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Nash 11-25-2012 08:45

Rev_Night 11-25-2012 08:49


Originally Posted by mmelmo:( (Post 17472741)
what does the thing about german plumbers even mean

i don't get it a lot


Originally Posted by Bughead (Post 17472745)


Originally Posted by slogg (Post 17472746)
oh i read that picture wrong like 10 times and I thought it said hooked the toilet up to the shower and it was about getting **** on


Originally Posted by mmelmo:( (Post 17472759)
that seems like a bit of a stretch and **** you for quoting an entire article like i'm ****ing stupid


Originally Posted by RU485 (Post 17472761)


Originally Posted by Validuz (Post 17472764)
:rofl: Elmo

(Didn't laugh at the image in question.)


Travace 11-25-2012 08:59


Originally Posted by absent (Post 17472769)

you of all people should be the last one to think this is funny. should make you angry and or sad if you are a true racist.

Arcanox 11-25-2012 12:02

Yeah sorry... Be sure to :bandit: before

absent 11-25-2012 14:05


Originally Posted by Travace (Post 17472805)
you of all people should be the last one to think this is funny. should make you angry and or sad if you are a true racist.


Oenone 11-25-2012 14:29

DELIVERANCE 11-25-2012 16:52

How are lean men funny exactly?

fishbulb 11-25-2012 16:54


Originally Posted by DELIVERANCE (Post 17473205)
How are lean men funny exactly?

Look in the mirror. :huh:

bam 11-25-2012 16:57

How much do you think she outweighs him?

jayvee 11-25-2012 16:57

You will puke bricks when you see it

DELIVERANCE 11-25-2012 17:01


Originally Posted by fishbulb (Post 17473207)
Look in the mirror. :huh:

lol, missed that somehow.

ICMeltdown 11-25-2012 18:47

ICMeltdown 11-25-2012 21:41

BeLiaL 11-25-2012 22:13

Lord Elessar 11-25-2012 22:41

I roose on the pics.

skip the vidoes usually.

malibru 11-25-2012 23:39


Originally Posted by BeLiaL (Post 17473606)

This wasn't funny but it was entertaining. Dude looks instantly gay when he starts doin Stevie's voice.

BugsPray 11-26-2012 03:44

So does Seth MacFarlane:

GiftOfTheGame 11-26-2012 03:51

RedMeat 11-26-2012 04:25

mmelmo:( 11-26-2012 05:40

that uh

didn't scare me

sure was loud though

so thanks

you know

for that



mmelmo:( 11-26-2012 05:41

pretty mad rite now

so mad

you win

i'm ragin ovahere

RedMeat 11-26-2012 05:43

soz bro

GKFC 11-26-2012 06:05

euph 11-26-2012 15:25 - Extremely Scary Ghost Elevator Prank in Brazil

VonTed 11-26-2012 15:31


Originally Posted by euph (Post 17474419)

I would be ****ting bricks as well! :)

BeLiaL 11-26-2012 17:08

those kinds of pranks are such terrible ideas

just asking for that poor girl to get punched out or stabbed or shot by some unstable individual

ICMeltdown 11-26-2012 17:31

Lord Elessar 11-26-2012 20:17


Originally Posted by GKFC (Post 17474011)

:lol: nice

henry 11-26-2012 21:07

OFN but makes me raff

Yaason 11-26-2012 21:12

Great. Now the Gustavo song is stuck in my head.

euph 11-26-2012 22:17

100GranD 11-26-2012 22:45

not hilarious or anything but made me smile

Rev_Night 11-27-2012 13:20

Boomerman 11-27-2012 13:30

That kid has off the scale awesome parents.

Rev_Night 11-27-2012 13:42

and they can draw pretty well too

Rev_Night 11-27-2012 15:13

Rev_Night 11-27-2012 15:14

Ares 11-27-2012 15:15

rev night

i do not enjoy your existence

Rev_Night 11-27-2012 15:26

oh knoes

DropSquad 11-27-2012 15:40

tough guy check lidel making funny faces into the camera on his phone.

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