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rastarocket01 12-17-2000 00:45

Word is that TsN is behind this whole caper...

NetHog 12-17-2000 00:58

changed html to vbCode

Banshee 12-17-2000 01:02


Originally posted by NetHog
Found a place that sales T-shirts , mugs ,etc:
<img src="">

im buying me a shirt, how bout you :D

Kelster 12-17-2000 01:09

<img src="">

Kelster 12-17-2000 01:24

<img src="">

Bad_CRC 12-17-2000 01:25

-Jofiss- 12-17-2000 01:28

GOOD GOD Tekniq don't ****ing post 7 megabyte bitmaps to a damn forum especially when they're hosted off some ass piece of **** server!!! Goddamn!

edit: ok fixed, but I leave this to reflect my feelings on the matter :p<br><font size="1" FACE="Verdana, Arial"><font color="#CFE8FF">
[This post was edited by: -Jofiss- on 12-17-2000 at 12:31 AM]</font></font>

Bali 12-17-2000 01:29

OMG that just made me laugh my ass off.

Out loud even.

If only you could hear it :lol:

DipStick 12-17-2000 01:48

According to Bad CRC. this type of thread has come about before. I have never witnessed it and was wondering what the hell it means??? Please tell me. Me wants in on the joke too.

But those are some l33t editing skillz. Im in awe of them... Especially Ron Jeremy, just cuz he is cool. And also the one of the chinese restaurant and the neon lights. thats sweet.

Phantomstranger 12-17-2000 01:49

Booster 12-17-2000 02:04


/me wipes tears from eyes

Ahh...ahh...guys....hahah hahaa, this is one of the funniest threads i've ever read......

/me starts cracking up again

Uhhh... brilliant, sheer genius!!! Kudos to all involved!! Fark, this is funny!!!



PS: And, yes... i WILL be getting a T-Shirt printed... and i'll encourage all the Tribers i know to get one too.... :)

12-17-2000 02:06

<IMG SRC="">

Phantomstranger 12-17-2000 02:09

Phantomstranger 12-17-2000 02:11

Phantomstranger 12-17-2000 02:11

Gon 12-17-2000 02:18

some of these are sad :o

Bad_CRC 12-17-2000 02:21


Phantomstranger 12-17-2000 02:23

Kelster 12-17-2000 02:30

<img src="">

Vlasic 12-17-2000 02:44

<img src="">

rastarocket01 12-17-2000 02:45

Fidelio 12-17-2000 02:56

Kelster 12-17-2000 03:02

<img src="">

[VDI]Breaker 12-17-2000 03:05

Kurayami 12-17-2000 03:07

LMAO Kelster.
You just kicked my ass. :D

Banshee 12-17-2000 03:10

Phantomstranger 12-17-2000 03:11

Phantomstranger 12-17-2000 03:13

Phantomstranger 12-17-2000 03:14

Yankee 12-17-2000 03:14

Phantomstranger 12-17-2000 03:15

Phantomstranger 12-17-2000 03:16

HG 12-17-2000 03:19

bacchus just about made me fall outta my chair.

Sabre 12-17-2000 03:24

lmao, Yankee just owned all!

Maniacal 12-17-2000 03:26

omfg, i gonna be laughing about the vend-a-goat thing for days

btw, and i know this will probably institue a flaming but oh well

where exactly does this "Your base are belong to us" come from?

Banshee 12-17-2000 03:26

Apothem 12-17-2000 03:29

Booster 12-17-2000 03:36

LOL @ all!!! still laughing!!!!!

Maniacal: Dude... watch the little clip in the very first post on this thread.


Maniacal 12-17-2000 03:39

much obliged sir

[VDI]Breaker 12-17-2000 03:41

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