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DC. 07-08-2017 16:54

who all is playing this game??
what is the scene like??? how many unique players we got playing on a weekly basis???

any older players from base ctf playing???? wat about the arena or duel scene??

TypicallyTerrible 07-08-2017 21:53

T1 has a healthier pub scene, though Midair has daily PUGs. Roughly 1k have access to the game at the moment I think, though I'd say less than 100 actually play it.

DC. 07-09-2017 12:19

ugh 100, really??? do you anticipate it growing when it's officially released?? or does everyone who wants to play already have easy enough access to it?? i guess they will market it more on steam when it's officially released? what is ur opinion on this? what do you think is the player base growth potential of actual active players?

thanks for the response

TypicallyTerrible 07-09-2017 15:49


DC. 07-12-2017 22:14

why did you delete your post?? i thot it was helpful. thank you any way

[Golbez-RG-] 09-08-2017 03:48

I discovered this game today from PC Gamer and have been playing all night. I'm hooked.

TypicallyTerrible 09-08-2017 16:33

I'd say the pub scenes are now about equal now that the game is on Steam. T1 still has a slight edge with its RPG servers, though.

DC. 09-08-2017 20:32

i remember my brother used to order pc gamer magazine to our house when we were little kids hhehe, but iam glad u r enjoying the game :)

typicallyterrible, thats terrible!! t1 probably has very few #s!!! not good i would like to see where we are 6 months from now

here is the link:

The jetpack FPS is back (again) with Midair | PC Gamer

-A- ...Lost? 09-09-2017 00:20

im playing it and really enjoying the new maps and feel of it for such an early iteration.

Exodus 09-09-2017 02:56

snot me :d

DC. 09-09-2017 23:01

when you say early iteration u think it will change much from where it is now??

-A- ...Lost? 09-11-2017 18:04

I tell ya it's definitely got strong roots in early tribes. I forgot how renagaydes we had gotten. I'm enjoying turret farming again! And flag blocking and chasing. Skiing took a half day to adjust to. Heavy assault isn't too easy without teamwork. It's. A great start

Tequn-Rijar 11-12-2017 05:23


Originally Posted by DC. (Post 18794586)
why did you delete your post?? i thot it was helpful. thank you any way

He didn't want to get banned.

earthinhabitant 11-12-2017 13:00


Originally Posted by Tequn-Rijar (Post 18855874)
He didn't want to get banned.


ColBlair 11-14-2017 18:20

Really enjoying it - have made a few highlight videos of a base tournament that we played about a month ago

DC. 12-09-2017 23:10

wats the player count like at peak times???

TypicallyTerrible 12-10-2017 00:46


Not joking or poking fun at it. PUGs are really the only thing happening, and they're 5v5. Wait for open beta.

ColBlair 12-10-2017 20:47

Depends on your region... we had 20 players pubbing base ctf last night in Australia/NZ region.

jgrange 12-31-2017 00:53

Signed on, saw 1 person logged into a server, and he was AFK. Dead game.

xclusive 01-01-2018 03:49

Getting involved on Midair's Discord will land you some slots in pugs. Aside from that, games start up in the evening hours occasionally - eastern time.

I am still waiting on my mfkin keychain though "as promised by Archetype"

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