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logmans 06-14-2009 14:56

Help with laptop cooling
I have a gateway M-153x (see here Gateway M-153X Notebook PC - Intel Core 2 Duo T7500 2.2GHz, Bluetooth, 802.11abg Wireless, 3GB DDR2, 250GB HDD, Dual Layer DVDRW, 15.4" WXGA, Webcam, Windows Vista Home Premium (Garnet Red) M-153X Garnet Red at and it gets really really hot during operation. According to rightmark, with the laptop fully elevated, its cpu core temp is 80C. Do you think there is a problem with my hardware or this is just how they all run?

-Bane 06-14-2009 15:01

What is "operation" -- just idling, or playing a video game?

80C is really hot, but it's relative. The core temp monitor isn't very reliable, because different chip manufacturers monitor different parts of the chip, but all report it as "core temp." I've never used rightmark, but does it have a "distance to TJ max" readout? If so, what is that?

If not you can try realtemp (google) -- it has a dist. to TJ max.

Also -- is your fan running in overdrive while this is happening, or does it sound quiet? It could be your fan's busted. Another indicator of a busted fan is a high-pitched sound (I don't know why this is an indicator, but it happened w/ my dell and they replaced the fan as a fix and it went away).

MC Hamster 06-14-2009 15:03

yes, it's probably not cooling properly.

pour iced water over the keyboard when you hear the fan speed pick up, should fix it right up.

-Bane 06-14-2009 15:04

Don't you mean chilled sandpaper?

MC Hamster 06-14-2009 15:08


Originally Posted by -Bane (Post 14635316)
Don't you mean chilled sandpaper?

What are you, stupid?

What good would chilled sandpaper do? His laptop is overheating. Everyone knows chilled sandpaper is only good for overheating monitors. Though, I suppose if his laptop's getting that hot, it'd be warming the screen up a fair bit too, so I guess it couldn't really hurt.

logmans 06-14-2009 15:17

Right now at idle it is at 75C. If I start a video of any kind it spikes above 80C. The fan is running the whole time quite loudly but I can't tell if it's broken or not. How much air should it be moving? It doesn't feel like a ton is coming out the side.

logmans 06-14-2009 15:22

Right now realtemp says distance to TJ max 24. If I boot up a video at this point it gets really choppy and barely works.

ICMeltdown 06-14-2009 15:25

Make sure you have it somewhat elevated and not on a flat on the table/desk. could be it isn't gettnig enough air flow due to that. Sounds crazy but we have HP's overheat due to them setting flat and air flow being problematic cause of it.

a pen or pencil under the rear of the laptop is generally enough to raise it up for decent air flow.

Ohmslaw 06-14-2009 15:26

the ad on this page suggests that u get a cooling pad from a company named Xpad.

and a talking gorilla wants my credit card number, that only seems fair.

logmans 06-14-2009 15:31

I keep it elevated that is not the problem

Ixiterra 06-14-2009 15:52

Take a can of compressed air and blow out all of the fans. Try to do it so that the dust comes back out the exhaust, not blows inside the case. That will probably help a lot.

This is assuming the computer is at least a year or two old. If it's brand new, you might want to call and complain.

SkittleBrew 06-14-2009 15:59

You might want to open the access panel to the CPU and clean out the dust that might be clogging the air flow in the heat sink.

I was having overheating problems with my Toshiba and doing this cleared things up immediately.

motoxbudd 06-14-2009 16:55

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