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Brasstax 05-03-2016 22:21

You dumbasses who think Trump is a tyrant or whatever need to give it up. I am telling you - he is like any one of us on TW for the most part. Whatever fears you have are unfounded. All this **** about building walls and throwing people out isn't what is really going to happen. But - there are some things that need to get fixed. No ****ing doubt. This is our chance to clean out DC of these stupid ****ing idiots.

A black man who can't even help black people while he is in office.
A bunch of dickless republicans that sat by and let him do whatever he wanted to.
A bunch of sluglike democrats that did nothing because the Tyrant was doing it all and they just bobbed their heads and spent money while plotting for the next election.

Throw them out. Vote Trump. Whatever he brings will be 1000x better. Even if it is just waking the politicians up.

StapleMammal1 05-03-2016 22:42

Brasstax for VP!

Brasstax 05-03-2016 23:11


Originally Posted by StapleMammal1 (Post 18566556)
Brasstax for VP!

Haven't you had the sneaking suspicion that if we randomly chose someone for vp that they would probably do a better job?

Also - I think if you randomly chose a CEO out of the fortune 1000 they would probably do a better job as president.

I would only do VP if I could focus on all the young Americans who feel worthless and lost in our society. Who have no pride in themselves, their neighborhoods or cities - let alone the country.

We need people to reach out and connect. To start creating jobs and activities that lead to success. It all starts with self-worth. We may not all be born at the same starting line - but that doesn't matter when it comes to self-worth and pride. A person should be more proud when they overcome a challenge to reach their goal.

StapleMammal1 05-03-2016 23:22

Brasstax 05-03-2016 23:29

WTF is with the ghost head of Wolf Blitzer in the upper left corner?

JoMo 05-03-2016 23:56

Cruz has to be the most awkward candidate ever..... Waiting for the impending divorce...

Fool 05-03-2016 23:58

The ear to ear hug part creeps me out

Dangerdoggie 05-04-2016 00:05

I almost feel sorry for her, almost.

havax 05-04-2016 00:08


Originally Posted by JoMo (Post 18566607)
Cruz has to be the most awkward candidate ever..... Waiting for the impending divorce...

lol geezuz this guy

JoMo 05-04-2016 00:16


Originally Posted by Dangerdoggie (Post 18566611)
I almost feel sorry for her, almost.

Well, she can go back to Goldman Sachs now. Probably divorce Ted, get custody of the kids.

JoMo 05-04-2016 01:05

Just for Vanster...

Stealth 05-04-2016 01:13

Well, this is finally the beginning of the end for Donald Tru...wait, what?

Dangerdoggie 05-04-2016 02:10

Huscarl 05-04-2016 03:32


Originally Posted by Gandalf (Post 18565572)
Hillary has had it very easy running against Bernie, as he hasn't mounted any personal attacks, he's basically running on giving away **** for free platform.

This will change once the conventions are over and the election shifts to Hillary versus the Donald. She is going to be blasted over and over for her crap, going all the way back to when she was Governor Clinton's wife dealing with the bimbo eruptions in Arkansas.

But, given how buddy buddy Trump has been with the Clintons over the years, who know what he will do.

Keep in mind Donald Trump used to be friends with Megyn Kelly

Mooley 05-04-2016 04:11

Dangerdoggie 05-04-2016 04:36

Perfect. Little Ben Shapiro, so sad today.

ArakAtak 05-04-2016 06:50

If nothing else it is so enjoyable watching those smarmy smug condescending mother****ers get their **** pushed in - go Trump

JoMo 05-04-2016 12:48

Being reported that Kasich has cancelled his events and will be making a speech in Columbus at 5 PM EDT. Looks like he'll likely drop out.

KingSobieski 05-04-2016 12:49

Trump reportedly renaming the republican party to the trumplican party. Promises to add slot machines to senate floor.

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JoMo 05-04-2016 12:52

Yep, Kasich is out

Dutch 05-04-2016 12:52

trump cant even work a golf course

scotland banned the mother****er because he is that inept

KingSobieski 05-04-2016 12:53

Not the point. Electing trump is like dropping a nuclear bomb on the federal government.

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Brasstax 05-04-2016 12:57

Exactly. You remember the injection scene in Pulp Fiction?

Trump is Vincent and DC is Mia.

Otherwise, they would be happy to sit around and talk about who has the best prime rib.

Odio 05-04-2016 13:01

JoMo 05-04-2016 13:03


Originally Posted by JoMo (Post 18566839)

But seriously though, that was the picture they went with in the story. Trump is a master brander, as he was complaining about how disgusting it was to watch Kasich eat.

KingSobieski 05-04-2016 13:04

No better way to end a presidential campaign than with a little closed fisted punch to your wifes face. Heidi is too hot for ted anyways. She needs a hot injection of some polish sausage.

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Gandalf 05-04-2016 15:49

So, all you Bern supporters (and Hillary voters for that matter), why aren't you worried about Sander's age? He's 74, and will be 75 if elected. When Reagan was elected he was 69. Hillary is 68 and will be 69 if elected. Yet all I ever heard was that Reagan was too old to be in office. Why the double standard?

KingSobieski 05-04-2016 15:53

Not a concern. E. Warren would be an ok prez.

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Fool 05-04-2016 16:02

Jews live a long time out of captivity.

CapnPyro 05-04-2016 16:02


Originally Posted by Gandalf (Post 18566959)
So, all you Bern supporters (and Hillary voters for that matter), why aren't you worried about Sander's age? He's 74, and will be 75 if elected. When Reagan was elected he was 69. Hillary is 68 and will be 69 if elected. Yet all I ever heard was that Reagan was too old to be in office. Why the double standard?

everyone knows hes not actually going to win so its not a concern

Vanster 05-04-2016 16:25


31 mins ·

I'd like to coin a new word: Trump-hurt - the intense feeling of butt-hurt Trump supporters experience when their demagogue is mentioned in anything but the most positive light. For all the complaining of political correctness and "social justice warrior-ing," Trump supporters sure have the thinnest skin of any group on the Internet. I made fun of both Hillary and Trump in a Dumb & Dumber parody, and by far the only people who were offended by it were Trump supporters.

They complain about people being overly sensitive on the Internet, yet they're the most sensitive people on the Internet. They're delicate flowers with easily-bruised egos, unable to take a joke, no matter how innocuous. Boo-hoo! It's time we built a safe-space for them, with sturdy walls to keep ideas and people they disagree with out. I know just the person to build it...

Fool 05-04-2016 16:30

Are those supposed to be sensitive comments?

havax 05-04-2016 16:31

maddox used to be funny and somewhat relevant 14 years ago.

but that post sounds more like he's butthurt that the trump supporters are calling him a cuck.

also, really? trump supporters are butthurt and pc? is that why they constantly bombard hillary and bernie rallies with crying idiots?

o wait

bam 05-04-2016 16:33


Originally Posted by Vanster (Post 18566967)

Is this supposed to gloss over all of the **** like Trigglypuff and the violent Bernie supporters?

No side is in the right and this stuff is just pure ****ing garbage.

Odio 05-04-2016 16:36

I came up with a short list of words to describe our friends on the left: peace, love, tolerance, civility, compassion, understanding, humility.


SexxxGodSteve 05-04-2016 17:43

Maddox has been trying too hard.

he went downhill about a year before he published his book, and its been getting worse ever since. there's some good stuff every now and then, but it's mostly whining now

StapleMammal1 05-04-2016 17:51

He is more of a sissy than I am. Which is a bunch of sissy la la.

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Vanster 05-04-2016 18:01

I've always liked Maddox, I think the only reason you've decided he's "going downhill" (whatever that means) is that he disparages everyone equally. You're acting exactly what his criticism is: he makes a cartoon making fun of Hillary and Trump and by FAR the most responses are from Trump supporters that are offended. You continue to use "sjw," "cuck," and "gumbment," as if those terms are new and fresh-- what you haven't noticed is that Trump supporters are the only ones left that still use them because they think that by doing so, they're offending somebody.

Maddox has always reprinted hate mail, and now that he's getting it from the Trump-hurts, it's funny that they all use the very dated sjw and cuck while calling everyone else sheep. Sure.

He's on his third book, is worth millions, and NOW you decide that he's "gone downhill," and is a loser. You sound like Trump himself when presented with an opinion he disagrees with.

RandalltheVandal 05-04-2016 18:02

im glad i have no idea who Maddox is

Vanster 05-04-2016 18:09


Originally Posted by RandalltheVandal (Post 18567018)
im glad i have no idea who Maddox is

He's a guy everyone thought was funny until he started getting critical of Bill O'Reilly. His latest cartoon made fun of Hilary and Trump together, which is okay except for making fun of Trump. That crossed the line.

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