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The Magical Zoo 06-19-2017 17:48

College Football 2017-2018
10 Weeks until CFB is back!

Preseason top 25:


Top 2017 non-conference games to get hyped for:


Bob Stoops stunningly stepped down this summer, to be replaced by a 33 yr old with no head coaching experience. That seldom portents well but Stoops himself was of a similar profile so who knows.


Top 2017 offseason storylines:


Cal hired Justin Wilcox


Texas hired Herman (duh). Actually the first time in like 80 years both Oklahoma and Texas have a new coach


Top 50 CFB Players of the Athlon Era (1967-2016)

HelenKeller 06-19-2017 17:54

let's do this

i'm all in on wilcox btw - anything to bring some actual defense to cal

Rev_Night 06-19-2017 18:15

vt wvu already got tickets.

bold prediction: rev wins the bowl pickem for a 4th or 5th straight time

The Magical Zoo 06-19-2017 18:31


Originally Posted by Rev_Night (Post 18784011)
vt wvu already got tickets.

bold prediction: rev wins the bowl pickem for a 4th or 5th straight time


2012 was won by strife or phyxz, i can't remember which

Rev_Night 06-19-2017 18:39

I don't think i participated in 2012. According to my notes..

2013: greedo
2014,15,16: Rev

HelenKeller 06-19-2017 18:49

what are the chances rev notes look like charlie's notes from always sunny

100% imo

Rev_Night 06-19-2017 22:56

hipster post
hipster show

naptown 06-19-2017 23:38

my only for sure expectation is that brian kelly will resign and jack swarbrick will take some mega position as conference director or ncaa pres or something

nd is having massive issues internally, hemorrhaging recruits and transfers are getting serious. the only plus this year might be conditioning, longo finally not using sand to wear down ligaments w/ awkward torsional movement in knees and ankles could be great. forcing OL to run 100 yard suicides, then having them pass block every single play might improve things. wimbush is a tremendous athlete and supposedly the fastest player on the team right now. he already has the longest throw in hs off his back foot.

i suspect polian was hired to be a late season interim when kelly's agent gets him a job 4 the montreal allouettes

[N]PRIME189 06-20-2017 00:18

Already booked tickets for games this year.

Bay city/saginaw to atlanta for FSU vs bammer

Seattle to tampa for a double dip, fsu vs miami saturday night and tampa bay vs Chicago sunday, fly home Monday

Derwin James


HelenKeller 06-20-2017 00:21

ok but how long will this take nap

The Magical Zoo 06-20-2017 18:56

Top 50 College Football Players of the Athlon Era

No Tim Brown? Rocket? Zorich?

Also nap I couldn't find the heart to post any ND rleated articles. The low bar threshold keeps getting smashed each year, culminating in a 4-8 season...and he wasn't canned. Calling 50 pass plays in a literal hurricane and then publicly bashing his center for the snap....and he wasn't canned. He was dead to me after getting assraped by lowly Sark in 2014. Now I'm just numb.

nolt 06-20-2017 19:48


The Magical Zoo 06-25-2017 23:09

California coaches no longer allowed to travel to Trump states for recruiting, Bowl games or championships.



Fool 06-26-2017 01:05

#1 vs #2 to start the season. This gonna be gud

The Magical Zoo 06-29-2017 01:32

lolz how is BK not #1 and sumlin not #2?!

and arizona doesn't give two ****s about football. nd used to and aTm definitely ****ing does

Gouge 06-29-2017 08:16

Go Ducks!

Keep calm and Quack on!

Kaiser 06-29-2017 10:12

Nicknames as first names is as hillbilly as it gets. John "Doc" Holliday? Really? Bubba was taken? My name is William, but everyone calls me Dabo.

Milk-Man 06-29-2017 10:27

I'm going to make an effort to get into cfb this year. Never been a fan but since I'm moving out of this cesspool known as California to AL in a week, I figure now is a great time to start.

HelenKeller 06-29-2017 10:47

just to get the complete effect of living in AL, be sure to knock out half your teeth and **** a cousin

so, like tx, only fewer teeth probably

Milk-Man 06-29-2017 11:43

That seems like a stereotype.

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