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Geck0 12-17-2000 20:12


Originally posted by cepo
OMG I'm near tears.. there is absolutely no logical reason this should be so funny! I swear, its not, really!

btw that Hard forum has only a couple good pics in 19 pages, and people over there bragging about how they spam in IRC channels is beyond lame.
Kyle (the guy that runs that site) is a class a fag, hypocrite who would sell his mum for a video card, no wonder his forum sucks ass - he bans anyone that doesn't suck his weewee. No I've never posted there.

Cassius 12-17-2000 20:15

Had to dig this one up outta the archives....

<img src="" border=0>

Pachacutec 12-17-2000 20:19

yo is that mp5 that guy is holding?!??!

or is it too much cs for me...

NetHog 12-17-2000 20:19

Hats off and thanks to BAD_CRC for kickstarting this. I made the terrible mistake of leaving my computer for 18 hours, and when I came back, some of my ideas were taken. I'm in tears every time I read this thing. Sure are some creative peeps out there.
"I pity the fool whose base are belong to us."

FSB-SPY 12-17-2000 20:20

This is fun! :shock:

Bad_CRC 12-17-2000 20:38

rastarocket01 12-17-2000 20:57

Hey Dread - That game is buggy. I can't click Start.

I reported it on the Betar forums.

NetHog 12-17-2000 21:15

changed html to vbCode

Lethal_E 12-17-2000 21:16

Ozymandias that second pic is awesome. How did you pull that off?

Ozymandias 12-17-2000 21:26


Originally posted by Lethal_E
Ozymandias that second pic is awesome. How did you pull that off?
It originally said something like "lack of sex causes bad vision." Mostly I was able to cut and paste letters, but I had to do (atleast) the T,G,&R by hand.

jedi196 12-17-2000 21:30

Alright, I have to type it, WTF?

Kletian 12-17-2000 21:33

<img src=>

Bali 12-17-2000 21:38


Originally posted by jedi196
Alright, I have to type it, WTF?
Look at the GIF in the beginning of the post.

12-17-2000 21:56

<img src="">

12-17-2000 22:18

<img src="">

you are on the way to destruction

Flyersfan 12-17-2000 22:23


Originally posted by {dHk}-Apollo
<img src="">
Possibly the worst picture posted...but by far the best.

aScotiA 12-17-2000 22:49

too lazy to make one :-|

Kletian 12-17-2000 22:50

<img src=>

Kletian 12-18-2000 00:05

<img src=>

Chickenboo 12-18-2000 00:11


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