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TargetBoy 12-21-2000 07:29 PM

Couldn't resist, it's such a "Hello Gentlemen" moment. ;)
Kudos to all you great manipulators, great stuff.

No ZeroDerms yet?

NetHog 12-21-2000 07:31 PM

changed html to vbCode

ChaoStar 12-21-2000 07:32 PM

Watch this: All your base are belong to us

daerid46 12-21-2000 07:33 PM

never mind

Bad_CRC 12-21-2000 07:34 PM

<form ACTION="" >
<INPUT TYPE="SUBMIT" NAME="" VALUE="All your base are belong to:">

Andy 12-21-2000 07:36 PM

After reading this whole thread I'm starting to see this saying everywhere! And it's repeating in my head over and over! ARGH!!


aScotiA 12-21-2000 08:09 PM

whatever you planned crc it dint work :-|

MadBoFo 12-21-2000 08:35 PM should join me in a game of's ugleee....

NetHog 12-21-2000 08:36 PM

changed html to vbCode

deos 12-21-2000 09:56 PM

I have nothing against badmofo... but I have to agree with ascotia. I like quality over quantity.

-Jofiss- 12-21-2000 10:23 PM

quality over quantity, eh?

aScotiA: 2176 posts.

typical content of posts:

Originally posted by aScotiA
Damn forum nazis. Don't tell other people how to post. If you don't like it, don't read (how many times does that have to be said on this board per day??).

pics posted by aScotiA on this thread:
puostfu (put up or shut the **** up)

(btw Nethog, ^^^excellent pic :lol: )

deos 12-21-2000 10:26 PM

hehe I was talking about this thread. I never said ascotia posted any quality

-Jofiss- 12-21-2000 10:30 PM

ok sorry, misdirected anger for aScotiA. Just let people post whatever pics they want, it doesn't HURT YOU to look at them. A lot of pics have been crappy on this thread compared to Bad_CRC's, but the point is people are having fun with it and at least trying, instead of sitting on the sidelines, heckling people. I swear, it's like TTWC all over again.

Heat 12-21-2000 11:39 PM

***<img src="" width="476" height="349">

<p align="left"><font color="#FF0000"><b><font color="#CC0000">WTF?|Heat </font></b></font></p>
<p align="left"><a href="">Tribe WTF?</a></p><br><font size="1" FACE="Verdana, Arial"><font color="#CFE8FF">
[This post was edited by: Heat on 12-22-2000 at 12:42 AM]</font></font>

Masta 12-21-2000 11:45 PM

MadBoFo 12-21-2000 11:49 PM

it's all fun and games until someone get's there base poked out....

Masta 12-21-2000 11:50 PM

DrMeithos 12-21-2000 11:54 PM

Ohh man, this thread is leat.

brak 12-21-2000 11:54 PM

Im trying to figure out at what point in time.. this thread went sour..

MadBoFo 12-22-2000 12:18 AM

all I gotta say is...


All your base are belong to us
I's not my fault?

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