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clu 09-28-2017 16:28

monsanto dumped toxic waste into missouri
I always wondered why there was a bit of Monsanto hate.... this explains it for me. They paid to have some stooge dump toxic waste while asphalting a street so the town was evacuated... pretty sobering stuff. maybe everyone already knows the story. the more you knew

Flash 09-28-2017 16:29

Don't live in Missouri, don't care.

Fool 09-28-2017 16:33

It does explain Missouri though

TheVoiceOfReason 09-28-2017 16:42

This is why environmental terrorists should target corporate executives instead of logging camps or car lots.

BeLiaL 09-28-2017 16:49

fake news

Danno 09-28-2017 19:04

Hey hey! Move along and talk about whatever it is the media is boasting about now... coaches providing strippers to players? Or some faggy NFL crisis? Nobody cares about people dumping toxic waste under our feet. I care about our flag damnit!

Pagy 09-28-2017 19:10


Originally Posted by Flash (Post 18833868)
Don't live in Missouri, don't care.

T-Dawg 09-28-2017 19:10

I spent four whole minutes looking for a **** to give, but I canna find a single one.

Lord Elessar 09-28-2017 20:31

Thanks Obama

Brasstax 09-28-2017 22:18

You can rearrange the letters in Missouri to spell Monsanto*


NightTrain 09-29-2017 09:00

They shouldnt be in the SEC

arsin 10-05-2017 06:23


Originally Posted by Flash (Post 18833868)
Don't live in Missouri, don't care.

That's that spirit of individualism and short sighted narcism which facilitates people being taken advantage of.

You're probably a lousy citizen. Have a nice day ****head.

KittyCat 10-05-2017 09:31

Jomo lives there so nobody cares lol

blackpeople 10-05-2017 14:23

jomo is the stooge they hire to "dump" in the waterways of missouri

TW_Dagger 10-05-2017 14:24

Look into the **** that Tyson got away with in Missouri if you think that's bad.

Or even the ****ing MDC.

WarBuddha 10-05-2017 20:16


Originally Posted by NightTrain (Post 18834206)
They shouldnt be in the SEC



StapleMammal1 10-06-2017 20:26


10 h 46 min (710 miles)
via I-55 S
Fastest route now due to traffic conditions
This route has tolls.
Your destination is in a different time zone.
Yeah **** that place.

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