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MadBoFo 08-04-2005 20:52

evolution is bullshit
if evolution is real why aren't there lizard men running around?

why dont dolphins have legs?

why cant all fish walk?

why did animals stop "evolving" into mankind?

it looks like to me the GOD ALMIGHTY is the only answer

sorry *****es.

but if EVOLUTION was real, then why are "apes" the only animal that evolved into "men"

you blasphemous anti-god cocksuckers make me sick with your anti-god cock sucking.

so **** you, jesus says you are all ****ing retarded jizz swilling morons.

enjoy hell

eskimorodeo 08-04-2005 20:57

badmofo is the pinnacle of intelligent design
nothing could evolve into him

evolution has been disproved

Respice 08-04-2005 20:58

You must be talking about the missing link

Funky 08-04-2005 20:59

He must be the missing link.

CelticLegend 08-04-2005 20:59

Now ya just gotta define this GOD ALMIGHTY thing you speak of. ;)

/me throws a stone age bullet at mofo's fivehead

Arma 08-04-2005 20:59

BadMoFo is an example of devolution.

zVxTeflon 08-04-2005 21:01

10 more threads tonight and he meets his quota.

KnightMare 08-04-2005 21:03

After this thread im gonna have to agree.

MadBoFo 08-04-2005 21:04

so why have animals stopped evolving exactly?

care to explain that one DARWINISTS???

Arma 08-04-2005 21:05


Originally Posted by BadMoFo
so why have animals stopped evolving exactly?

care to explain that one DARWINISTS???

Oh christ...

Zengei 08-04-2005 21:05


HaPpY 08-04-2005 21:06

they havent monsiuer badderick mofostein

Jambalaya Pretzelstein 08-04-2005 21:06

good thread

MadBoFo 08-04-2005 21:08


Originally Posted by Khushi
they havent monsiuer badderick mofostein

yeah because we see fish with legs all the time huh?

oh yeah and those alligators, or say sharks?

yeah they keep evolving except they haven't changed in the last 10 million years...

Skeletor666 08-04-2005 21:09

Umm animals are evoling didn't you read that thred on Super buff cows??

Putrid 08-04-2005 21:09

I don't know about anyone else but I still like cotton candy...

the blue is fantastic, the pink will do if there is no blue.

I wish I had a cotton candy machine in my house, I would eat cotton candy all day long.

nothing better than air spun sugar on a stick.

hey have you ever noticed that mofo's head looks like a huge hunk of cotton candy.


Jambalaya Pretzelstein 08-04-2005 21:10

the earth is 6000 years old idiot, they havent been around for 10 million years to evolve yet

Bounty 08-04-2005 21:11

(Juggernaught's better at this than you are.)


MadBoFo 08-04-2005 21:11

oh yeah I forgot, evolution just STOPS at one point right?

once humans are there, evolution stopped, oh yeah, I forgot that.

all animals aren't in a constant state of evolution....oh yeah

I forgot, evolution quit its job like a couple million years ago...oh yeah, I forgot.

shut up you ****ing idiots.

also-James you ****ing queer, why the ****ing **** haven't you called me back yet?

aNimAL 08-04-2005 21:12

while I believe in evolution, why did we evolve from apes while crocodiles have been said to be the same (except for size) for a long ass time? Are they evolutionarily(made up word) perfect?

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