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ViRGE 08-12-2013 10:55

Make that 8mil for the Xbox: Minecraft XBLA passes 8M sales, 360 Edition tops UK charts again | Joystiq

Meanwhile Minecraft PC will likely hit 12mil by the end of the month

Operative 08-25-2013 01:06

My brother plays this with a lot of his friends on the 360, I honestly haven't gotten into it, but knowing me I used to play Lego's A LOT when I was a child, and i'm a bit OCD from time to time lol

ViRGE 09-04-2013 05:41

12 million for Minecraft PC as of September 2nd.

ViRGE 12-13-2013 23:03

13 million sold for Minecraft PC as of December 13th.

Meanwhile the 360 version is up to 10 million as of the same time.

Oh, and Pocket Edition numbers haven't been published lately, but that should be at least another 10mil.

ViRGE 01-20-2014 18:33

None of the usual sources have published a complete Christmas breakdown this year, but the numbers for the Pocket Edition on iOS were published. Minecraft sold roughly 150K copies on Christmas day. Meanwhile they must have sold a fairly large number of PC copies, since the PC sales count is up to 13.8M in a little over a month.

The total sales numbers have also been updated. Total sales are at least 40.3M; 13.8M on the PC, 16.5M for PE, and 10M for the 360 Edition. No idea on what the PS3 sales are like yet.

ViRGE 01-24-2014 19:59

And 1 million on PS3:

ViRGE 02-02-2014 21:02

14 million sold for Minecraft PC as of February 1st.

ViRGE 04-09-2014 21:05

Add to that...

Pocket Edition: 21 million

Xbox 360 Edition: 12 million

So it's just about at 50 million copies sold.

ViRGE 06-25-2014 18:24

Now up to a total of nearly 54 million sold.

Federere 10-19-2014 15:19

We should've believed you virge

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