will take years trying to get rid of.

Ztir 11-07-2017 22:17

also i say buy the nicest thing u can afford

dont get a piece of **** guitar cuz u will never want to play it. you will want to play a nice guitar tho. if you stick with it (which you want to if you actually want to play good enough to impress yourself) then you just added nice guitar to your eventual growing collection of them

Ztir 11-07-2017 22:17

i am of the mindset of get whatever guitar lends itself to the kind of music you enjoy and try to play, dont get an accoustic because everyone says u need to

JuggerNaught 11-07-2017 22:41

Would you say that learning to read music is super important?

SuicideSnowman 11-07-2017 22:50

You don't want something super expensive to start, but you also don't want a piece of **** because staying motivated as a beginner is hard enough that you don't want to be fighting with the instrument.

Ztir 11-07-2017 22:50

Learning music theory is important but reading sheet music isn't super important until you get to a pretty intermediate/advanced level

Even then unless you want to play jazz or something it's not super essential. I would recommend learning to read real music over tabs tho

Brasstax 11-07-2017 22:50

No. But - learning tab can help. Can you play anything else? Besides pocket pool?

Elvis Hitler 11-07-2017 22:51

Just play Guitar Hero

Ztir 11-07-2017 22:52

Just watch a YouTube video on how to play something it's way better than using tabs

JuggerNaught 11-07-2017 22:52

skin flute?

I am an accomplished air drummer

motoxbudd 11-07-2017 22:52

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