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Special---K 08-16-2013 23:45

[Official] Who's Drinking?
Sup friendgots
It's Friday night and I have nothing better to do until I fly to Cabo next week

Started with a little Captain and coke but I might break out the artillery in a bit

watcha boys drinkin?

it's been like 13 years on this site and I still love you assholes

Noshbomb 08-16-2013 23:50

I'm drinking. I love your cereal!

Special---K 08-16-2013 23:50

bonus content:

this is now also a +rep thread

Special---K 08-16-2013 23:53

I am also watching G.I. Joe: Retaliation

lol this is awful

Dennis 08-17-2013 00:05

Pre-gaming and going to the club. Should be a blast.

ZooL 08-17-2013 00:07

im watching the flix cleaning the guns

MeSlayer 08-17-2013 00:24

I havent drank in about 2 weeks. And I have to work tomorrow.

But I'm drinking now. Whoops?

bam 08-17-2013 00:26

I only had one beer tonight. I just got off of being on-call.

LGBR 08-17-2013 00:29

i had a few beers, a few cuba libres, a jack and coke, smoked some hash, ate some hummus.

went to bed early bc i had some stuff to take care of this morning.

eating lunch now and gonna take a nap so i can be ready for saturday night awwwwww yeah

LGBR 08-17-2013 00:30

also the lgbr rep train just rolled the **** through real hard

G-Force 08-17-2013 00:30

Putrid 08-17-2013 00:32


Originally Posted by LGBR (Post 17801234)
...ate some hummus.

the first glance I swore that said humans and not hummus...


Vanster 08-17-2013 00:35

I'm watching Oz The Great And Powerful. I had a Sobee earlier. :)

LGBR 08-17-2013 00:35

as a side note, i really dont go down on chicks anymore

like, i have to really be into a chick to do that.

i dunno why, i used to love it.

either way you get rep

SirBatesAlot 08-17-2013 00:37

I'm about 5 beers deep or so, nothing crazy.

LGBR 08-17-2013 00:39

if you were drinking red horse 5 beers would be a little crazy

Leonidas Tzu 08-17-2013 00:41

Few beers in.

I still thoroughly enjoy going down on my *****.

Phyzx 08-17-2013 00:44

drinkin... Gotta work tomorrow a bit, but watchin some more preseason football, and gearing up for the CFB.

1st CFB game I'm watching is prolly Ole Miss vs Vandy... 13 days away.

Noshbomb 08-17-2013 01:40

I'm tankin' it up here!

Skeletor666 08-17-2013 01:42

4 beers and I feel naughty

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