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Mr Jimmy Pop 07-21-2019 17:14

Straight out the trailer thread
This thread is for Juggs and King Kobieski. Post your stories here in a consolidated thread.

KingSobieski 07-21-2019 18:03

Ok hold on

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KingSobieski 07-21-2019 18:09

Hereís my backyard/garage Iíve been doing the last six months or so

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KingSobieski 07-21-2019 18:10[/url

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KingSobieski 07-21-2019 18:12

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Groove 07-21-2019 18:13

str8 from da sewer

Mr Jimmy Pop 07-21-2019 18:36

If that jacuzzi is in the garage you won the thread before it even started.

Fool 07-21-2019 18:38

Yea there's no topping garage jacuzzi

Plasmatic 07-21-2019 18:57

Except inflatable garage Jacuzzi. Points for the landscape next to the sex tub though.

Nmag 07-21-2019 19:00

Something to sing in the shower.. from the masters of "Brag rap"

KingSobieski 07-21-2019 19:00

Straight out the trailer thread
Hot tub was Craigslist free. Picked it up w my atv trailer (that I made from a pop up camper frame).

At first, I got the hot tub in and looked at the spec and it says 50amp and when I had run the sub panel a summer before Iíd done 30amp. So before I can even test it I had to dig a hole in my yard and pull new wires through the conduit. Needless to say spending $300 on upgraded wiring to even test this thing was a bit unnerving.

Finally get the wires ran and the breakers sized up and can finally turn on the tub - nothing. Had some twin babies so I took them to the Home Depot and Ďforgotí the breakers in their stroller. Jfc breakers are expensive. Anyways now the tub is turned on and Just buzzes a bit. Undeterred I pull the capacitors off the motors and the spades break right off. Check the jacuzzi website and like $30 a cap. Check the serial # and itís a $2.33 from an electrical supply place.

$6 later I got the pump running. Let run one day and the water is frigid - no heat.

Leaking water real bad. I grease up the big connections at the heater and pump with wheel bearing grease. A bunch of the jets are snapped off so I add hoses/bolts/clamps. Where I canít clamp off I stuff silicone bathroom caulk in.

Running better, less leaks.

Still no heat - Open the panel and thereís just a wire hanging around and I trace it back to a sensor on a pipe somewhere - inside the panel the connector had fallen off so I tighten it up and stick back on - red light - heat runs.

I guess when theyíd built this thing in the factory their idea of insulation is garbage bags stuffed with blown in fiberglass - and itís all deteriorated/split and spilled all inside the cabinet. Took a good 5 hours to blow/suck all that green nasty **** out. When I tried to grab it out it would disintegrate in my hands. I had that **** all over the garage and had to leaf blower it into the alley way.

I redid the insulation with eps 1.5Ē foam board.

It fits nicely between the studs. Canít go any thicker. I saw some hot tubs with the blown in expanding foam stuff but then youíre ****ed if something leaks which of course it will. 1.5Ē isnít much in terms of r rating but it sure seemed hot when I was crawling inside the cabinet on the wall side to put in the last few boards and duck tape it up.

The wall mural is a few furring strips and 8ft x 6ft of drywall. Mudded the seam x2 coat and primered. Rolled on super cheapass eBay mt Fuji mural. J bead edge trim to get a finished drywall edge and I used it to go over the mural edge. I was thinking about doing a more extravagant window casing trim but it wouldíve been like $60 vs the $10 of j bead.

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Mr Jimmy Pop 07-21-2019 19:06

Am I seeing things or do you have white (neutral) wires sharing a thumb nut with a black (hot) lead?

KingSobieski 07-21-2019 19:07

Straight out the trailer thread
Uh ya thatís what it looks like. I just had a roll of 14/2 and just ran another wire to get the runner wire - should be red I guess or have some tape on it if you wanted to be technical.

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Mr Jimmy Pop 07-21-2019 19:16

Damn dude, not sure Juggs is gonna be able to top this.

bowl of blood 07-21-2019 19:21

hey king sadapopinski did you ever go through with the plan to poison the balloon wine when your inlaws came over you never updated that thread

KingSobieski 07-21-2019 19:21

Itís like, you know, everything works, so itís done right sorta thing.

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KingSobieski 07-21-2019 19:22

I drank all the balloon wine and then wired the garage.

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bowl of blood 07-21-2019 19:25

try to be more underwhelming next time

KingSobieski 07-21-2019 19:31

Straight out the trailer thread
Next up is I got some tile at .50 sq ft on sale. Iím gonna do a 8x8 ft area between the tub and the man door to the backyard so my feet donít get all dirty on the nasty concrete floor after banging my Japanese milf in the sex tub.

Iíll add a towel rack and a table next to the tub so I got a spot to sit my brewskies while soaking. Probably run an outlet box over there too so I can do a mini fridge and a radio.

I got extra electric conduit so Iíll use that for a towel rack I think?

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bowl of blood 07-21-2019 19:33

you might not want to talk about banging your "milf" right after posting pictures of her painting the garage

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