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Fonix 10-20-2003 11:35

Okay, sanding it was the dumbest thing Ive ever heard of, there is no way to fix it, only make it more bearable, which you might be able to do with a BLACK polish not white (someone said toothpaste before) white polish is for things you look at, but when your looking through something you want a black polish.
Btw I have a 21'' Sony Trinitron too, (sony 520GS) and I got the same thing when my housekeeping cleaned my monitor with windex...

KGB_ate_myBread 10-20-2003 11:37


how about you give me your monitor for free, now that you've ****ed it up so royally.

D-Sect 10-20-2003 11:48

Rofl - I feel for dude because I once shot a TV with a bb gun and chipped the glass, at which point I had to sand it down to remove the chip and then polish it with 3 different types of compounds to get it glossy again..

rofl - he would be fine w/ sandpaper as long as you know that you'll need to go through about 8 different grits to 2000 wet and then polish with different 3 grits of rouge or polishing compound.

I'm not sure why he thought he could do it with one type of sandpaper.. I'd say that's his fault for doing that.

plus - the monitor has that purple optical coating that you can't get back & it has a slighly rough surface to reduce glare so he's ****ed as in it will never look the same.. never/.

shootz it with weapons!

triple 10-20-2003 12:14

Just destroy the monitor. It's ****ed for life now. Blow it up or something and record it on video for the interweb to see..

triple 10-20-2003 12:15

btw - if you REALLY want to get the scratches out, the only solution is to jump off a cliff. That's right, jump off a cliff. You won't die. I promise.

Baby Bew 10-20-2003 12:48

:rofl: This thread is awesome!

Vampire 10-20-2003 12:53

well ****, title change is 5k and I only got 1k :p

DaNGr 10-20-2003 13:01


That will stick to you like glue if you ever post again.

Vampire 10-20-2003 13:02

know this from experience DaNGr?

trop 10-20-2003 13:09

what the ****?

JerryGarcia 10-20-2003 13:10


Originally Posted by Trop
what the ****?


Fancy Cat 10-20-2003 13:19


Originally Posted by Trop
what the ****?

:lol: hi5

Vampire 10-20-2003 13:22


Originally Posted by Trop
what the ****?

:bigthumb: you are the light of hope for members everywhere

..well at least until you make a stupid post and we hate you for life :p

Thresh 10-20-2003 13:25


Originally Posted by Ares
I just keep getting this picture of him taking 40 grit sandpaper to it

i don't think 2000 grit would even help...


KGB_ate_myBread 10-20-2003 13:36

something tells me this guy won't be posting for awhile..

TySoft 10-20-2003 15:19


=NEEC= Tummy 10-20-2003 15:31

:rofl: ****ing sandpaper :rofl:

D-Sect 10-20-2003 15:39

ps - if u need to fix yer stuff here is some good info here:

finalheaven 10-20-2003 16:06

Apparently i was an idiot for trying to use sandpaper but i am guessing like someone else suggested here, it can work. Just takes more then one sandpaper? and an another way to do it.

As for beliving you idiots on tw that is completely my fault i guess, which also makes me an idiot. I guess i was just hoping it would work. BTW the scratch i tried to get rid of first using the sand paper was minimal so my screen is still fine. Just a blob on the lower left side that is bothering me.

Anyways once again though, thanks tw...

nolt 10-20-2003 16:08


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