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DenieD.enD 12-24-2000 00:11

Ok, I had to try one too:

<img src=>

12-24-2000 02:42

Here is a series of 13:

<font size=5></font>

SuperMegaCheese 12-24-2000 02:46

radiohead bears

12-24-2000 12:46

still haven't tried tribes, sin.. i got this url from an ever-crack message board. ;) i'm having enough trouble getting back into ut.. bad eq, bad bad!! see ya soon! :p

NitrOxide 12-24-2000 16:27

Heres my submission:

aScotiA 12-24-2000 18:11


Originally posted by -Jofiss-
quality over quantity, eh?

aScotiA: 2176 posts.

typical content of posts:

Originally posted by aScotiA
Damn forum nazis. Don't tell other people how to post. If you don't like it, don't read (how many times does that have to be said on this board per day??).

pics posted by aScotiA on this thread:
puostfu (put up or shut the **** up)

(btw Nethog, ^^^excellent pic :lol: )
Thanks, in fact I do sometimes have simple, 1-5 word posts, but they are usually responses to dumb/strange posts, and sometimes they are for comic value themselves. I do post a lot of meaningful things, and do admit that sometimes I dont.

inio 12-24-2000 18:19

<EMBED SRC="" WIDTH=720 HEIGHT=298 autoplay="true" loop="true" pluginspage=""><P>
Ok, so it seemed a lot funnier when I originally thought of it. I just couldn't find a good picture for the missing lines.

DrMeithos 12-24-2000 18:35

Good job.

NitrOxide 12-25-2000 02:15

If nobody noticed.. look at 's title. :D

[SES]BaNsHee 12-25-2000 09:41

I must correct where everyone has went wrong...It is supposed to read, "All your base are belong to BaN". I apoligize for the mistake and everyone have a Merry Christmas.That is all.

All your base are belong to BaN!

PG/13 12-25-2000 16:04


Originally posted by Kelster
<img src="">
today I was over at my wifes mothers house. I saw this sitting there on the movie rack she has. LMAO I was cracking up so hard I couldnt stop. maybe Ill watch the 2 part movie now:P

VisHeZz 12-25-2000 18:42

Heres one from the HPB Originator (Yours Truly)
<img src=>
q0wned?<br><font size="1" FACE="Verdana, Arial"><font color="#CFE8FF">
[This post was edited by: VisHeZz on 12-25-2000 at 06:44 PM]</font></font>

MadBoFo 12-25-2000 21:54

tutti Lei basa appartenga a noi

RazorJack 12-25-2000 22:12

Thanks for the promotion BAD_CRC...


"Cheerio> Bad needed to get owned too."

DrMeithos 12-25-2000 22:33

BTW: nice quote there RJ.

--Miles O'Cheerio

rastarocket01 12-25-2000 22:56

Heh - All your Santa's are belong to Rudolph.


Avenant 12-26-2000 11:15

Listen, my HTML blows, so this might screw up the first time around.

<p><img src="" width="312" height="445"
alt="quote10.jpg (6456 bytes)"></p>

Avenant 12-26-2000 11:16

Let's try this again...

<p><img src=""

MadBoFo 12-26-2000 12:47

Poji_the_Hat 12-27-2000 02:41

wow this actually made second page

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