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Banshee 12-17-2000 03:46

Kurayami 12-17-2000 03:57

<img src="">

How's that? :D

(lots of thanks to Brain Virus/Eric Paulson. That wouldn't have worked at all without his help :D)

Kurayami 12-17-2000 03:59

<img src="">

TreW_SoulJa 12-17-2000 04:00

trepanation 12-17-2000 04:08

<img src ="">


Bad_CRC 12-17-2000 04:08


Fidelio 12-17-2000 04:09
<p align="right"><a href="" ******** new ><font size="+0.5">Miles O'</font></a><font face="Courier New, Courier, mono" size="+2" color="#999999"><b><font size="+1">F<b><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"></font></b>deli</font></b><font size="2" face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><font size="+3"></font></font><font color="#999999"><b><font size="2" face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><a href="mailto:milesofideli"></a></font></b></font></font><img src=""></p>

-Jofiss- 12-17-2000 04:30


Bad_CRC 12-17-2000 04:34

Kurayami 12-17-2000 04:48

<img src="">

Kurayami 12-17-2000 04:48

<img src="">

Heh heh.
I think I'm done for the night :D

Mine would be a hell of a lot cleaner if it wasn't 4AM.

Anyone want my h_foe.bmp? :D

-Jofiss- 12-17-2000 04:49

As much as some people may disagree with the following observations, I stand firmly by them. To organize my discussion, I suggest that we take one step back in the causal chain and raise the quality of debate on issues surrounding "All Your Base Are Belong To Us's" malignant odious sentiments. Factionalism doesn't work. So why does "All Your Base Are Belong To Us" cling to it? I've never really gotten a clear and honest answer to that question from "All Your Base Are Belong To Us". But what is clear is that it teaches workshops on classism. Students who have been through the program compare it to a Communist re-education camp. But I digress. At no time in the past did the most witless freaks I've ever seen shamble through the streets of cities, demanding rights they imagine some supernatural power has bestowed upon them. Where are the solid statistics that prove that all minorities are poor, stupid ghetto trash? I've never seen any. Yet, it takes more than a mass of unsophisticated ne'er-do-wells to act honorably. It takes a great many thoughtful and semi-thoughtful people who are willing to do what needs to be done.

While there's no use crying over spilled milk, "All Your Base Are Belong To Us" drones are unified under a common goal. That goal is to show us a gross miscarriage of common judgement. "All Your Base Are Belong To Us" insists that we should all bear the brunt of its actions. Sorry, "All Your Base Are Belong To Us", but -- with apologies to Gershwin -- "it ain't necessarily so." Think of "All Your Base Are Belong To Us's" snow jobs as being the sum of two components: a primitive component that consists of "All Your Base Are Belong To Us's" desire to create widespread psychological suffering and a voluble component that consists of everything else. We are concerned primarily with the former. "All Your Base Are Belong To Us's" witticisms are geared toward the continuation of social stratification under the rubric of "tradition." Funny, that was the same term that its forces once used to respond to this letter with hyperbolic and uncorroborated accusations and assaults on free speech.

Whether or not All Your Base Are Belong To Us should mobilize support for the special interests that dominate state and private activity ought to be a simple question, far beyond the realm of debate. However, I must ask that its apostles answer the unbalanced mendicants who reap a harvest of death. I know they'll never do that, so here's an alternate proposal: They should, at the very least, back off and quit trying to harvest what others have sown. Already, some biased yobbos have begun to perpetuate the myth that my bitterness at All Your Base Are Belong To Us is merely the latent projection of libidinal energy stemming from self-induced anguish, and with terrifying and tragic results. What bait-and-switch tactics will follow from their camp is anyone's guess. Should we sit back and let All Your Base Are Belong To Us use psychological tools to trick us into doing whatever disgusting blowhards require of us, or should we debunk the nonsense spouted by its collaborators? That choice sure sounds like a no-brainer to me.

Whatever else may be the case, it is certain that we have a right and an obligation to shelter initially unpopular truths from suppression, enabling them to ultimately win out through competition in the marketplace of ideas. But you knew that already. So let me add that my love for people necessitates that I convince the government to clamp down hard on All Your Base Are Belong To Us's communications. Yes, I face opposition from All Your Base Are Belong To Us. However, this is not a reason to quit but to strive harder. Many of us do not wish to live within All Your Base Are Belong To Us's walls of cynicism. That shouldn't surprise you when you consider that its intent is to prevent us from asking questions. All Your Base Are Belong To Us doesn't want the details checked. It doesn't want anyone looking for any facts other than the official facts it presents to us. I wonder if this is because most of its "facts" are false.

Never before have I encountered more bloatedly self-important prose than that which All Your Base Are Belong To Us produces. All Your Base Are Belong To Us says it's going to assuage the hungers of its functionaries with servings of fresh scapegoats in a lustrum or two. Good old All Your Base Are Belong To Us. It just loves to open its mouth and let all kinds of things come out without listening to how foul they sound. All Your Base Are Belong To Us thinks we want it to parlay personal and political conspiracy theories into a multimillion-dollar financial empire. Excuse me, but maybe it wants to hurt others physically or emotionally. What does it think it is? I mean, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to detect the subtext of this letter. But just in case it's too subliminal for some, let me thrust it into your face right here: It keeps saying that censorship could benefit us. For some reason, All Your Base Are Belong To Us's devotees actually believe this nonsense. It's a pity that two thousand years after Christ, the voices of heinous practitioners of priggism like All Your Base Are Belong To Us can still be heard, worse still that they're listened to, and worst of all that any one believes them. Whereas All Your Base Are Belong To Us claims that it has been robbed of all it does not possess, I claim that its writings exhibit a disregard, not merely for style, but for the truth. (Actually, like much conventional wisdom, its practices contain too much convention and not enough wisdom, but that's not important now.) And that's what writing this sort of letter is all about. It's a way to complain about execrable enemies of the people.

Banshee 12-17-2000 04:58

a picture is worth a thousand words.

LogRoller 12-17-2000 04:59

This thread is a thing of beauty. You all own me with your visual comedic testaments.

Truly, I must bow down!

-Jofiss- 12-17-2000 05:08

w3rd. I just saved every pic in here, cause I'm scared people are gonna take them down and all this hard work be forever lost :D.

-Jofiss- 12-17-2000 05:27

one more, then I'm goin to bed :o


Bali 12-17-2000 05:34

Apo just made me throw up my beer.



CelticLegend 12-17-2000 05:46

Incredible thread... mAd PS skillz, CRC...

[VDI]Breaker 12-17-2000 05:48

Bad CRC , you should re-create this game in one of your flash-sig-games

Booster 12-17-2000 06:01


-Jofiss- 12-17-2000 06:04

hehe, still awake and check this out!

Also this and this. (Although the Something Awful forums seem to be down right now).

Buckle in folks, I smell I new fad rolling in, in the online geek community.


CelticLegend 12-17-2000 06:13

Bad_CRC 12-17-2000 06:21

ok, some of those were funny.

here are some ripped from those links:

-Jofiss- 12-17-2000 06:26

the [H]ard forum guys just slapped word bubbles on regular pics and wrote "all your base..." in there. Not as creative as us :/

still lookin through em all...

Chickenboo 12-17-2000 06:55

cepo 12-17-2000 08:08

OMG I'm near tears.. there is absolutely no logical reason this should be so funny! I swear, its not, really!

btw that Hard forum has only a couple good pics in 19 pages, and people over there bragging about how they spam in IRC channels is beyond lame.

Harlequin_Jester 12-17-2000 13:22

Stupid bad URLs.

Scavenger 12-17-2000 13:40

OMG lol. This is the funniest thread... :lol:

Bad_CRC 12-17-2000 13:41

Originally posted by Chickenboo


I didn't think it was possible to do that pic. excellent.

<br><font size="1" FACE="Verdana, Arial"><font color="#CFE8FF">
[This post was edited by: Bad_CRC on 12-17-2000 at 03:59 PM]</font></font>

Aleman 12-17-2000 15:24

<img src="">

12-17-2000 15:44

lol.. nice post Chikenboo! rolf!*(&(*#&

<img SRC="">

[VDI]Breaker 12-17-2000 15:48

Booster 12-17-2000 15:57

hehe.. hey, Chicky... what did they do after they caught u???



12-17-2000 16:10

There was no need for that picture to be posted twice:( Its pr0n!!!ahhhhhh.

technique 12-17-2000 16:42

12-17-2000 16:46

technique 12-17-2000 17:04

violent, ur wish is my command :D

Aleman 12-17-2000 17:08

<img src="">

Bali 12-17-2000 17:16

This one's good:

-Striker- 12-17-2000 17:16

Hola fak nido..., you didnt even edit.

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