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DeaconBlues 12-17-2000 04:24 PM

Morningstar 12-17-2000 04:25 PM

rastarocket01 12-17-2000 04:27 PM

Holy **** maximhf


He just owned this thread.

12-17-2000 04:36 PM

lol.. thanx. it didnt take very long.. i should actually re-render it so it looks a little cleaner.. oh well :)

technique 12-17-2000 05:06 PM

what about mine :/

Booster 12-17-2000 05:15 PM

Technique: It's funny, dude!!!


TheRedDread 12-17-2000 05:17 PM

You have seen the pics! Now PLAY THE GAME!!!


FSB-SPY 12-17-2000 05:23 PM

Red, I already submitted the bug report about not being able to click the "Play game" button to the beta forum. :hrm:

31073 12-17-2000 05:35 PM

Ozymandias 12-17-2000 05:59 PM

I've got something I want to post, but no place to put it online. Can someone recommend some free place, or can I email it someone.


technique 12-17-2000 05:59 PM

LOL 31073! good one :D btw, thnx booster ;)

Ozymandias 12-17-2000 06:24 PM

Ok, I think I got it figured out. Let's see if this works.

First attempt:

<img src="" border=0>

Second attempt:
<img src="" border=0>

31073 12-17-2000 06:29 PM

where did that saying originate anyway?

Maniacal 12-17-2000 06:32 PM


Originally posted by Booster

Dude... watch the little clip in the very first post on this thread.


Hammerin 12-17-2000 06:37 PM

irc #poke

31073 12-17-2000 06:37 PM

gotcha, but what is that clip from?

Bad_CRC 12-17-2000 06:40 PM

Violent 12-17-2000 07:07 PM

l33t :P nuff said thanks for doing my idea.

[SES] UmytBnxt 12-17-2000 07:08 PM

(Credit to whomever did the original below. I just stole it for "the cause".)

Hammerin 12-17-2000 07:10 PM

owe my eyes. ./me convulses

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