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JayS 02-15-2001 22:15

I'll clean up the content some, then.

Kelster 02-15-2001 22:18

Heh, that SA WW2 Poster thread is pretty good! Kudos! :D

RogueSKFP69 02-15-2001 22:50
(Didnt come out as good as i wanted)<br><font size="1" FACE="Verdana, Arial"><font color="#CFE8FF">
[This post was edited by: RogueSKFP69 on 02-16-2001 at 04:05 AM]</font></font>

JayS 02-15-2001 22:56

Last one for the night.

Bad_CRC 02-15-2001 22:58


Originally posted by JayS
Last one for the night.


[Cecil] 02-15-2001 22:58

My latest attempt at artwork.. I wish I were as cool as Cats.

Kelster 02-16-2001 00:00

Awesome pic [Cecil]! :o

The truth behind the lunar landing...

<img src="">

JayS 02-16-2001 02:11

Cecil- The fire kicks ass! How did you do that? A blur or smudge effect? What app?
Kelster- Spooky realism! The 'zig' was a very nice touch, too. We must come up with a way to be paid for this.
That said, I'm home, drunk and (if Oni is too hard) may post again. This "all your base" stuff is crack!

Super-Grover 02-16-2001 02:23




JayS 02-16-2001 02:36

I didn't realize what a huge debt of gratitude/lost work lawsuit I owe Bad_CRC. You did the most kick-ass AYBABTU pics here, & I owe you/should punch you in the face :) How the hell did you do the storefront and the "shcool" alterations? You are either wasting a *lot* more time than I am or are a *lot* more talented, and I'm leaning toward the lattter.

jesse 02-16-2001 02:41

<IMG SRC="">
<br><font size="1" FACE="Verdana, Arial"><font color="#CFE8FF">
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AmbizaranTelureansan 02-16-2001 05:47

MadCat 02-16-2001 06:15

[Cecil] 02-16-2001 09:55

JayS- The whole picture was done with Painter 6.. the rough colors for the fire was put down onto the space background with a coarse airbrush tool, and then I used Thin Distorto to pull all the individual flames out. Glad you like it :>

TriggaHappy 02-16-2001 12:19

I honestly can't believe this; while reading through this entire thread (which is very amusing btw), i thought of this pretty good idea for a pic, but decided to finish reading the whole thread first before making it. I finally reach the LAST page and on the LAST frickin' page i see that somebody already did my idea; AAAAARGH!!!

Not to worry though, i'll think of something new soon. I have to. For great justice.

Meanwhile, i wipped this little thing up:

RainKing 02-16-2001 12:27

Apparently this phenomenon goes back to the early 80s...

<img src="">

Ubik 02-16-2001 12:35

Hee hee.

Doctor Locust 02-16-2001 14:55

Doctor Locust 02-16-2001 14:57

Eeyore 02-16-2001 15:08

<img src="http://www.contrib.andrew.cmu.ed u/~ee0r/panhandler.jpg" alt="I can't believe this hasn't been done.">

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