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Plasmatic 09-29-2017 12:35

What's your alcoholic outlet?

SuperTrap 09-29-2017 12:39

Mostly the grocery store. Sometimes I go to the liquor store but not often.

TheVoiceOfReason 09-29-2017 13:29

I was sipping on whistlepig rye with a splash last night.

sehvi 09-29-2017 13:34

Been sober for a year and two weeks now. :heart:

Plasmatic 09-29-2017 15:32

I thought you were a quitter. Gotta power through that **** man!

Rev_Night 09-29-2017 16:01

Cheap good: Monkey Shoulder
Quality good: Blantons
With ice or soda: Jim bean black, or Gentlemen Jack
Every 6 months: Used to be JW Blue handle, but va abc store jacked the price up $100. So now its Middelton

cael 09-29-2017 16:16

dark n stormies

MadHatSam 09-29-2017 16:25

beer mostly

sometimes bourbon

coombz 09-29-2017 16:36

I don't drink, alcohol is a **** drug and turns people (me especially) into ****s

smoke weed every day :bandit:

Veniggs 09-29-2017 17:45


Originally Posted by sehvi (Post 18834318)
Been sober for a year and two weeks now. :heart:

another commie substance abuser :lol:

mjoe 09-29-2017 17:51

i think 30 years from now, people will see drinking alcohol like playing with mercury

samUwell 09-29-2017 17:51

No comment.

Reggs 09-29-2017 17:58


Originally Posted by sehvi (Post 18834318)
Been sober for a year and two weeks now. :heart:

Good practice for when the sharia patrols start coming to your neighborhood, you low T beta male dip****.

Reggs 09-29-2017 18:01

I mixed whisky with Crystal Pepsi. It was fine. I almost only drink wine when I drink now.

I don't drink nearly as much as I use to. No particular reasons. Being drunk just stopped being as "fun" as it use to be.

That said, every once in a while it's really nice. Mostly after a day of a lot of physical activity, like leg day or after a good day of fighting. It's nice to get home all sore and slowly drink.

Fool 09-29-2017 18:02

titos and soda

Semantik 09-29-2017 18:30

beer mostly.

sometimes crown and coke

GreyGhost 09-29-2017 18:36


Groove 09-29-2017 18:40

it occurred to me a few days ago that i haven't been drunk in about a decade

which is good because apparently i finally followed through with my yearly 'omg why did i drink so much, one day i'll learn my lesson' pledge that was usually spoken while hanging my head over a hurl-filled toilet bowl

SuperTrap 09-29-2017 18:44

I don't know how old you are but there is a age that comes where getting drunk is just too brutal.

When I was a kid I would work 12 hours, drink for 6, sleep 6 and go to work.. Every day I did that. Now it takes me 3 days to get over a good drunk

jjwtay 09-29-2017 18:48

Ya right I know for a fact Groove likes to mix nyquil with bourbon and sudafed then get weird with it almost every night.

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