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Brasstax 11-03-2019 20:13

That's a smart cat.

Captain Tele 11-03-2019 22:49


Originally Posted by SharpShooter (Post 19133663)
You fight to maintain this kind of life:

Didn't you post complaints about how much insulin is in America vs. Canada in another thread?

Then how are we fighting for this behavior?

Did we make obesity a disability, give them placards, put them on SSDI, tell them that all their EBT and fast food and medical would be free forever?

that being a giant piece of human garbage was an appropriate lifestyle that social safety nets and socialized healthcare programs should prop up their existence forever?

this is worse than pointing to African starvation issues, population growth numbers, after giving them billions in humanitarian aid every decade........and then SAYING YOU DID THIS TO THEM

yeah you also need to take some ownership over this then. Sally Struthers

you literally fed the issue and threw the money at bad behavior in hopes of them not doing more of it

Brasstax 11-03-2019 23:24


Originally Posted by WorstAim (Post 19133678)
Oh yeah, Sweden, Germany, France, the UK, Belgium, Italy, all great. No massive public unrest, no massive crime increases (knife confiscation in Britain lol), no massive Muslim **** gangs, child grooming, caliphate parades, more people leaving to fight for ISIS than against, no massive gdp plummeting, no healthcare system collapse due to overpopulation use of system vs paying into it, no loss of doctors and nurses and healthcare workers due to wage decreases, no problem with totally open borders China cocksucking because they can't defy China since they are so dependent on them for exporting goods, no total lack of military power, no big numbers of new political parties forming and winning because the people have had it, no stoppage of work due to climate tards blocking hospitals subways buses etc. The two exceptions being Poland and hungary. No problems huh.

Do you even geopolitic bro?


Check this one out.
Gang **** of minor in Spain.
They walk.
Because she was unconscious! Surprise :lol:
Spanish court: 5 menâ***8364;***8482;s attack on unconscious 14-year-old was not ****


Spanish court: 5 men***8217;s attack on unconscious 14-year-old was not ****

November 3, 2019 at 1:27 PM CST - Updated November 3 at 1:27 PM

BARCELONA, Spain (AP) ***8212; Spaniards are voicing outrage after five men were acquitted of **** on the grounds that their 14-year-old victim had been unconscious at the time.

The Barcelona-based court ruled Thursday that the men were guilty of the lesser crime of sexual abuse and sentenced them to 10-12 years and fined them 12,000 euros ($13,300).

It ruled that their act could not be considered sexual assault since the girl was unconscious after consuming alcohol and drugs and so they did not need to use violence or intimidation, a requirement for a **** conviction in Spain.

Spain's deputy prime minister, Carmen Calvo, said that while her government does not comment on court decisions it has set as a priority a modification in the law to make clear that consent is necessary for sexual relations to occur legally.

The attack occurred in the town of Manresa, near Barcelona, in 2016 when the girl and the men went into an abandoned factory to drink.

The court said that since the victim was unconscious during the attack, she "could not accept or reject the sexual relations" and that the men "could carry out those sexual relations without the use of violence or intimidation."

Barcelona Mayor Ada Colau and other left-wing politicians and feminist groups have condemned the ruling, as well as clamoring for the law to be strengthened in the victims' favor.

"Another senseless verdict by the patriarchal Justice that doesn't want to understand that only a Yes means Yes," Colau wrote on Twitter. "An unconscious 14-year-old girl was gang raped. I am not a judge and I don't know how many years of prison they deserve, (but) what I do know is that this is not abuse, it is ****!"

Marisa Soleto, of the feminist group Fundación Mujeres, said that "this is just one more piece of proof for the necessity to change the penal code."

A similar 2017 ruling sparked widespread protests when five men were found guilty of sexually abusing a woman but acquitted of **** for an attack in Pamplona. Spain***8217;s Supreme Court later overruled the lower court and convicted them of ****.
Let's play a game - guess the country of origin for the rapists...

OK - I will go see if I can find the names if they are available. Probably illegal to use names these days...

Brasstax 11-03-2019 23:31

Well, Google is doing it's job - lots of images of angry women protesting. No pictures of the accused/acquitted. They did manage to show a couple of white guys in some of the image searches associated with the case....

OK - different search engine....

Brasstax 11-03-2019 23:34

EDIT: OOPS Wrong Spanish Gang **** Case
Oh! They missed this one

Ok - so I was wrong. Just run of the mill greasy Spaniards. So sue me. Still, what a ****ty verdict. Can't be **** because she was unconscious. Why I oughta...

Brasstax 11-03-2019 23:37

EDIT: OOPS Wrong Spanish Gang **** Case

All that was the OLD gang **** case.
This gang **** case consisted of:


What happened in the case?

The five men were found guilty of abusing the girl during a drinking session known in Spanish as a botellón at a disused factory in Manresa, a town in the north-eastern region of Catalonia, in October 2016.

Prosecutors told the court the men - two Spaniards, two Cubans and one Argentine - took turns to attack the girl, who was under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

One of the defendants, named only as Bryan Andrés M, was said to have told each of them: "It's your turn. Fifteen minutes each and no delay."

At a previous court hearing, the girl said she remembered very little of what happened but that one of the men had been brandishing a gun.

All the defendants denied the allegations, although the DNA of one of them was found on the girl's underwear.
So, a couple of greasy Spaniards, a couple of ****ty Cubans and an Argentinian *******. They are protecting their identities. We will see how long that lasts.

There you have it - Awesome treatment of women in Europe. You go EU.

SINep 11-04-2019 01:31

Aspergers, OCD, & Selective Mutism.

From the horses mouth.

Skip to 1m30s

Brasstax 11-04-2019 04:41

So - the message of a school strike is "Let's get retarded for the Thunberg's Piggy Bank"?

Brasstax 11-04-2019 04:51

What cracks me up is all the tears over the glaciers. How easily people forget that places like Illinois were covered in glaciers. Canada? Yeah - a glacier. You don't see Canadians crying about the glacial retreat. Much.


Yes - the Earth is changing. Get to grips with it.
Global warming is making the sun burn faster - amirite?
We all gun die tomorrow.

Nmag 11-04-2019 05:36

Seems to me that extreme times need extreme solutions. The issue appears to be exponential population growth. Extreme things could be done to reduce population but unfortunately the economies require growth.

So I think the solution is to pull the pin and just watch chaos unfold. Everyone with a survival shelter will agree. I have enough cans of beans to last a couple weeks.

Everyone needs to be sterilised at birth and then you 'apply to have a baby'. The problem it will cause is the economy.. let it go to chaos, it will work itself out eventually... or wipe out a few really large nations.

Time to get all the nations to sign onto a Global Sterilization Protocol.

Then again, maybe a virus will wipe everyone out.. or maybe a giant meteorite will hit soon. Aliens might arrive and wipe us out. Nature finds a way. Maybe Jesus will come and cure global warming.

JuggerNaught 11-04-2019 05:40

So she's just a big pile of ****ed up.

Yeah, lets take our directives from her...why not

SINep 11-04-2019 06:31

The mother of course.

NoGodForMe 11-04-2019 07:30

I think it's perfectly fine if a nation has a decline in population, for example Germany. But they freak out and let a bunch of Muslims in who are trying to take over the world by breeding.

Everything goes in cycles. The USA has too many people, we don't need any more. They flock to major cities and sponge off gubiment. Look on at big cities during the day, and you'll see grid lock with the traffic.

People are eating less cows, vegetarian diets are catching on. The farmers aren't happy about it, but too bad. People are also drinking almond and oat milk instead of cow milk. No animal is meant to drink the milk from another animal, only humans do it and there's tons of research saying it's not good. Oat milk is the best. So these people should be happy there's less cows farting, but they're not.

epidemic 11-04-2019 12:11

ya but you cant add mass drinking a gallon of oak milk or w/e the **** a day

TheVoiceOfReason 11-04-2019 13:22


Originally Posted by Brasstax (Post 19134094)
Ok - so I was wrong. Just run of the mill greasy Spaniards. So sue me.

No you weren't wrong. Nearly a millennium of occupation by the brown heathens left Spanish DNA permanently polluted. A "run of the mill greasy Spaniard" has plenty of mudblood running through his veins.


S_hift 11-04-2019 13:31

Guess what we all ruined the environment retards. Everytime you turn on a light switch ect. everything you do has an environmental impact.

Don't be so biased and opinionated. Ya'll throw those words around like its not you who do it.

NoGodForMe 11-04-2019 14:47


Originally Posted by epidemic (Post 19134166)
ya but you cant add mass drinking a gallon of oak milk or w/e the **** a day

I guess so, and it's expensive. But people are buying it. Look for these at your grocery store, buy when on sale. Leave in back of your fridge, it stays good for 2 months until opened, then you have 10 days to use it up.

samUwell 11-04-2019 16:59


Originally Posted by [MD5]Hash (Post 19134045)

Whoa... whatever happened to the cat lady? This is caels favorite person in the history of youtubes.

Captain Tele 11-04-2019 17:43

It no doubt makes cael :hungry:

but man did that cat lady trigger phaytal like no other

she does great stuff

samUwell 11-04-2019 18:04


Originally Posted by Captain Tele (Post 19134295)
It no doubt makes cael :hungry:

but man did that cat lady trigger phaytal like no other

she does great stuff

That's right. I forgot it was phaytal that went bonkers over cat lady. Cael just trollolols about it. :lol:

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