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F [a] C E 10-10-2017 20:06

Too cheap to throw down thirty big ones on Midair EA?
It's equivalent to, idk, three cups of coffee or something... But fear not! I have a big juicy $0 steam key waiting for you. Since you're **** poor, you probably have tons and tons of free time with which to play the game, which is good because there is a catch!

Catch: Promise to redeem and share your own 10-hour promotional key after you use mine.

F [a] C E 10-12-2017 22:09

Well, I did think it would be hilarious if no one was interested... So at least there's that. :)

~dickschnitzel~ 10-13-2017 19:08


Groove 10-13-2017 21:56

very nice of you to offer it here, i dont think this subforum gets much traffic.

i thought of trying to claim it for a friend but ive given out like 3-4 keys so far and no one has played 10 hrs so i couldn't promise anything

looks like it went quick once you posted it on reddit tho so it's all good :)

earthinhabitant 10-17-2017 12:42

still not sure, how they sell the game, when it is not even close to being finished, as pay to play beta and you would think they would have been in here, offering everyone opportunity to play for free and help them get the bugs worked out and feedback...

If there is going to be a midair party, how about a soft release to the tribes community, without any cover charge or door fee for key..

if they want the game to attract players, they need VIP's on the scene imo.

Like when Red Foxx was playing at poker table in Vegas...good for business and draw in players wanting to play with Fred Sanford.

OP kudos for thread


Plasmatic 11-10-2017 01:22

~dickschnitzel~ 11-10-2017 07:10


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