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antifreeze 02-24-2010 04:04

seriously, it hurts laughing now

Hurricane Harold 02-24-2010 04:04


SteveDave 02-24-2010 04:05

holy **** that last one and greedo

palindrome 02-24-2010 04:07

greedo one got me as well

:lol: :lol:

ShartShooter 02-24-2010 04:10

Jesus christ and I'm in that sleep deprived laugh state. Crying.

Osmethae 02-24-2010 04:11

lol i've already run into this dude

cael 02-24-2010 04:14


Originally Posted by Osmethae (Post 15358436)


antifreeze 02-24-2010 04:16


Validuz 02-24-2010 04:19


Breyer 02-24-2010 04:20

You have a lot of costumes

Corey Feldman seems very interested in Greedo

Osmethae 02-24-2010 04:24

i don't think she likes real stormtroopers too much

Rampancy 02-24-2010 04:26

lmao at yoda hat

and every single other one posted

starwolf_nexus 02-24-2010 04:29

... I don't remember storm troopers having black bands around the top of their helmets

edit: I guess they do, just not completely around which is hard to tell by the picture.

Osmethae 02-24-2010 04:31

it's only halfway around

ScooBySnaCk 02-24-2010 04:41

Awesome Os

Arachno 02-24-2010 04:46

I always read Osmethae as "Oh Something".

I think I'll start reading it as "Oh Awesome" from now on.

Osmethae 02-24-2010 04:48

people just salute me 95% of the time

cancer 02-24-2010 05:00

rofl this thread is a classic

Heat 02-24-2010 05:08


Originally Posted by Osmethae (Post 15358535)
people just salute me 95% of the time


Osmethae 02-24-2010 05:12

a group of them doing it even, then the girl on the left screamed she was a jew which explains the beginning of my angry face

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