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DocHolliday 06-21-2017 02:00

Anyone still play?
Got bored of my other games and logged in to check things out. After selling some **** I had in E1F-LK from many moons ago I decided to buy a few ships and re-learn the game. Remembering there isn't much money to be had in empire and found out they made probes easy mode now. Wtf is that. In 60 seconds I found a drone nest and a wormhole. Jumped into the wormhole and found a couple gas clouds. Is it that easy finding ships too?

Anyway if anyone from FREE still plays where are you doing it up? I need to get in some plexes to build up the bank account and then start fitting some roaming ships. I fly Mimatar T2's. Miss my Vaga and Huginn.

Noremac 08-30-2017 19:29

it's me Bayer!!! I know warning soul still plays and mindblow. aside from that i think everyone else is donski.

Vlasic 01-12-2018 10:59

i still play

Brontez 01-16-2018 15:28

I just got back to playing but I'm mostly carebearing around Jita and Amaar o_O

Brugan Brontez

[N]PRIME189 01-29-2018 02:06

still play with Zimi, i use Barry CUda's old account ;o

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