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S_hift 02-18-2017 00:55

post your players.cs

$PCFG::CurrentPlayer = "2";
$PCFG::Gender = "FEMALE";
$PCFG::Gender0 = "FEMALE";
$PCFG::Gender1 = "FEMALE";
$PCFG::Gender10 = "MALE";
$PCFG::Gender11 = "MALE";
$PCFG::Gender12 = "FEMALE";
$PCFG::Gender2 = "FEMALE";
$PCFG::Gender3 = "FEMALE";
$PCFG::Gender4 = "FEMALE";
$PCFG::Gender5 = "FEMALE";
$PCFG::Gender6 = "FEMALE";
$PCFG::Gender7 = "FEMALE";
$PCFG::Gender8 = "FEMALE";
$PCFG::Gender9 = "FEMALE";
$PCFG::LastPlayer = "12";
$PCFG::Name = "S_hift";
$PCFG::Name0 = "derp";
$PCFG::Name1 = "MountainJew";
$PCFG::Name10 = "need deatrow.dtf";
$PCFG::Name11 = "change map plz";
$PCFG::Name12 = "player 1";
$PCFG::Name2 = "S_hift";
$PCFG::Name3 = "LM|| S_hift";
$PCFG::Name4 = "MountainDew";
$PCFG::Name5 = "Player2";
$PCFG::Name6 = "Mountain Jew";
$PCFG::Name7 = "LM||S_hift";
$PCFG::Name8 = "qwerty";
$PCFG::SkinBase = "beagle";
$PCFG::SkinBase0 = "base";
$PCFG::SkinBase1 = "beagle";
$PCFG::SkinBase10 = "Entities/base";
$PCFG::SkinBase11 = "Entities/base";
$PCFG::SkinBase12 = "Entities/base";
$PCFG::SkinBase2 = "beagle";
$PCFG::SkinBase3 = "Entities/base";
$PCFG::SkinBase4 = "green";
$PCFG::SkinBase5 = "dsword";
$PCFG::SkinBase6 = "beagle";
$PCFG::SkinBase7 = "beagle";
$PCFG::SkinBase8 = "Entities/base";
$PCFG::SkinBase9 = "beagle";
$PCFG::Voice = "male4";
$PCFG::Voice0 = "female1";
$PCFG::Voice1 = "male5";
$PCFG::Voice10 = "male1";
$PCFG::Voice11 = "male1";
$PCFG::Voice12 = "female1";
$PCFG::Voice2 = "male4";
$PCFG::Voice3 = "male4";
$PCFG::Voice4 = "female1";
$PCFG::Voice5 = "male1";
$PCFG::Voice6 = "female1";
$PCFG::Voice7 = "male4";
$PCFG::Voice8 = "female1";
$PCFG::Voice9 = "female1";

bugs_ 02-18-2017 10:32


if you have "Entities/base" as a skin in your player.cs file you shouldn't post it.

Odio 02-18-2017 11:05

im in ur thread, stealin all ur smurfs.

Dutch 02-18-2017 11:42

nice sig odio

lemontw 02-18-2017 11:43

lol shift is a cheater

good catch bugs underscore

Dutch 02-18-2017 11:49

what does it do

S_hift 02-18-2017 13:52


Originally Posted by bugs_ (Post 18723200)

if you have "Entities/base" as a skin in your player.cs file you shouldn't post it.

Why not? I don't use red skins or anything like that.

bugs_ 02-19-2017 11:12


Originally Posted by S_hift (Post 18723300)
I don't use red skins

one of the nofix bypasses had an interesting flaw. it would change the player skin to "Entities/base". this was very sweet because the client sends the skin value to the server when a player connects!

normally this is beagle, dsword, cphoenix, etc, i.e. a specific skin

the client gave itself away before the player even started playing and before we even starting lasthope testing it!

[Portions of THE LIST caught with skin="Entities/base" redacted for reasons of Starsiege Tribes Security]

Laughing-Stork 02-19-2017 11:24

Hmmm. Something doesn't seem right about that. I swear I've seen the entities/base option on the 1.40 client.

S_hift 02-19-2017 11:39

I'm pretty sure its because I have skins in the entities folder instead of the entities zip.

I use 1.41 afterhope and I've never used nofix' bypass except the mem.dll hm with the bypass.

other than that the only time I used happymod on 1.4 was when I downloaded a config from txm clan and I deleted the entire config and kept the happy mod plugin on my old machine. It was good to watch things from the demo archives. A LOT of people where using it in base back then.

funny story about the lasthope bypass. I was weening myself off happymod.exe and I would be using mem.dll with the two indicators. a square one for behind walls and a standard triangle. I turned the square.bmp into a single transparent pixel so that I would actually have to look for targets, then i would see a permanent triangle if they where in view or beyond fog. (this was for 1.11)

Dutch 02-19-2017 12:05

weening yourself off happymod


Xml V2.0 02-19-2017 18:29

I have player skins in my entities folder. So do a lot of 1.40 configs.
I don't believe it's cause for alarm or suggest someone is cheating.

$PCFG::CurrentPlayer = "0";
$PCFG::Gender = "FEMALE";
$PCFG::Gender0 = "FEMALE";
$PCFG::LastPlayer = "0";
$PCFG::Name = "R$E";
$PCFG::Name0 = "R$E";
$PCFG::SkinBase = "Entities/beagle";
$PCFG::SkinBase0 = "Entities/beagle";
$PCFG::Voice = "female4";
$PCFG::Voice0 = "female4";

Groove 02-19-2017 18:56


Originally Posted by Laughing-Stork (Post 18724032)
Hmmm. Something doesn't seem right about that. I swear I've seen the entities/base option on the 1.40 client.

yep in 1.40 when you choose your skin in PlayerSetupGui you can select skins from the .zips, or from unzipped skins in /entities

altho as bugs said, generally ppl use beagle/dsword skins only, but its definitely possible that if someone has an unzipped base.larmor.png(etc) in their /entities they could select it from the menu innocently without any nofix bypass implications imo

broast 02-20-2017 00:59

what kind of newb doesnt have their entities directory unzipped???

Groove 02-20-2017 03:10

n tities

S_hift 02-20-2017 09:37


Originally Posted by Dutch (Post 18724047)
weening yourself off happymod


well when I first started playing tribe back in 08 everyone was using happy mod in annihilation and SKB renegades. Everyone who was in a clan had told me to get it and use it. Much like how everyone today tells people to get 1.41 and use it.

After a year I started getting pretty good even against people using happy mod themselves. A few clan leaders got upset that I would kill them constantly while using it and at the time I was appointed admin as where a lot of people. So I kicked anyone that would cry about happymod. I was a real ****ler and I got banned a couple years for it, because bongwater decided to oversee administration while br owner was away.

The ironic part is that br owner always used happy mod even back then. Still does. Meanwhile bongwater used to host happymod.exe on drunken fools downloads site.

Back then i was under the impression that all the veterans used happymod and anyone who didn't was a noob and a skrub. Like most habits this one was hard to ditch. So I weened off of it using lesser evil hacks.

Once I learned more about the mod it occurred to me that I was good enough without it and that there are ways to track the enemy without cheating and that it was quite easy to do so. Happy mod did teach me a lot about player habits and movement that I'll always remember.

This was years ago and I really shouldn't have to explain myself. Don't judge me lol. I still consider happy mod a viable tool for training however the problem is that most new players don't have the self control not to click it when playing in public servers.

lemontw 02-20-2017 11:42


S_hift 02-20-2017 18:29

This message is hidden

lemontw 02-20-2017 19:16


S_hift 02-20-2017 19:42

wow this forum is actually nicer when you can choose whos post you read. You should give it a try lemontw

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