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Lethal_E 12-20-2000 16:49

Click and be enlightened.

Hitman_T 12-20-2000 18:03


MadBoFo 12-20-2000 18:41

I realized then, I need to look in the face of my enemy...I must confront the evil power that lies behind the entire conspiracy....<br><font size="1" FACE="Verdana, Arial"><font color="#CFE8FF">
[This post was edited by: <KM>BadMoFo on 12-20-2000 at 06:44 PM]</font></font>

MadBoFo 12-20-2000 18:56

damn that clown one looks pretty good...oops, what I meant was...I called up so old friends from 'nam to help me sort this out. I was too late, they had been taken by the cats.

[HvC]NaTeDoGG 12-20-2000 20:07



CjBurden 12-20-2000 20:22

The last post was stupid. Thanks.

FSB-SPY 12-20-2000 20:28

Liar!! Ever hear of Renegades!? That's another Tribes MODification. ;)

Harlequin_Jester 12-20-2000 20:31

I think that logo has a typo...shoudn't it read, "bastardization"?

g00se 12-20-2000 21:33


O man this is great Thanx for starting this up Bad_CRC


<br><font size="1" FACE="Verdana, Arial"><font color="#CFE8FF">
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12-20-2000 22:25

Bad_CRC 12-20-2000 22:50


Originally posted by -=ExitWound=-
damn. I wanted to do that one. maybe I still will. :D

Apothem 12-20-2000 23:29


12-20-2000 23:31

<a href=" avs">winamp AVS</a>


MadBoFo 12-20-2000 23:53

lol@HJ...bastardization.. ..hehehe you so cwazeee!!

ReZ|Fly 12-21-2000 00:18

Athanasy & Rezurection

12-21-2000 00:33

RivetGirl 12-21-2000 02:53

okay everybody, ive never posted to TW before, but please give me some slack...

first of all, GO BREAKER and everybody else who has leet photoshop, etc skillz, like Bad_CRC and Kelster, just to name a few. jeff k., and this thread, crack me up. ALL YUOR BASE ARE BELONG TO US, FAGOT!!!1

anyway, here is a submission. my friend inio found this at after i explained to him about "all your base..."

the <a href="">author</a> says, "<a href="">Xeno Wing</a> - okay, I have no idea what I was smoking when I wrote this. firstly, it is necessary to see <a href="">this</a> wonderful little gem of bad translation in order to understand it. secondly, I claim temporary insanity. so there."

zero wing + xeno gears = lame?


[HvC]NaTeDoGG 12-21-2000 03:28


Originally posted by XalloutwarX
The last post was stupid. Thanks.
Yo, **** you very much.

[HvC]NaTeDoGG 12-21-2000 03:32

Psychosis 12-21-2000 05:12

Yo, you're a moron. STFU.

Heat 12-21-2000 09:50

<input type="button" value="ALL YOUR BASE!!" onClick="alert('ARE BELONG TO US!!'); return true">

<embed width="238" height="102" quality="high" pluginspage="" src="">
</embed> <a href="">TRIBE WTF?</a><br><font size="1" FACE="Verdana, Arial"><font color="#CFE8FF">
[This post was edited by: Heat on 12-21-2000 at 10:40 AM]</font></font>

Bounty 12-21-2000 09:53

^^^Owned by l33t HTML codes. :lol:

NetHog 12-21-2000 10:12
Happy Holidays to All!

changed html to vbCode

CjBurden 12-21-2000 10:55


Originally posted by Psychosis
Yo, you're a moron. STFU.

Yo, what Psychosis said.

TricKStyLe 12-21-2000 10:58

every time I look at this thread it gets better n better, nice photoshop work guys! keep it up haha

MadBoFo 12-21-2000 12:15

I'm even seeing it at work now...od help me!

Bad_CRC 12-21-2000 16:09

Do_Or_Die 12-21-2000 16:14

I haven't put all the images up yet cause there are so many of them but a bunch are up and I'll be putting a bunch more up tomorrow morning probably. Comments? Suggestions?

Bad_CRC 12-21-2000 16:16

erm, you probably should keep track of who made them if you are going to take the images.

rastarocket01 12-21-2000 16:19

Heh, yeah, you llama.

aScotiA 12-21-2000 17:32


Originally posted by Bad_CRC
I take it you have some issues with him that have nothign to do with this thread... am I close?


no, he is just really bad at this and his "editations" cancel out the funny.


Originally posted by daerid46
/me wishes aScotia could grow some balls and act like a man, instead of being a whiney little punk.

Why don't you put up some l33t ones? or else STFD & STFU
ohh, whiney. I commented that this kid sucks at editing and and his things arent funny. Hardly whiney. And earlier I explained why I havent posted any.


Originally posted by <KM>BadMoFo
I must've kicked the crap out of him on a pub somewheres or's pretty common....anyhoo..back to my l|4/\/\4 editing skills :p

and yes...I do believe there is a conspiracy...
um.. right
^ masterpiece
great job on that one, the other 37273 ones cant compete.

Never wanted to start anything, but i thought more people shared my opinion. Anyways, dont hate me.

MadBoFo 12-21-2000 18:11


oh...excuse me...I didn't know that this was a competition, I thought it was just to screw around and have some fun while I was bored out of my f**king mind!! And yeah most of those did take about four minutes, excuse meeeee! but I'm at work and have other stuff to do y'know? there are other bulletin boards ;)

ps-I dont hate you :D<br><font size="1" FACE="Verdana, Arial"><font color="#CFE8FF">
[This post was edited by: <KM>BadMoFo on 12-21-2000 at 06:15 PM]</font></font>

-Jofiss- 12-21-2000 18:16

For great justice.

|eX|DarkOmen 12-21-2000 18:33

Testing my new sig......thanks Jofiss

aScotiA 12-21-2000 18:50


MadBoFo 12-21-2000 19:12

I think you were just afraid I'd learn the truth...


Bad_CRC 12-21-2000 19:18


Originally posted by -Jofiss-

For great justice.
ok, now that was funny. :lol:

cmon folks, there are plenty of other good threads to start flamewars in.

Dirty Sanchez 12-21-2000 19:34

is editations a word??

Bali 12-21-2000 19:43


Originally posted by RoyaleWithCheese
is editations a word??

ParoxysM 12-21-2000 20:12

<SELECT NAME="target" ONCHANGE="GoProd(this)" size="1" style="width:50">
<OPTION class="popupListHeading"> All
<OPTION class="popupListHeading"> your
<OPTION class="popupListHeading"> base
<OPTION class="popupListHeading"> are
<OPTION class="popupListHeading"> belong
<OPTION class="popupListHeading"> to
<OPTION class="popupListHeading"> us

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