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Ztir 06-23-2008 14:25

good read on a monday morning

Codect 06-23-2008 14:36


Originally Posted by Ztir (Post 13365762)
good read on a monday morning


scandal 06-23-2008 14:49

:classic: Maybe, fraggle, when you're done with all the sections, you can put it all in your OP?

fraggle 06-23-2008 14:59

i will.

samUwell 06-23-2008 15:00

excellent thread.

will defiantly keep reading this.

samUwell 06-23-2008 15:01

also, i am curious as to how many people have been searching for posts made by gon or whatever his new name is?

Falhawk 06-23-2008 15:02

this is fraggle's magnum opus

AdreNaLiNe 06-23-2008 15:04

I didn't even know he hacked 5150 servers before.

ScooBySnaCk 06-23-2008 15:07

fraggle and gon rocks

kurayami just got a name for being an edgy troll.. "HEY I HATE U AND IM BETTER"

ScooBySnaCk 06-23-2008 15:08


Originally Posted by AdreNaLiNe (Post 13365879)
I didn't even know he hacked 5150 servers before.

I was in on the 5150 convo and why they went that werent

dan-o2 06-23-2008 15:08

hi fraggle and also scooby

Maker 06-23-2008 15:14

gon made some excellent scripts for tribal wars and after he was banned, he made the scout script show up as goatse

ScooBySnaCk 06-23-2008 15:19

fraggle is my eternal friend

Toddler 06-23-2008 15:31

I miss the good ol days. TW:W was a ****ing blast

TooSmoothe 06-23-2008 15:33

What a great way to get through Monday

FLOOR 06-23-2008 16:04

i am proud to have been acquainted w/ gon at one point

Bump 06-23-2008 16:07

i've always been very flattered when people confused my name with gon's

it makes me feel special

Witch 06-23-2008 16:16

Few more posts fraggle and this will be TWHOF

fraggle 06-23-2008 16:18

Part VI

Pretty soon, Tribes 1 was dying a slow death, and Tribes 2 had arrived. The arrival of Tribes 2 led to the demise of Gon's tribe, Tsunami. Tsunami's leadership of Lord PhoEnix and hardluck were busy working retail and smoking pot respectively, and could not be bothered to run a Tribes 2 operation. Gon decided to join his friends fraggle and Nido in the Knights of Volace (KoV) for Tribes 2, led by LordKermit, who was under a self imposed house arrest due to his Chronic Irritable Bowel Syndrome condition, coupled with his social awkwardness.

Gon's foray into Tribes 2 didn't last very long, as KoV was one and done on the ladder. KoV returned to Tribes 1 and Gon returned with them, a full fledged member of a former #1 tribe. As a member of KoV, Gon frequently scrimmaged with the tribe, but only played in maybe one match when absolutely no one else was available: mostly due to his poor Canadian internet connection, of course.

In his social life, Gon was about to graduate high school and embark on his collegiate adventures, but prior to his arrival at Carleton University in Ottawa, there was the small matter of UVALAN4. Once again, Gon convinced Ernie and Michele to drive the family minivan 2000km from Sarnia, Ontario to Chantilly, Virginia, for another fun filled LAN adventure.

This biographer did not attend UVALAN4, so all of the following stories are being told third or fourth hand and may or may not be entirely accurate.

Upon arriving at the Hotel, Gon was immediately approached by 12uff 12yda (now calling himself TSI), who took the opportunity to apologize for his behavior at UVALAN3, and offered a masculine embrace to young Gon, who accepted with glee. Since many of his old friends from UVALAN3 did not attend UVALAN4, young Gon was forced to retreat from his comfort zone and make some new friends. Because Gon wasn't much for words, he would simply insert himself into an area full of forum names he recognized, sit down, and have a drink or three.

At one point, while in the company of AkumA, Gon decided that he had had enough of AkumA's retarded behavior and decided to do something about it. Not one for words, Gon let his bladder do the talking, secreting 73 ounces of Canadian Urine into AkumA's jalopy (which months later exploded in front of him, as per forum lore). Later, back at the LAN, Gon was sitting in a drunken stupor admiring the rantings of his favorite recording artist Dee Snyder, when Midnj approached Gon and commented on the large urine stain in Gon's pants. Gon replied by giving Midnj the finger with a dumb smirk on his face, and this is the image most TribalWar members have burned into their heads when they think of the Notorious G.O.N.

After several days of drunken shenanigans, the LAN ended, and Gon was about to embark on his collegiate adventures.

Up Next: Gon:::The Carleton Years.

(to be continued)

jonb 06-23-2008 16:22

GodDAMN, I love storytime!

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