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31073 12-18-2000 11:05

^^ doh!! i was gonna do that

Bad_CRC 12-18-2000 11:34

Bad_CRC 12-18-2000 11:51

Destiny 12-18-2000 12:05

This is even cooler ... I want to see everyone with real websites .. sneak this in there ....

{title}All our base are belong to us.{/title}

the enDless
My buisness


Bad_CRC 12-18-2000 12:07

OPsNetStalker 12-18-2000 12:30

<img src=>

Bad_CRC 12-18-2000 12:32

Banshee 12-18-2000 13:03

Bad_CRC 12-18-2000 13:10

aw ****. ****. :(

Screwed this one up, and didn't realize it till I was finished.

oh well, I'm not doing it over.

TQM-daydreamer 12-18-2000 13:18

omfg i just feel outta my chair with that PC Lamer one... lmao

Hyperi0n 12-18-2000 13:38

I just wanna know what game that is from, anyone know? and what system it's for? I'm gonna get it :D
nice editing guys lmao

Bad_CRC 12-18-2000 13:56

NfM-Malice 12-18-2000 14:01


<img src=>

<h3 align=left>Original Pic by Netstalker</h3>
<h4 align=left>Edit by =NfM= Malice</h4><br><font size="1" FACE="Verdana, Arial"><font color="#CFE8FF">
[This post was edited by: NfM-Malice on 12-18-2000 at 02:09 PM]</font></font>

Aleman 12-18-2000 14:04

rofl.. that one is hilarious

Bad_CRC 12-18-2000 14:10

hehe, MA on jesus. :lol:

OPsNetStalker 12-18-2000 14:16

lol Malice owned my cover with a cover I made

/me goes sits in the corner and sulks

damn 5150/cheaters edit =P

Acerbity 12-18-2000 14:24

OPsNetStalker 12-18-2000 14:38

<img src=>

NfM-Malice 12-18-2000 14:42


Mael 12-18-2000 14:44

I personally think its funny as hell, all these nobodies making fun of one of the best Light D in the game. None of you know Rasta, and prolly havn't played with rasta, and you dont have the ballz to put your pic on the net. No respect at all. **** you all for being the ass holes you are.

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