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-Jofiss- 12-17-2000 04:04 AM

hehe, still awake and check this out!

Also this and this. (Although the Something Awful forums seem to be down right now).

Buckle in folks, I smell I new fad rolling in, in the online geek community.


CelticLegend 12-17-2000 04:13 AM

Bad_CRC 12-17-2000 04:21 AM

ok, some of those were funny.

here are some ripped from those links:

-Jofiss- 12-17-2000 04:26 AM

the [H]ard forum guys just slapped word bubbles on regular pics and wrote "all your base..." in there. Not as creative as us :/

still lookin through em all...

Chickenboo 12-17-2000 04:55 AM

cepo 12-17-2000 06:08 AM

OMG I'm near tears.. there is absolutely no logical reason this should be so funny! I swear, its not, really!

btw that Hard forum has only a couple good pics in 19 pages, and people over there bragging about how they spam in IRC channels is beyond lame.

Harlequin_Jester 12-17-2000 11:22 AM

Stupid bad URLs.

Scavenger 12-17-2000 11:40 AM

OMG lol. This is the funniest thread... :lol:

Bad_CRC 12-17-2000 11:41 AM

Originally posted by Chickenboo


I didn't think it was possible to do that pic. excellent.

<br><font size="1" FACE="Verdana, Arial"><font color="#CFE8FF">
[This post was edited by: Bad_CRC on 12-17-2000 at 03:59 PM]</font></font>

Aleman 12-17-2000 01:24 PM

<img src="">

12-17-2000 01:44 PM

lol.. nice post Chikenboo! rolf!*(&(*#&

<img SRC="">

[VDI]Breaker 12-17-2000 01:48 PM

Booster 12-17-2000 01:57 PM

hehe.. hey, Chicky... what did they do after they caught u???



12-17-2000 02:10 PM

There was no need for that picture to be posted twice:( Its pr0n!!!ahhhhhh.

technique 12-17-2000 02:42 PM

12-17-2000 02:46 PM

technique 12-17-2000 03:04 PM

violent, ur wish is my command :D

Aleman 12-17-2000 03:08 PM

<img src="">

Bali 12-17-2000 03:16 PM

This one's good:

-Striker- 12-17-2000 03:16 PM

Hola fak nido..., you didnt even edit.

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