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ToiletDuk 02-19-2001 23:17

The next set of pictures are modified World War II posters that were linked from <A HREF=" 5239">this thread at</A>.<P>
<A HREF="http://www.library.northwestern. edu/govpub/collections/wwii-posters/img/ww0207-16.jpg">ORIGINAL IMAGE</A>

ToiletDuk 02-19-2001 23:18


ToiletDuk 02-19-2001 23:19


hogfat 02-20-2001 00:19

Juicer v!v 02-20-2001 00:34

I was in the computer lab at college one day checking these forums when someone taps me on my shoulder and says, "You look at these forums too?" He was looking at this ****ing thread!!! LMAO!! hes never even played tribes before either, he is a Quake 3 llama

Drofdarb 02-20-2001 02:52

How are you gentlemen !!<br>

<a href="">
<img SRC="" BORDER=0 height=235 width=400></a><p>

<a href="">
<img SRC="" BORDER=0 height=271 width=400></a><p>

<a href="">
<img SRC="" BORDER=0 height=185 width=235></a>

and <p>
<a href=""><img SRC="" BORDER=0 height=185 width=235></a><a href=""><img SRC="" BORDER=0 height=185 width=235></a>

All your base are belong to us.<p>
All these original designs on shirts, mugs and mousepads are belong to you !!<p>

Production and Delivery are proudly handled by the good folks at CafePress. <p> Visa and MC accepted, and delivery is prompt and courteous.
Click <a href="">here</a> to check out our <a href=""> "All Your Base Wear "</a> designs !!
<br><font size="1" FACE="Verdana, Arial"><font color="#CFE8FF">
[This post was edited by: Drofdarb on 02-20-2001 at 05:11 PM]</font></font>

Starkiller 02-20-2001 12:16

I found this one at DSLreports. I didn't even have to edit it in photoshop!

Xamfear 02-20-2001 13:04

{KOI}Spike 02-20-2001 13:16

This is beginning to become a bona-fide cultural <i>meme</i>.

Forget gamers who have never played Tribes coming to this site just to read the thread. Even Jon Carroll of the San Francisco Chronicle (a generic columnist who writes many a column about cats, though this is his first about Cats) has <a href="">taken notice</a>.

For great justice!


Another SA Goon 02-20-2001 14:00


Read this bad_CRC.

Theta 02-20-2001 14:09

Don't you think it's kind of idiotic to have an argument between game forums. Sheesh, go outside a bit.

Jonathan the Red 02-20-2001 14:11

1040, good buddies.

<img src=""/>

allyourbase-zig 02-20-2001 14:17

TShirts, Mugs and Mousepads with the "All your base are belong to us." slogan can be found here:

Tshirts have "What you say?!" written in bold letters on the front pocket, and "All your base belong to us." in a smaller script across the back shoulders.

JayS 02-20-2001 14:39

ROTFL- Jonathan & Toiletduk

Toby 02-20-2001 14:55

<img src=" if"><p>My first submission. For Great Justice.

Notice my ghetto signature. Must fix that...

calyxa 02-20-2001 15:00

rjmineee 02-20-2001 15:04

gropo 02-20-2001 15:27

<img src=""><br><br>NICE ! Great Job!

Etikilam 02-20-2001 15:28

I just want to say... im proud to have witness this... thank you.

gropo 02-20-2001 15:50

<img src=" g">

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