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nolt 12-18-2000 15:44


Raider 12-18-2000 15:48

<img src="">

Ozymandias 12-18-2000 15:50


Originally posted by Mael
Hello Gentleman. I personally think its funny as hell, all these nobodies making fun of one of the best Light D in the game. None of you know Rasta, and prolly havn't played with rasta, and you dont have the ballz to put your pic on the net. No respect at all. **** you all your base are belong to us!

Mael 12-18-2000 15:50

Well, i would say the same thing of you. Personally i would hang out with rasta over you any day of the week.

Mael 12-18-2000 15:51


ugh, too many $5 tribers


OPsNetStalker 12-18-2000 16:00

Mael I have played with RASTA he is great

I think he is a kewl guy but unlike you

Rasta has this thing called a BRAIN and seems to be able to take a joke you seem to flame any Ren Player that comes on here.

I just think you need a heavy dosage of STFU and a side dish of Get a Fvcking Clue!

I$ is kewl but you are just an idiot

Raider 12-18-2000 16:02

^^^^^^^ agreed..some people just can't take a joke and take everything <b>WAY</b> too seriously!

nolt 12-18-2000 16:04


(you forgot to put in the LADIES)

Pachacutec 12-18-2000 16:05

say what you want about rasta,

(arrogant, offensive)

1) he is one really smart guy,

2) he will NOT take anyones ****

3) he will tell you to your face if he doesn't like you, and why,

4) he is pretty humble considering 1-3.

(and yeah i've been banned by him too just like everyone else)

OPsNetStalker 12-18-2000 16:08

I dont feel I was insulting him

it was kidding around

Apothem 12-18-2000 16:10

This thread isn't called


it's called

OT: All your base are belong to us

Usually I wouldn't say this, but...


Thanks. Please continue posting pics and not talking about Rasta.

Maniacal 12-18-2000 16:22

right on Mr. Apothem

and btw
how do get the dev team to put this in t2 chat menu???

how about

V.chatmenu --> Q.Zerowing Quotes -->

A. All your base are belong to us

H. How are you gentleman!!

W. What you say?

Z. Take of Zig

M. Move zig for great justice

S. Somebody set us up the bomb

Y. You have no chance to survive make your time

just a thought
id post a pic but my ps skills are llamarific

Varnish 12-18-2000 16:29

don't ruin this otherwise hilarious thread you momos

edit: bad_crc your creativity and technical prowess are impressive :D

nolt 12-18-2000 16:30

"can anyone bring me some pictures?"

Fitty 12-18-2000 16:32

TySoft 12-18-2000 16:37

Stoopid peeps stealing this thread of the [H]ard|Forum :p

I've been doing this to everyone on ICQ, funny as hell...

TQM-daydreamer 12-18-2000 16:57

omg fitty, that was a low blow, btw, I agree about Rasta, he has always been cool with me, and I like the guy for what I know of him, but that cover was just funny as hell... I couldnt help but laugh.

Cav Scout 12-18-2000 16:57

Not too bad... got 10 pages before
degenerating into a flame war.
Is that a TW record?

XZiler8r [MHz] 12-18-2000 16:58

Hey guys, where can you get all those fonts for Photoshop, or do you just cut and copy them? I love it how you make it look so real.

OPsNetStalker 12-18-2000 17:10

I get mine at 1001 fonts

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