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Slash 05-28-2001 22:15

Intager, you have to use the vbcode "[img]" instead of an html link, won't work otherwise.

Sepultura 05-28-2001 22:28

*bump* all ur base r beling 2 us HAHAhhhahha

FireStorm! 05-28-2001 22:30

ROFL sep ROFLrofl lmao SEPul;tura
awesome joke, Rating : 5 owns
lol sep


Sepultura 05-28-2001 22:30


05-28-2001 22:30

All your base are belong to us!

ROLF I cant get Enuff!!!!

FireStorm! 05-28-2001 22:31

everytime i say it, IT S FUNNIER

all your base are belong to us :lol:


mjoe 05-28-2001 22:56

Hahahha this is soooo cool! :rofl:

AAAHhahhahahhahahhahahha heheheh ehhehe

All your base are belong to us!!!
All your b4se ar3 b3l0ng t0 us!!!
411 y0ur b4s3 4r3 b310ng t0 us!!!

AHHahhahhahh, this is the first time i have ever seen it


Its just so funny i cant stop laughing ahahah ahhahh ahhahhh HAHAHhHAHHAHh HAHa HA AHA


heheh hohh o hhehahahha ahheh ahasd fjlk

Slash 05-28-2001 23:27

WTF, it got BUMPED again!!!

mjoe 05-28-2001 23:34

hahahahahaha have any of you guys seen the flaash animation? it soooooooooooooooooooooooo o hilarious. hahahh aha hahehhehe heh eh ehehe ehhe hohh hoh hh oh o hhheheheh ehh h hheheheh hhhahah hah h ha hah hahh hoo hoho he ho he hooo hhooo whooo wee!

:rofl::lol::rofl::lol::ro fl::lol:

allkaiser 05-29-2001 01:06

Yup, I'm pretty sure most people here have seen the Flash. And if not, then the link is here:

Also, you're all invited to the boards, which may or may not be moved, depending on if the admin ever figures out they're in use again!

Everyone, come, live AYB, be one with the base, you ARE THE BASE!!

|eX|DarkOmen 05-29-2001 01:21

all your base are belong to :ralf:

dork100 05-29-2001 03:20

<a href="">ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US!!!</a>

dork100 05-29-2001 03:21


dork100 05-29-2001 03:22

<img src="">

Stachka2101 05-29-2001 16:00

Stachka2101 05-29-2001 16:02

One other thing:

Did Pearl Harbor suck or what?

T!gger 05-29-2001 16:03


Originally posted by Stachka2101
Hey thats actually pretty good...

Stachka2101 05-29-2001 16:03

Pearl Harbor: it sucked. -->

.5 hour into it: :disgust:

1 hour into it: :ugh:

1.5 hours into it: :mofo:

Stachka2101 05-29-2001 16:04

2 hours into it: :zzz:

2.5 hours into it: :cry:

3 hours into it: :stab:

It finally ends: :D

(oh, also: every time Alec Baldwin delivered a line: :rofl: He pulled a Leslie Nielsen with the overacting)

Stachka2101 05-29-2001 16:10


Originally posted by T!gger

Hey thats actually pretty good...
What d'you mean, "actually?"

Just kiddin'. Thanks!

Tribal Imperialist 05-29-2001 18:52

I will be pissed if the silicon thread gets more replies than this, BUMPAGE

187eagle 05-29-2001 19:16

Bomba 05-29-2001 19:32

This thread doesn't have pics of hot girls so plz go bump the 2 girl threads and let this one die.

mjoe 05-29-2001 19:34

Fraggy Poo 05-29-2001 19:39

All your energy are belong to Big Oil.

Snipes 05-29-2001 19:41


filsinger 05-29-2001 20:24

All your pie belong to 3.14

Mandarb[TKB] 05-30-2001 15:37

<FONT face="verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif" size="2" ><font color="yellow"><font size="10">H0W R U G3N+3LM3N, 4LL UR B!G 455 L3+T3R5 R BlONG 2 M3.</font></font></font>

lightfeather 05-30-2001 15:45

<img src=>

T!gger 05-30-2001 15:48

This is a house of :spam:

allkaiser 05-30-2001 18:18

Indeed... spam indeed...

scrummy757 05-30-2001 22:49

<img src="">
more photoshop pics on website

-Muttly- 05-31-2001 00:00

Check it!

All your base are belong to us = Eure ganze basis sind gehõren uns! (in german)

[MG]IceTT 06-01-2001 15:05


Rapscallion Jones 06-01-2001 15:12


Rapscallion Jones 06-01-2001 15:13

All Your Hottest Chick Alive Are Belong To Us

Rapscallion Jones 06-01-2001 15:19

tired, old internet jokes must live on!

womby 06-02-2001 08:09

<img src="">
Voyager spacecraft in 1977 - Proof of coverup for over 24 years!

subvert 06-02-2001 10:01


no more of that

go away

nigafool 06-02-2001 11:15

You had to bump this? ******.

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