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Travace 01-11-2013 10:55


Core 01-11-2013 13:33


Originally Posted by Dr. Love (Post 17533557)


Fool 01-11-2013 14:54

Fool 01-11-2013 15:01

Travace 01-11-2013 19:27

Tummy Talk: An Epic Drum Solo - YouTube

ICMeltdown 01-11-2013 19:41

Scud411 01-11-2013 19:51

ahahahahaahahahahahaha that one is so simple and so good

ICMeltdown 01-11-2013 21:10

Dog looks baked.

Now this isn't funny, but I thought it was pretty damn cool.

epidemic 01-12-2013 00:04

those lighters are such a piece of **** every one ive ever owned has come apart with normal or light use.

now i know it's because they were meant to be disassembled and reassembled into something else

only lighter ill ever buy now are BICs

Travace 01-12-2013 10:32
great for a PS thread if they still happened.

Travace 01-12-2013 10:37

It's true. It used to be legal for people to send kids in the mail. When the United States Postal Service was first introduced, Americans were able to send packages across the U.S. at an affordable rate.

But of course, there were some early abusers. In two cases, people actually put a stamp on their kids so they could be sent through the mail. It didn't take long for the Postmaster General to issue new regulations banning this practice.

Above is a classic photo from the period of this practice. p
:lol: off to grandmas you go

MajorChaos 01-12-2013 11:07


Originally Posted by SaintDude (Post 17531838)

I must see this.

Phantred 01-12-2013 13:23

LGBR 01-12-2013 13:26

holy **** thats an amazing reply

jonb 01-12-2013 13:44


Shoddy 01-12-2013 13:45

you go .gov

spockhammer 01-12-2013 14:13

Dennis 01-12-2013 15:25

Testing out the new Sani-seat toilets at Chicago O'Hare Airport:

naptown 01-12-2013 15:40


Osiris 01-12-2013 15:47

Fyi post is borken dennis

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