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Gryp 03-10-2014 18:40

Anyone here on The Bastion?
I am on The Bastion, anyone else from TW on here?

Excel 03-11-2014 18:47

Pot5 here.

Kill-Switch 03-25-2014 10:21

i'm on the bastion but haven't played in a long time. I dunno if I even have it installed anymore.

Are ppl playing this again now?

darkpiece 03-25-2014 13:34


about 2 delete this thread

Edofnor 05-19-2014 13:09

:wave: DarkPiece

I still log in to the Prophecy of the Five server a couple of times a week. My characters are all mid-level and named after McDonald's and BK Kids Club personalities. Watch out for the McDouble legacy.

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