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Tankbusterx 03-10-2014 14:02

Looking to buy
Anyone got an account they are looking to get rid of and make some extra cash?

at least want something that is 80+

Alarik 04-22-2014 23:14

still looking? (i've got Warrior/Rogue/Druid all 90 Mage 82 alts and most of the heirlooms)

~dickschnitzel~ 05-04-2014 16:20

I have 55 dk

outlaw 05-29-2014 15:31

i have an account with like 6 90's. one is a heroic geared warlock, another is a heroic geared holy pally with an offset that can tank normals. others include dk, druid, rogue, mage, shaman.. i think that's it. i dont play it any more, and it does have the expansion pre-ordered

edit: a good amount of heirlooms, not sure on the gold. and a few chars that are 70-89

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