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samUwell 01-04-2021 21:17


Originally Posted by Amadeus (Post 19280480)
thank you for bringing old person Facebook memes to TW
Old person religious faceberg memes now.

Plasmatic 01-05-2021 02:49

amadeus sooo awkward.

Edofnor 01-05-2021 18:27

mad max is clearly in 2021 - that dood is socially distanced and wearing his mask

Fool 01-10-2021 00:49

Fool 01-22-2021 22:13

Man Snags $200,000 in Armored Car Robbery in the Bronx

Reggs 01-22-2021 22:19


Plasmatic 01-23-2021 02:22


Originally Posted by Reggs (Post 19290752)

samUwell 01-26-2021 19:51

T-Dawg 02-03-2021 18:06

I'm ready!

Brasstax 02-03-2021 23:45


Originally Posted by Fool (Post 19290751)

Thanks for the gumball

Plasmatic 02-04-2021 02:23


Originally Posted by Brasstax (Post 19295602)
Thanks for the gumball

My wife says that once in a while after she orgasms.

SeVeReD 02-04-2021 02:28

hey, but she orgasms
we got that going for us

Plasmatic 02-04-2021 02:31

I do enjoy the things she does with her lady parts.

ArakAtak 02-04-2021 06:21

ironically the refills cost more than the contents of the bank, an early lesson for kids about corporate theft

just smash it and have them all for free

Mr Roboto 02-04-2021 08:49


Originally Posted by ArakAtak (Post 19295682)
ironically the refills cost more than the contents of the bank, an early lesson for kids about corporate theft

just smash it and have them all for free

Oh the Irony!

samUwell 02-08-2021 20:44


:rofl: OMFG!

JuggerNaught 02-08-2021 20:53

I believe i read today that she's trying to sue Gorilla Glue over this

samUwell 02-08-2021 20:56


I cried from :lol:

I mean... what in the actual **** was she thinking... HAHAHA!

JuggerNaught 02-08-2021 22:55


Originally Posted by samUwell (Post 19297262)

:rofl: OMFG!

ok, i'm working from home right now. There isn't a lot going on so i shared the story with guys in chat. Now some guys are in Florida, some in Missouri, some in Michigan, some on California.

This is verbatim what i wrote

Me: "do you guys want to hear something silly?"

supervisor: "always"

Me: "Im sitting here watching this instagram post. Young black lady is talking about running out of hair product to help her keep her hair in place, get that kinda slick down look overall. For some reason she thought a good replacement would be Gorilla glue. She literally glued her hair in place. had to go to the hospital to get it unglued and now is trying to sue Gorilla glue."

random coworker "wow. its like the mcdonalds scandall all over again, just because the cup didn't say "caution this is hot"

supervisor "people are weird"

me "man gorilla glue isn't a joke. that stuff dries like cement"

supervisor: "lol"

A few minutes later i get a pm from someone i've never really talked to before. He's in California

Him: Hi

Me: Hi

Him: Hey, this could be considered offensive because you mentioned an ethnic group. [Supervisor] said people are weird which is much better.

Me: It wasn't meant to be offensive, i was just describing the video that she posted

Him: I know...
Just watch what you post...I am a Black Man!!!

Me: Ok, but im telling you right now, if you replace your hair care products with a tube of Gorilla glue that is clearly marked heavy duty construction probably going to laugh at you as well.

And i would expect that as a bald guy, if you ever see me posting abou tburning my scalp off with NAIR instead of shaving, you'll probably make fun of me as well, regardless of my color.

Him: No...thats is not my point, i am not offended, it is just i am taking this class again and they touched on that. Just saying...

Me: Ok

SeVeReD 02-09-2021 00:40

There's not really any reason to bring up race.... just laugh at her.

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