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PhoE 09-17-2009 20:27

Well I'm going to be playing, and have about 4-5 friends also rolling where I do, so atm zikel. No clue how many on Tdub are going to be playing but we can always try and do Blood Eagle if we get like 12+, we can always join a bigger guild later or just alliance with other guilds.

PhoE 09-17-2009 20:28


Originally Posted by Mael (Post 14907656)
I joined Grudge when they moved to REM on WH.

We are most likely rolling asmo on zikel.

Kind of tossing around the idea of doing Teriel instead, but that will only happen if members get queue lines trying to create accounts tomorrow.

Lemme know if Grudge does decide to not roll zikel if you can, thx.

Mael 09-18-2009 02:14

I'm coming home at lunch tomorrow to do pre-reg at noon PST.

Yall are welcome to app grudge.

A bunch of TWers went to Grudge with me when BE fell apart on red eye mountain.

They're a mix of goofy fun **** 50%, but when it's time to kick ass, everyone shuts up and follows orders. Only reason it works is because we win more often than not. But it ain't a casual guild.


Tekno 09-18-2009 08:13

filled out a simple app under Zessen.

Mael 09-18-2009 12:08

Ah, it was you :P

My nick in MMO's is always Oobydewby

Tekno 09-18-2009 12:11


3 hours or so til pre huh. want to play already :[

Mooley 09-18-2009 14:58

It's Howdy Doody Time. It's Howdy Doody Time!

Tekno 09-18-2009 15:20

cant login here :X

Madend 09-18-2009 15:43

just logged in, creating characters

madend & strategery
zikel elyos

Mooley 09-18-2009 15:56


Mooley 09-18-2009 15:59

****ers already took my name.

d0ggy 09-18-2009 16:23

Wow, couldnt use my first 2 name choices on Zikel Asmo. ****ers.

Tekno 09-18-2009 16:43

got my name, lol

Tekno 09-18-2009 17:51

now to wait til sunday :P

Revulsion 09-18-2009 17:51


Mael 09-18-2009 19:08

Got my names as well.

Unfortunately Grudge closed Apps.

9Millimeter 09-18-2009 22:59

post your names damnit.

main char named Trauma

second char named Abstract

Loco-Raider 09-18-2009 23:44

Jesus. Can't sign up on that server anymore. Figures. ****ing work. Will check back to see what I can make tomorrow.

Tekno 09-19-2009 02:14

grudge's main page says their going to triniel now?

Loco-Raider 09-19-2009 05:08

Created an ely on Zikel. Name = Loco

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